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"Random Access Three" obverse side view in CPM154CM powder metal technology high molybdenum stainless steel blade, vertical and horizontal sheaths in hand-stamped brown basketweave leather shoulder
"Random Access III"

Funny and interesting knife emails, stories, scams, and comments, page five

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No! Not another one!

jay i am looking for a custom sword to spark fire in my eyes every time I look at it.
Suzanne E.

--actual complete email received, 2007

Having a large and active web site since 1996 has, thankfully, brought me a lot of interest, business, partnership with patrons, and knife orders and purchases. Truly, I would not be able to do what I do without the support and contact of new and existing knife clients and people who are interested in fine custom and handmade knives. I am honored, humbled, and grateful to those people who contact me, start a conversation about their knife, and may ultimately become regular clients. That is what this web site is about, pure and simple: my knives, my clients, and my career.

As the web site traffic has grown, people have sent emails about everything related to knives in any way. I suppose that's because they see a large and meaty web site, so the answer or project they seek will be there, and all that has to happen is an email, so they send. During that time, the site has grown, developed, been refined, has had some areas restricted, and evolved. A great deal of that evolution has had to happen to limit the huge onslaught of incoming emails and inquiries.

They sent so many emails that were not related to this site (which is about my knives, knife clients, and career), I became overwhelmed, spending 4 or more hours a day answering their inquiries. I realized that this was time I was taking away from my clients who had ordered custom knives and clients who were watching the site waiting for new inventory knives to come up for sale. In order to limit the flood of email, I created the "What I do and don't do" page.

The "What I do and don't do" page was a hit. It made clear that I would not answer emails unless they were about ordering or purchasing a knife from me. I added some dry humor to it. I added topics as new emails were sent asking for more services. I added links to sites that would help those in need. Although the page reduced the amount of incoming emails tremendously, they still came in because people either ignored the page or didn't believe it applied to them. You can't miss the page; before you email me I specifically link it on the singular email link page on this site. Nowadays, if email still comes in that does not pertain to the knives or my clients, I simply ignore it. Some of it is priceless, so I've chosen to share it here, on the fourth page of funny emails and stories. Don't forget to look at the other funny pages linked at the top of this page.

Please keep your sense of humor when reading through this page. If you don't have a sense of humor, or don't understand satirical, hyperbolic, anecdotal, ironic, juvenile, mordant, or farcical humor, please feel free to browse to another site. Don't feel compelled to email me and tell me how awful I am for having a site that is just about my knives, my clients, and my career. If you do write to complain, I might post your comment here, and others can enjoy it, too!

For all of you who have written to thank me for posting this page and who have enjoyed the emails, letters, and comments, thank you. You are who I've built this for!

Some points about the page:
  • No full names have been used, only the initials of the senders
  • No addresses or email addresses have been included
  • No web site links have been included
  • I've removed all wild formatting, strange fonts, bizarre colors, because you don't need that in your computer any more than I want it in mine!
  • Removed data has been replaced by asterisks*.
  • I haven't corrected the spelling (if they don't care, why should I?)
  • I have removed all the extraneous non-breaking spaces, and cleaned up the XHTML coding. What a job!
  • Most of the comments are in an email text box format. You'll see my responses where applied, and my thoughts will be in bold italics.
  • If you don't like or don't understand my humor, please don't write and tell me how awful I am. Instead, write the president, and insist he shut down the whole internet because it's just a bad idea.

Please enjoy, and thanks for being here!

Once I started posting a few videos on youtube, some weird responses came in. I edit them out of our youtube comment string; they don't belong there. But I will take the liberty of posting some of them here, because, after all, this is where they belong!

From an anonymous poster who I'll call P. B. He posted this comment on our "Knifemaker Reality" video page:

EPIC! But look very costly.I just don't see the reason for having high dollar anything because you cant take it with you and even if it gets handed down nothing lasts forever.With the way our country is falling apart soon we wont have the rights to knives as well as guns etc. We could keep awesome buisnesses like yours going a lot longer if? all people were able to afford their wares not just the rich or well to do.Today $1 is equal to 1 cent ;) and im out of dollars lol

Let's look at this closely, since it is a bit scattered.

