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Counterterrorism Knives:
"Hooded Warrior" (Shadow Line) obverse side view in 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, black G10 fiberglass/epoxy composite handle, locking kydex, anodized aluminum, stainless steel sheath
"Hooded Warrior"


"Arctica" obverse side view in CPM154CM powder metal technology tool steel, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Cloud Jasper gemstone handle, locking kydex, aluminum, and stainless steel sheath
"Arctica" with accessories in locking kydex waterproof sheath, ultimate belt loop extender with sharpener, LIMA, solitaire LED lamp, Magnesium firestarter, alternate belt loop and strap mounts, extra hardware and tools
"Arctica" with full compliment of accessories: HULA, LIMA, UBLX, Lanyards, sharpener, hardware, storage
Ultimate "Arctica" Tactical Combat, CSAR, Survival Knife
  • Size: Length overall: 12.75" (32.4 cm), Blade Length: 7.0" (17.8 cm), Thickness: .256" (6.5 mm)
  • Weight: Knife: 1 lb., 4.0 oz. (567 grams), Sheath (with extender, accessory package, HULA, LIMA, and Maglite): 1 lb., 2.0 oz. (510 grams)
  • Blade: CPM154CM High Molybdenum Martensitic Stainless Powder Metal Technology Tool Steel, Hardened and Tempered to Rockwell C60, Cryogenically treated
  • Bolsters, Fittings: 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel, mirror polished
  • Handle: Cloud Jasper gemstone, polished
  • Sheath: Locking, Black Kydex, Anodized Aluminum, Darkened Stainless Steel
  • Ultimate Belt Loop Extender: Polypropylene and Polyester belt loop extender with Fine DMT diamond pad sharpener, stainless steel snap
  • LIMA: (Lamp Independent Mount Assembly) Polypropylene stitched with high strength polyester, 304 stainless steel fittings and hardware with Maglite LED Solitaire and stainless retainer
  • Belt plates, loops: 5052 H32 high strength aluminum alloy, anodized black, 304 stainless steel darkened hardware
  • Knife: What might it be like to have the ultimate premium knife in finish and materials, built in one of my most popular and desirable tactical and rescue platforms? My Arctica design is named for rigid and unyielding ice breaker-styled geometries of ships that clear the arctic shipping lanes, and also named for an ancient continent formed early in the earth's age in what is now the Canadian and Siberian shields. This is a crossover piece, a super tough and durable tactical knife with a premium, high finish in ultimate materials that are beautiful, the pinnacle of this style in a highly sophisticated form. The Arctica is one of my toughest, most durable knives and most asked for knives I make for combat, rescue, emergency response, hazardous disaster response, and survival, and one of my most popular knives with Pararescue, Special Forces and even counterterrorism use. Arctica pattern knives I've made have found a home in rescues, survival, and even in breaching, a highly demanding application for any knife. I built this Arctica with an extremely wear-resistant and tough stainless powder metal technology tool and die steel, CPM154CM blade. This is a tremendously strong and useful crisis-curing knife and accessory package with a blade steel that has impeccable performance characteristics. This particular knife blade got my very best treatment, with an accurate and detailed heat treat with deep cryogenic processing and aging at -325°F for over 40 hours for the maximum creation of fine carbide structure and martensite development. This means the knife blade is as wear resistant as it can possibly be, several times more wear resistant than conventional heat treating allows. Additionally, I used deep cryogenic thermal cycling between three tempering cycles for the maximum thermal conditioning and high toughness. I then mirror-polished the blade for the ultimate in beauty and maximum corrosion resistance. This is a fantastic blade. The deep hollow grind and the two-third's length top swage create an aggressive cutting edge and thin yet stout point. The 2 inches of of my "Canine" rip-tooth serrations add to this serious working blade, and the thick, strong spine is well-balanced by the fully tapered tang in the handle. I made this knife with spine only filework, and I cut my "Rocking Bell" style that is bold and distinctive, while the underside of the tang is smooth and polished. The handle is bolstered with zero-care 304 high nickel, high chromium austenitic stainless steel, which is extremely tough and will retain the same finish for many decades, with no chance of corrosion. This is also known as 18-8 stainless steel, the same steel used in stainless steel nuts, bolts, and fasteners. All of the surfaces are contoured, radiused, and smoothly polished, and the dovetailed bolsters lock a pair of beautiful gemstone handle scales to the tang. The gemstone is Cloud Jasper from New Mexico, from my part of this world. This is a light grey-green jasper with clouds of density in color, like an impending storm. There are small bits of micaceous hematite showing under magnification, and iron oxide inclusions, and the stone is a true jasper, a cryptocrystalline quartz, extremely hard and tough. This is a gemstone that can only be scratched by super-hard metals (like tungsten carbide) so will maintain its smoothness and polish indefinitely. It's clear that the stone will simply outlast the entire knife, and many generations of future owners! I polished the gemstone to a very high, glassy vitreous luster, and it feels wonderful and smooth in the hand. The rear bolster of the knife has a large, chamfered through-tang lanyard hole for extra security if needed, and the bolsters are secured with three (front) and four (rear) zero-clearance peened pins, blended to the surface for near zero visibility. The knife feels strong, meaty, and smooth in the hand, and the balance point is at the location of the forefinger in forward grip. I wish I could convey with simple words how wonderful this knife feels in the hand: smooth and strong, elegant and tough, all at once.