He just doesn't see the reason for having "high dollar anything." That's great! He can buy plenty of cheap knives from China, Taiwan, and American companies that import the stuff. He can buy cheap knives from other makers who make cheap knives; they will be affordable for him. Why tell me this?

Then his reason: "even if it gets handed down, nothing lasts forever." Well, deep and serious Bob, know that I will firmly state that my knives, if taken care of, will last literally generations so the person who owns them will be able to hand them down to his grandchildren. Frankly, with the gemstone handled models, they will outlast every other knife made. Will they last "forever?" Do you mean beyond the life of the planet earth, beyond the life of our sun, after our galaxy has played out every bit of energy and turns into the empty void of space or becomes swallowed by a black hole? Well, no. But where will you and your opinion be then? And if this is your sole reason for snubbing anything well made, you must live a very Spartan life indeed, because, simply put, according to your logic, nothing is worth making, buying, or owning, ever.

"With the way the country is falling apart-" Okay, this is why these comments don't belong on my YouTube page. Get your head out of your political posterior and go out and vote, quit complaining to a knifemaker on YouTube. Voting is all you can do; get involved, get informed, and vote your heart out. By the way, no one is outlawing knives, and if they do, I'll start making excellent sculpture, furniture, or other useful art.

"We could keep awesome businesses like yours going a lot longer-" WHAT? I've been doing this over 30 years, over 25 full time, and I'm 5 years in backorders! Dude, get a grip! I'm not going under anytime soon! Really, how long do you want me to keep this up, until I'm 120? Shees...

"...If all people were able to afford their wares, not just the rich or well to do." Okay, now we get to the crux of this complainer. I discuss this topic in detail on my FAQ page at What if I can't afford your prices; can you make a cheaper knife? and on my Business of Knifemaking page at It's just too expensive! Here's the boiled down version: he can't afford it.

I need to take my huge investment of shop equipment, materials, supply, and overhead, and crank out cheap knives. I need to take thirty years of experience and make a knife that a monkey could make blindfolded, simply because that is the only kind of knife P. B. can afford. I need to let my family starve in the dark while I lowball my product, training, investment, materials, and equipment so P. B. can buy one of my knives.

News flash, P. B.: you need to improve your own station in life by learning, investing in yourself, getting educated, getting trained, and then working very hard. This is what the rest of us do. We work very hard to improve all that God has given us. It is this work that improves our station in life, and indirectly, improves the life of those around us. It also produces a superior product or creation, and that improves the lives of our patrons. This is mainly due to very hard work. I suggest you stay off of YouTube, just for one year, and work on improving yourself. That way, you can afford some of the finer things in life. Don't ask someone who makes those things to live down at your level. Lowering the playing field does not make it fair. It only results in a muddy wallow where pigs can gather, grunt, and complain.

Here's another string of conversational comments deleted from my YouTube video comment posting (Knifemaker Reality). As always, these masses of intellectual gray matter post anonymously, since they lack the character and courage to identify themselves as they hit and run for the reason of ... what, exactly? Okay, let's have some fun at the expense of these geniuses, shall we?

looks like a bunch of junk that wouldn't hold an edge if its life depended on it.

Poor D.P., he doesn't know that every knife I make is the real thing, and all he can try to attack is the edge holding capability of the blades? Really? I wonder just how he determined that from the video? Evidently, he can look at a photographic or video image of a knife and instantly determine that it won't hold an edge...just exactly how is that done? Please, do tell the military, law enforcement, and professional chefs we make knives for that you have discovered this significant failing!

They did show tempering in the montage. I didn't see any forging, but it will probably hold an edge well enough for self defense.

Now the utterly brilliant B.N. chimes in, claiming that "they did show tempering in the montage." Well, B.N., I will have to set you straight. There were absolutely NO images inferred or actual in the entire video showing any tempering of any kind! With his comment, B.N. shows his absolute ignorance for what he is viewing. The only aspect of HEAT TREATING that was demonstrated was oil quenching and air quenching of blades which is a HARDENING and NOT A TEMPERING process. A tempering process would be rather boring to look at, as it's just some knives sitting in an oven on a rack...for hours.

all of these knives I wouldnt choose for self defense, I didnt see one single fighting knife in that bunch of crap. Its all wall hanger junk

D.P. figures it's time to personalize his evaluation. He doesn't like these knives for his self-defense, he didn't see a "fighting" knife in that bunch of crap. Shhh... don't tell the hundreds of military professionals that I've made knives for, for over three decades, with not one single return, complaint, or failure. And don't tell him I'm making knives for some of the top counter-terrorism response units in the world; he needs a real fighting knife. Maybe he's going to compete in a full contact knife fight at Madison Square Gardens. And "wall hanger junk?" I can think of only two pieces I've made in the last 30 years that hang on the wall. And both of them cost more than this guy probably makes in two years (or three or four).

Well yeah, art knives are status symbols, not something you'd take to war. It's completely different than my work.

B.N. chimes in about the sociological implications of knife art, claiming they are symbols, and not of use in war. Hmm... again, please don't tell the professional soldiers; guys who have designed with me and carry the hundreds of different combat knife styles, patterns, types, and accessories I've made for three decades. You can see hundreds of them on this page, with clear and plentiful details about why they are made the way they are, and why, frankly, I've been successful in my trade. B.N. goes on to plug "his own work" which, as far as I can tell, is a series of cartoon videos (with dance) and an interview of an old retired man who used to hand-forge knives in England, a trade that is now defunct. It's not a viable trade anymore because modern tool steels outperform hand-forged steels in every conceivable way. Would it help to let him know that there are no professional industrial, military, or medical cutting tools of any kind that are hand-forged? NONE? No, he's convinced that knives are symbols of status. When was the last time a knife was displayed by a world leader, to proclaim status?

This is what you get when the internet allows anonymous postings. The same type of garbage happens on forums, but when the identity of the poster is required, they disappear. The answer? REMOVE INTERNET ANONYMITY!

But if you do that, what would I have to post here? Something to consider, no?

"Nunavut" obverse side view in 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, hand-engraved 304 stainless steel bolsters, agatized, jasper petrified wood gemstone handle, hand-carved, hand-dyed leather sheath
More about this Nunavut

Here is another string of emails that various people have sent. They have ignored the big red and yellow warning box and text that is located exactly where they have clicked to send an email. The box tells them that I only answer inquires about knife orders, and to look at the list that tells what I do and do not do. All of these items are detailed on the "What I don't do" list, yet they send anyway.

Hello Jay,
I have a customer who is looking for a Turitella Fossil Agate Knife Handles, can you make this and what is your price.

Periodically, I get requests from jewelers who think I'm a clearinghouse for gemstone used on knife handles. Their customers are not my customers. They see hundreds of photos of gemstone knife handles, so they figure that I handle other's knives, I suppose. Since there is no mention of a knife for the handle(s), there is no response from Jay.

I am currently a dietitian and psychotherapist I have 33 years and I'm thinking about changing my lifestyle dedicated to making knives and swords. I like to have in the future a small workshop and do as the ancient smiths, go taking the day to day.
that is why I ask if you give mer courses to make knives or if you would accept as an apprentice. I am a dedicated person looking to fulfill a dream
thanks in advance and I hope your answer
C. A.