  • Leather Sheath: Since this is a dual purpose knife, both art and utility, both working and collection, I included a special leather sheath made just to match the style. I reflected on the forms of color and pattern in the gemstone and knew that Frog skin would be the best compliment to this feature set. I hand-carved thick leather shoulder, and created 20 (yes, I wrote 20!) inlay pockets on the sheath front, back and in the double belt loop. I chose a natural gray frog skin, and shaped the inlays like the cloud jasper or lily pond forms that seemed natural to this design. The sheath is deep and thick, of hardened leather, dyed black, and hand-stitched with black polyester with double row stitching on the double position belt loop for strength. It's sealed with acrylic for longevity.
  • Locking Sheath: This sheath is a professional assembly, and frankly, the best tactical sheath and accessory package made in the world. It's also an example of my commitment to making the finest combat tactical, and rescue knives and sheaths on the planet. It starts with double thickness (.125") black kydex (methyl acrylate and polyvinylchloride), hot-formed over an anodized aluminum welt frame of 5052 high strength corrosion resistant aluminum alloy in H32 hardness. The body and welts are secured with slotted 304 darkened stainless steel Chicago screws for the ultimate in durability with no care and the ultimate in corrosion resistance and toughness. The sheath is one of my long-proven positively locking waterproof models, with an all-stainless steel locking mechanism and components for the ultimate in reliability and trustworthiness. Even the machine screws are stainless steel. The sheath can be worn in any position, even upside down when worn with the die-formed high alloy aluminum belt loops. I included two sets of loops (also called "footman's loops") for thicker or thinner belts. The belt loops can be located in multiple positions along the welt frame and are reversible for a variety of wear options. This spacing also allows the array of my sheath accessories to mate with and locate in multiple positions along the welts, and allows the knife to be mounted to virtually any gear in any position! I also included flat clamping straps for securing to gear without movement or slippage. All of the components to the sheath and all accessories are black. For the aluminum, I anodized the surface which creates a near-ceramic hard surface that accepts and permanently holds colorfast dye, increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance, for the best this high-strength aluminum can be. All of the stainless steel is darkened to nearly black, it's flat and non-reflective with a permanent oxide surface.
  • Accessories: This knife and sheath is made complete with a great accessory package:
    • Ultimate Belt Loop Extender (UBLX): I included my Ultimate survival, CSAR sheath belt loop extension with outstanding and critical features and devices. The polypropylene and polyester accessory is waterproof, durable, and extremely stout, and lowers the locking knife sheath to be worn in a more traditional belt position with the knife handle at the hip. The extension is mounted with counter-bored and dressed blackened 304 stainless steel straps and stainless steel socket head cap screws attached to the existing stainless Chicago screws, and the assembly is stiffened by multiple zigzag polyester stitching to prevent the extension from folding, bending, or collapsing when the knife is extracted from the sheath. The belt loop is 2.75 inches wide for standard and large tactical belts, and has a top placement elastic bungee shock cord with snap retention to prevent the knife handle from flopping around during active movements. Even the dot snap assembly is all stainless steel for no corrosion worries, ever. The shock cord is not for retention of the knife; this is done with the stainless steel sheath lock; it just stops the handle from flopping around during very active moments (running, climbing, crawling). At the lower back of the extension I've included a custom fit pocket for a DMT (Diamond Machining Technology) Mini-Sharp diamond-nickel abrasive hone, to bring up the cutting edge in the field with ease, even on this high alloy wear resistant blade. These are great tools that can re-sharpen or just touch up even the hardest tool steel edges, as they are surface-bonded with diamond abrasives. The pocket for this tool is situated at the sheath back and against the body, so the sharpener can not be removed unless the sheath is off the body and the industrial strength Velcro closure is open. Read more about the UBLX at this link.
    • LIMA Emergency Lamp Backup: An important lesson I learned from my counterterrorism unit clients is the addition of the emergency backup lamp, because any electrical device can fail, and a backup can save your life. So I included my LIMA (Lamp Independent Mount Assembly) on this sheath. This is a special socket in thick and wide polypropylene stitched with polyester for durability and rot resistance, and it accommodates a LED Maglite Solitaire. This little light puts out! At 37 lumens for over an hour and a half, it can reach out 180 feet and give you enough light to get to safety, should your HULA fail, or you decide to go lightweight without it. The LIMA is secured with a 304 stainless steel strap and screws and mounts anywhere along the sheath welts where I have the critical 2.5" spacing. The retaining strap rings are also 304 stainless, and the 3/16" shock cord is easily replaceable if needed. The Solitaire lamp also mounts in the belt loop extender as shown.