Wow! Where do I begin? You eat right, you think (often for others) and, for some strange reason, now want to dedicate your lifestyle to making knives and swords. Perhaps you should have a professional counselor or therapist help you find out why you have this inclination. Maybe it's something in your diet that has brought about this strange aberration. Have you been eating too much meat, perhaps? Your desire to "do as the ancient smiths" is strange indeed. They didn't live very long, you know, with all that choking smoke and fumes and burning heat and sparks and most of them lost at least one eye, because, in ancient times, they had no safety glasses. Overall, I must decline participation in fulfilling your dream. I can't see myself as a scarred, coughing, spitting, one-eyed, crusty old grump slamming a hammer on an anvil, and I wouldn't want that for you, either! Go now, eat wisely and think even wiser. Namaste.

Hi there
My name is J. V. I am relative new to knife making. I was wondering if you might have a tutorial on how to do the engraving on bolsters and the but cap. Can you please just point me in the right direction
Kind regards

Ola, over there to you! If you could see me, I'm standing tall, pointing to the North-northeast, with my index finger. That's the direction. Go now, and good luck on your quest.

I need a custom sheath for 2 to 4 knives. I also would like to attach the sheath to my belt and have it concealed under my shirt. How do I go about transporting my knives - about to start traveling a lot.
This is a serious request and look forward to your reply.

All right, which is it? Two or four? Or three? And how are you supposed to conceal a knife under a shirt which is attached to your belt? Oh, I see, you leave the shirt tail hanging out. And she needs to transport her knives; she's on the move. Very serious, too. Then, I read the closing signature. Her first name wouldn't be "Red," would it? Whell, then! I understand her quest for stealthy concealment as she fearlessly travels through the land of Hyrcania in search of treasure and revenge. Only this couldn't be her as she was killed off in issue #34. It must be her reincarnated ghost, and that is scary, indeed! Wait a minute. Red Sonja was spelled with a "j" not a "y" and she always wears a scale mail bikini, so she wouldn't have a belt or a shirt anyway. My apologies; I've mistaken her for someone else.

Dear mr.Fisher,
My name is C. A. I live in Colorado. I too design knives, but I am only 15 years old.My friends, classmates, and teachers make fun of my designs. I just need a little friendly advice. One of my designs is mostly in the handle. On the handle of the knife there is a switch, when you slide the switch the upper half of the handle, and blade can bend downward at a certain angle. Good for when you are caught in a tough spot, or something. Anyway, I would like to hear what you think. Thats not my only design though. Please reply sir. Thank You!!!
C. A.

Dear C.A., Please refrain from drawing knives until you have completed your school work and homework. It's much more important for you now. Then, when you have a good education, you can explain to me how the whole "switch in the handle" thing works when you're in a tough spot.

Hi Jay.
I was wondering if you had any black blade knives that had an easy to get to sheath. I'm not in the military but I always want to be prepared for the worst. Thank you.

"The worst" necessitating a black-bladed knife in a sheath that's easy to get to? How much easier can a knife sheath be? You grab the handle and pull, voila! I don't understand. Sigh.

I just came across your extensive website, Jay. You do amazing work...!
So, for a rather mundane inquiry, how much would you charge for a simple black leather scabbard for my S***** Extreme Survival knife, 12" length, 7.25" blade, black leather with one (1) accessory pouch (lower one, in image)? How long a delivery time?
M. K.

You look at my knives and sheaths and they scream out to you, "Jay will make a sheath for my cheap and mundane Chinese-made crappy factory knife! Delivery time? About 46-47 megaannums. I know it's a long wait, but it could be worse; I could have quoted a couple exaannums.

I have 2 unfinished R***** IV knives that I need leather sheaths made for. Could you do that?
H. S.

Why, yes, indeed, I certainly could. But I absolutely won't. Sigh.

I was reading your website and I have a question.
Can I mix 303 pins with 304 bolsters?
In the past I made the mistake of using 303 bolsters with 416 pins, and in the end...you can see the pins.
So I was wondering, can I mix 304 bolsters with 303 pins? or visa-versa?

Yes, G. This is commonly done, and two methods are prevalent. The first is to use an electro melt furnace, capable of at least 1500ºC (2800ºF). Stir gently, and pour in an unbuttered Pyrex glass baking dish for some real fun. An alternative method is to put all of your bolsters and pins in a Waring blender, and blend on high for three to four hours. I guarantee that by the time you're done, you won't be able to tell the 304 from the 303. Oh, and don't forget to wear your safety glasses and personal protective equipment. Mixing your austenitic stainless steels can be rather unpredictable.

jay, do you currently offer replacement knife handle scales for a k****** t****** g10

I do, but not to you. You have not capitalized my name, nor have you used any of the necessary punctuation that I find effective in typewritten communication. So, none for you.

Hi jay,
I don’t know much about knives, but I am CRAZY about them! I love the knives you’ve made! They’re beautiful! I had a knife once... it was a cheap steel one with a wooden handle. It was pretty much always with me, but I was cycling to school (yeah I’m 16), it fell out of my basket and someone else rode off with it. I rode after the guy, but I kinda got hit by a car then, so I lost it. You’re knives are THE most beautiful things I’ve seen. I can’t afford them, so I won’t order. You’ll be wondering why I’m wasting your time e-mailing you when I can’t buy your knives, but I just HAD to tell you how gorgeous they are... So congrats on such a great job...
Keep rockin

Dear writer,
Please refrain from "rocking" and carrying knives in your bicycle basket on the way to school. Pay attention to the road, and obey all traffic laws. Otherwise, you risk winning the Darwin award.

Hi Jay.
I have a question for you. I understand you are a busy man. I have a set of 6 steak knives in a protective sheath that were made for my husbands father in or around the 1950's by a gentleman who was a big game hunter and he got his trophy elephant and took the tusks, and had 3 sets of steak knives made out of them. Chicago Cutlery was the maker at the time. I have tried to find out information about them, but apparently CC has been sold to another company and no longer is in business. My husbands family are all gone and we were wondering what the knives would be worth. (or approximately some worth) If you need i could send you a pick of them also. Any help is appreciated.
thank you
N. L.

Hi, N. I would pick this one and that one over there.

Hello jay i am a 17 year old woodworker/woodturner and i have now started making knifes i was wondering how you got started and how you got known so well? i also would like to know how long it took you to get so good at making knife's? cause when i see your work i feel like giving up on making knifes. but i also understand im just now starting out so they wont be perfect also i wos wondering if you have a favorite hardwood you use.
thank you

Hello, J.
The first thing I learned was that the plural of the word "knife" is "knives." From there, it was all downhill. I learned this in English class, which used to be taught in schools in the old days. Since it seems that this is not a favorite or common subject in modern times, I suggest that your most important first step is to have your parents find a tutor that can instruct you in the language arts. It is through this complex field of study that you will find access to all other endeavors.
My favorite hardwood is Sydenham's chorea found on the planetoid St. Vitus. You must take great care in working with this wood, as it can cause rapid, uncoordinated jerking movements affecting primarily the face, feet, and hands. People will call you a "spaz." At least that's what they called me in my junior high English class.

Our company manufactures cutting dies for many types of industries. Our facility has the capacity to re-sharpen or refurbish all types of existing cutting dies. Let us provide you with a quote on one of these services. Some of the products we make cutting dies to cut are Holsters, Belts, Shoes and many other non metallic goods. Our company can offer you over 40 years of experience in cutting die manufacturing, and cutting application. If this service is of interest to you e-mail me for further info or take the time to visit our web sight www.************.com to see a few samples of our product. I look forward to hear from you.
Tony Beavis
Quality Manager

I left this guy's name because this is an example of the typical Chinese mass-emailing that continually bombards everyone who has a web site that may have one or two words they think have a remote possibility of relating to a product or service they sell. Their web sites come and go frequently, and this one is gone. The keys to the origin of these mass mailings are the horrid faults of language, the unrelated and seemingly inconsistent product line or services, and the always present fake "Americanized" name. These made-up names are gleaned mostly from the media and Hollywood, and it's not surprising to receive emails from past American presidents, actors, and celebrities via these Chinese sweat shops.
Besides, I only write back to Mike Butthead.