    • HULA and Maglite Mag-Tac Flashlight: Included in this professional assembly is my HULA, the Holder, Universal, Lamp, Articulating (HULA), and my answer to a call for not just a backup lamp, but an actual main or key professional grade tactical lamp and mount assembly. The lamp I included is the Maglite Mag-Tac, one of the brightest, most sophisticated flashlights made today, with 3 modes of operation. The lamp is a powerhouse, with ultra bright LED technology that is dependable and tough. The only thing the lamp needs is a reliable, adjustable, dependable and corrosion-proof way to mount, use, and carry it on the sheath, so I designed the HULA. This special holder will hold any flashlight that is 1" by 4.75" and also accommodates the Maglite XL series flashlights that are performers in their own right. The holder lamp frame is made of welded 5052H32 high strength corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, for the highest durability and corrosion resistance combined with low weight This aluminum is suitable for marine (salt water) environments, and to add to the already superior material, I've completely anodized the aluminum with a 1 mil thick surface, dyed permanently black. This is a near-ceramic hard surface that improves wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and adds tremendously to the longevity and durability of the metal. This same process is used in Maglite's aluminum-bodied flashlights. The lamp is held in custom-fitted socket with a retaining cap that is held in a T-slot lock by the elastic tension of replaceable shock cord straps. The T-slot lock can be negotiated even in the dark due to it's simple and clever design and construction. The lamp can be turned on and operated within the holder, and can even change selected modes while still in the retention of the holder. One of the best features of this assembly is my exclusive ball joint and pinch mechanism. This is a very old mechanism, dating back to 200BC, where a ball sits in a dedicated socket, and is held there by the tension of a screw. The ball joint frame, ball, tangs, screw and mounting hardware are all welded 304 high nickel, high chromium stainless steel which is bead blasted and darkened with a permanent oxide finish for glare reduction. This is a very tough assembly that will probably outlast the knife owner. What it offers is an articulating adjustment, aiming and positioning of the lamp, while still mounted on the knife sheath, wherever the knife sheath is mounted on the body. In the traditional belt line position, the lamp can be aimed at the ground in front of the wearer (great for hiking or movement), or aimed at any object or person in front of the wearer, while freeing the hands for a weapon, tool, or carry. Having the HULA also eliminates the need for a headlamp, a device that has its own limitations (detailed at the link below). This HULA development has been highly popular with search and rescue and disaster response teams, as well as my counterterrorism knife users. If the wearer needs the light in his hand, he simply pulls up on the T-slot locking cap, pulls the lamp from the socket, and replaces the cap so it won't bounce around. I've done my research, and created simply the finest and simplest flashlight accessory made in the world today, custom made to mount to my locking sheaths, the best locking sheaths made in the world today. One more important point: the bolt pattern and arrangement on this particular knife sheath allows the HULA to be bolted to 8 positions and 16 orientations along the welts of the sheath. Talk about flexibility! There are much more to these accessories; learn about these critical accessories on a special page on my site at this link. Mounting, care, and use instructions are posted there.
    • Horizontal Belt Loop Plates (for horizontal belt or webbing wear), in black anodized 5052H32 aluminum alloy
    • Flat mounting straps (for rigid clamping to webbing, belts, or gear in vertical or horizontal orientation) in black anodized 5052H32 aluminum alloy
    • Sternum Harness Plus (for wearing the knife diagonally, handle down, across the sternum, with full torso reinforcement straps)
    • Lanyards (Adjustable 550 cord and SCUBA rated)
    • All necessary stainless steel hardware, fittings, fasteners, and tools for mounting, moving, and adjusting, all exposed screws and fittings are oxide blackened for flat, non-reflectivity
    • Replacement shock cords for HULA and LIMA
    • Containers: Tin-steel storage container for loops, LIMA, and Tools, can for screws and hardware, heavy stitched embroidered canvas drawstring bag
    • Archival and Instructions: Detailed Bio, Care Sheet, materials sheet with instructional video links, instructions for sharpener, Maglite MagTac and Solitaire, Archival co-extruded acrylic information plate
  • A professional, beautiful, top of the line, brutally strong and ultimate wear-resistant and tough king of a knife, a combat, rescue, and tactical counterterrorism knife , sheath, and accessory package that is simply the best made. This knife defines robust, with high corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and toughness. This is a knife that will perform flawlessly for generations. It was great to make this Arctica in high finish, with polished gemstone and premium materials and to know that it will outlast many generations to come.