Jay good day.
Looking to buy a handle set for my new S******** Damascus mule knife. can you provide some pricing for me please. also can you recommend a cool handle for the Damascus s******** mule. thanks
Huntington Beach

Good day to you, friend.
I harness my mule with careful attention to the hip pad and breaching seat. Keeping the side strap and belly band tight helps a lot with heavy, uphill loads. Don't forget the critical pole strap for the jockey yoke! Many a disgruntled mule has slipped his hame draft and bolted with a precious load! That would look pretty funny, racing down the beach sidewalk between the surf shops where you lead your mule!

Jay ..
I am very new to self defense and love the passion and art you have with your knives . I would like to get a top end knive from you .. what do you think about starting with a Phlegra ? I would also like to talk to you about a company I am part of that has a film that can be placed on knives that does not wear off and keeps them very sharp . Would love to have you talk to CEO of company ..but really want to get a great quality knive and get training on how to use it .... C. B.

Allow me to educate you on self defense. I start by defending my business from ridiculous claims of products such as films placed on knives that can keep a knife sharp. You do not want a knife; you want me to push your snake oil and crap. Tell you what: you get industries to purchase your "film" and recommend it for their brutal and critical cutting tools and then I'll consider it. Of course, if you do that, you wouldn't need to peddle it to a singular knife maker, would you? Oh, then, you must think I'm some lone dupe that you can manipulate with a tease of a purchase. Now I'm insulted. You need to apply that film to yourself, for you are not as sharp as you think.
P.S. The singular of knives is knife.

Mr Fisher im looking to have made a copy of the 1917 stamped steel studded D guard on the 1917 Trench knife. Is this something you could make?thank you for your time,D.M..

Sadly, I have not progressed to D guards and am still stuck on F guards. They tried to give me a passing grade last year, but I wanted to stay behind even though most of the kids are 10 years younger. Someday, I hope to progress to a C guard, and if I study real hard, a B. Of course, hopes of an A guard are just pipe dreams; I just don't have the potential to make it to the top. Somebody's got to make the fries!

do you take trades.. my knife is 110%.

Of what? Crap? Junk? Unwanted, unwashed blithering Chinese milquetoast?

My name is M. A. and for a venturer project we are making knives. I was wondering if you sell the cross guards and hilt caps(if that is what they are called.

I'm hoping you're a Venturer Boy Scout from Australia. If not, you're a daring Argonaut bent on a mercenary trek, or a hotspur madcap swashbuckling lunatic destined for a reckless quest. Do you carry a whip and have an unreasonable fear of snakes?

Hi Mr. Fisher,
I know you’ve been in the process of writing your knife book for a while now. I know because I’ve been waiting for a few years for you to finish it ?, but something I would like to see even more would be a detailed instructional video from you about how to hollow grind knife blades. Would you please consider that idea?
J. B.

Dear J.B.,
I have discarded the idea of writing a book on knives and will now concentrate on my cookbook. In it, I'll describe how to deliciously hollow grind a soft cake, just before infusing it with brandy and sour fish entrails. I know it's not mainstream, but it will be memorable.

I'm a journalist at the Israeli website "W*****"- the most popular portal in Israel.
I'm writing an article about leopard products, And I would like to present your leopard design in the article.
Could you please send me high- resolution photos of the product or a link to your press area?
Also can you write me how much money does it cost who photograph the photo?
Thank you,
A. N.

Oh, goody, goody, someone finally recognized my leopard product. I try to make the best leopard product, and forward my leopard product to my press area for further distribution to all of the necessary entities. Though no leopards were harmed in the creation of my leopard product, there was that one in Samburu, Kenya that really deserved it... I still seethe at the thought of him, taunting me with his ukulele fandango high in the Coolibah tree.

US Army Special Forces "Patriot" in etched 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, hand-engraved 304 stainless steel bolsters, Budstone(Verdite) gemstone handle, locking kydex, aluminum, stainless steel sheath
More about this "Patriot"

Had enough yet? I can keep going; I have an endless supply of this stuff! Please remember that in order to email me, these people have ignored what I do and don't do (simply make knives) for their own mysterious reasons. I feel for them; understanding that they have wants, needs, and desires, and that their inquiries are important. If you see your email here, please understand that this is an effort to show just how broad the range and immense the volume of requests I receive simply because I have a well-endowed website. Feel free to ignore the humor, particularly if it accompanies an email you sent!

"Patriot" Tactical knife, obverse side view: ATS-34 high molybdenum stainless steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Australian Tiger Iron gemstone handle, locking kydex, aluminum, stainless steel sheath
More about this "Patriot"

Okay, this is a long one. Go get a refill on your cup of coffee, perhaps a nice cappuccino, a little chocolate, or the adult beverage of your choice. It might help to have a box of tissue nearby just in case you're sensitive.

Hello people of S******* Knives. My name is J. D. and I have been a knife collector and enthusiast since the age of 4 when my dad gave me my first knife. I am 32 now and my love for the best quality knives has grown with each passing year. For quite some time I have wanted to make a web page exclusively for the best knives that I could find from all over the world. However, due to time restraints I was always unable to do so. My collection though was getting pretty amazing though. I was really proud of it. Over the last couple years though, I have had a really tough time. I have been in 2 serious car accidents, one of which I was hit head-on by a drunk driver. And recently I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease. The absolute worst thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life though happened a few weeks ago while I was in the hospital. While away from home getting surgery on my abdomen my house was broken into and my entire knife collection was stolen. It took me almost 30 years to get what I had and I had a beautiful collection, all the very best knives that I could find from all over. I had many, many thousands of dollars-worth of knives and they’re are all gone. My pride and joy though were my collection of Kukri Knives. I had a bunch of them and they were amazing. The reason I loved kukri’s so much is because they will cut through anything if you know how to use them right. If you strike something with the sweet spot then it is all over for whatever you hit. They expand your reach and make you a force. I always carried a pocket Kukri for that reason. One of my kukris saved my life twice. Once, while I was on the east side of Detroit, Another time I was in downtown Lansing and it saved my life yet again. I loved those knives like family. If I had all of my knives I’d trade a ton of them for your hooded Warrior, your Horrocks, and your Phlegra. They are hands down the most beautiful knives I’ve ever seen. I want nothing more than to own them. But from what I’ve seen I loved all your knives equally and I would love to show the world just how amazing they are. They are by far the finest knives I have ever seen, and I would do anything to have them back. When I came home from the hospital in searing pain just to find out that they took my entire collection of knives, I was so heartbroken. You see I’m on disability now so I am on a very small budget to live on. After my parents passed away I also took the responsibility of taking care of my mentally handicapped sister so my life has very little joy to it anymore. Now that I’ve lost my knives I am very depressed. I just really want to be able to enjoy my knives once again. Anyway, I’m still going to Make my Facebook page exclusively highlighting the world’s best knives I’ve decided to call the site K********. The way it’ll work, is when I receive the promo knives I will test them and then post a review and pictures. Then I will make a video demonstrating the product. Last if it’s an awesome knife I will spend 24 hours in knife forums advertising the heck out of you. Blogs, links, etc… I went to school for marketing, took speech and writing courses, and was also a DJ on a local radio station. What I’d really like to ask is if you could send me a knife or two to help me get started on my project and honestly feel safe again I would love to have the three I mentioned. Like I said I am here “only” because of one of my best kukris and I feel lost without It. It would just mean the world to me if you could help me get started, that would be wonderful and I would be indebted to you always. So if you would please help me out it would be greatly appreciated and I really hope to hear from you soon. If you want to check out my page so far go to groups on Facebook and search for K********** and that’s me. It is still in the baby stages but I am very confident that it will be a really cool site. I have some really great ideas on how to make it educational and also really fun for my members. So as I said, if you could please help me to start up I can promise that you will be happy with the results.
J. D.