Thanks, K. S.!

Thank you, it is an amazing work of art and an incredible knife.  Outstanding!  Thanks again.


Please click on thumbnail knife photos
"Arctica" reverse side view. Sheath has multiple inlays of gray frog skin in back and double position belt loop, doulble-row stitched "Arctica" spine filework, edgework detail. Fully tapered tang has "Rocking Bell" filework, bold and distinctive, dovetailed bolsters for secure and locking handle scales to tang. "Arctica" inside handle tang view. Tang is smooth and clear, all surfaces rounded, polished and comfortable to grip "Arctica" obverse side handle scale detail. Gemstone is extremely hard jasper, polished to vitreous smoothness "Arctica" obverse side handle scale detail. Gemstone is extremely hard jasper, polished to vitreous smoothness "Arctica" reverse side gemstone handle detail, 3.5 power enlargement. Gray-green jasper has flecks of micaceous hematite "Arctica" sheathed view. Sheath is distinctive, collector's grade, tough and durable in Frog skin inlaid in hardened leather shoulder "Arctica" leather sheath back view. Sheath has multiple inlays of frog skin in hardened leather, with multiple row stitching of dual position belt loop "Arctica" point detail. Extremely tough tanto point geometry in high molylbdenum, high chromium powder metal technology stainless steel "Arctica" sheath mouth view. Sheath is deep and protective, rear quillon allows easy unsheathing while high back protects wearer "Arctica" knife singular photo. This is one of the strongest, most durable knives I make, a classic made with premium materials and finish  "Arctica" reverse side veiw, combat and rescue sheath package. Ultimate belt loop extender with diamond sharpener packet and Solitaire back up lamp mount in heavy stitched polyester, polypropylene, and nylon "Arctica" sheathed view. Sheath is the best combat sheath made, positively locking in all darkened stainless steel, anodized aluminum and kydex, completely waterproof  "Arctica" obverse side serration and hollow grind/termination detail. "Canine" rip teeth serrations are extremely aggressive in this high molylbdenum tough tool steel blade        

Testimonials about other "Arctica" Knives:

Jay you need a section on your website that displays only "beasts" of this style. There is no way that you can accurately describe weapons of this style and be believed. Over the decades I have seen a lot of survival knives, military issue knives and knives made by self-proclaimed experts that are one time used and thrown away for all practical purposes. Your creations will last my lifetime and my heirs lifetime as well.
Thank you again!

Best always:

I was tracking the package eagerly and was happy to find it arrived a day early. The knife is simply beautiful. Without being prone to hyperbole- it is the best knife I have ever held by far. I am so, so impressed. The balance is absolutely perfect. This is a beast of a knife, but it fits my hand like it was made for it- feels like an extension of my arm. The geometry of the blade is so perfectly symmetrical and the the cutting edge is surgical.
I remember reading your website where it says that you "make the real thing." I believed that statement when I read it, but now I feel what you mean. This is no factory production knife. I know our men in combat who carry your knives have confidence that the knife will stand up to any challenge. The kydex sheath is awesome and it locks the blade without even a slight jiggle. The accessories are such a nice touch and I greatly appreciated that you put that much thought into the components that would compliment the knife/sheath.
Jay, this is the finest object I have ever purchased. Thank you for being the professional that you are.

--C. B.

Hi Jay,
Thanks for checking in; I received the Arctica today.
Wow! There is no way I can describe how impressed I am with this knife. The pictures on your website are great, but they just don't compare to experiencing the reality. It's going to take me days to get used to every detail, especially with so many great accessories included, so here are my very first impressions:
The balance is perfect; that big rear bolster really balances out the hefty blade so that it pivots perfectly on the first two fingers of my grip; combined with the thumb rise, this thing handles like a much lighter knife.
At first I thought the space between the bolsters was a little large for my hand, then I realized, a knife like this was designed for guys who wear gloves! Sure enough, with a pair of shooting gloves the grip is perfect.
The flat finish is ideal for a no-nonsense work knife, and the squared-off file work adds detail without being "showy" (which I don't think would suit it). I love how all the metal parts on the sheath and it's accessories match the finish on the knife.
There are so many other impressive details, but you're a busy guy, and anyway the point is I couldn't be happier, thank you so much for making this knife and giving me the opportunity to own it.
You have a customer for life; I'm already looking at some of your inventory knives!
Thanks again,

J. M.

Hello Jay,

I sat down to open the package containing Arctica with a bit of trepidation, expecting a complex system that would require some work to appreciate. After first admiring your impeccable and beautiful work on the obviously made-for-business-use leather sheath, I laid out the rest of the box's contents. As I did, the first thought I had regarding the Arctica knife and tactical sheath was, "This is the real deal."

What a great looking handle, with the brass fibers providing a visual texture that made me want to pick up the knife. Taking the knife, in the sheath, in hand and appreciating the solidity of it as a unit is a striking tactile indicator of how tight the design and implementation is. This is a precision piece of engineering. I'm relieved that the handle isn't too large for my hand. Now to the really fun part, hitting that locking-mechanism release with the tip of my thumb and drawing the blade from the sheath. And then doing it again and again, just to enjoy it; it locks securely with no play of knife in sheath, but releases so easily with the natural draw grip. I wondered if you had an "Aha!" moment when you thought of the design.

This is a robust knife, with the feel that only the best tools have. To me that feeling is, "I trust this tool to get the job done. I can rely on it to perform whenever I need it, under hard use and bad conditions."

Setting the knife aside for a bit I go back to the sheath and its functionality. I find the HULA ingenious and it makes so much sense to have this attached to the sheath rather than a separate attachment point elsewhere. Moreover, the ball joint lets me put light wherever I want it, with the paddle-tensioner easily adjusted with a gloved hand. At this point I am certain this is going on the sternum harness.

Jay the integration of the fire starter and diamond sharpener are well done and together with the spare parts and accessories, to say nothing of the sternum harness, complete this "ultimate package." All of your detailed instructions are a valuable resource, but my initial trepidation about the system was unwarranted. What you've built is precise, robust and intuitive. You did the thinking so I can do the 'doing.' I think my words of appreciation for Aquila were more concise, but I've had such a good time this afternoon getting to know this Arctica that I wanted to share my delight.

Again, much respect for your knowledge, skill, precision and attitude. To be the pinnacle of human endeavor in a chosen field is indeed righteous.

Thank You,

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