The curious thing about this email was the opening salutation. It was addressed to another knife maker. Is this a form email that has been sent to many knife sources? He did mention three of my own designs. What does he want? Only a knife or two. What, exactly, is a promo knife? There are other, uh... curiosities in his email. He started collecting at four years old? It took him 30 years to establish his collection? And he is 32 years old? Hmm. The knife description is also curious. A khukri is a large knife and by his own admission "extends your reach," yet he carried a "pocket khukri?" I may not have seen every knife, but I'm pretty sure there is no such thing. It seems to me that dealing with the other circumstances and dramatic events in his life are much more important than him receiving a free knife (or two or more). The whole email left me sad (and unresponsive). So....months later, he sent another:

Hello Mr. Fisher. My name is J.D. and I have been a knife collector and enthusiast since the age of 4 when my dad gave me my first knife. I am 32 now and my love for the best quality knives has grown with each passing year. For quite some time I have wanted to make a web page exclusively for the best knives that I could find from all over the world. However, due to time restraints I was always unable to do so. My collection though was getting pretty amazing though. I was really proud of it. Over the last couple years though, I have had a really tough time. I have been in 2 serious car accidents, one of which I was hit head-on by a drunk driver. And recently I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease. The absolute worst thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life though happened a few weeks ago while I was in the hospital. While away from home getting surgery on my abdomen my house was broken into and my entire knife collection was stolen. It took me almost 30 years to get what I had and I had a beautiful collection, all the very best knives that I could find from all over. I had many, many thousands of dollars-worth of knives and they’re are all gone. My favorite genre of knives though was kukris. Over the years I had collected quite a few of them. While collecting I was lucky enough to acquire one of yours and I absolutely loved it. In my opinion it was the most beautiful knife I had ever seen. Your knife was the cornerstone of my collection. I had a very sentimental attachment to it because my Dad got it for me. Since he knew I loved your designs so much he saved some money and bought me one and it was absolutely awesome. Unfortunately Dad passed recently and the knives he bought me were my reminders of him, my kukri was the last thing my Dad gave me before he passed away. I’m as tough of a man as any but It still really gets to me that I don't have some of the things that reminded me of him the most. When I came home from the hospital after surgery in searing pain just to find out that they took my entire collection of knives, I was so heartbroken. You see I’m on disability now so I am on a very small budget to live on. After my parents passed away I also took the responsibility of taking care of my mentally handicapped sister so my life has very little joy to it anymore. Now that I’ve lost my knives I am very depressed. I just really want to be able to enjoy my knives once again. Anyway, I’m still going to Make my Facebook group page exclusively highlighting the world’s best knives I’ve decided to call the site K********. The way it’ll work, is when I get knives I will test them and then post a review and pictures. Then I will make a video demonstrating the product. Last if it’s an awesome knife I will work diligently advertising the heck out of The knife and the company. Blogs, links, etc… I went to school for marketing, took speech and writing courses, and was also a DJ on a local radio station. I also know a lot of knife collectors who really respect my input and almost always take my recommendations about knives. Since I have had some of your knives I can also guarantee an amazing review because I love your work so much. I am still just starting out and I have several knife companies already sending me knives to review so I know that I’m doing an ok job. I have known and respected your knives for quite some time and I would really like to share that with others. What I’d really like to ask is if there was any way you could send me a knife to show on my site to help me get started on my project. I would love to have some of your knives on my page. You have beautiful knives that over the years I have grown to know and love and I know that my members would love to see your designs. So if you can help I would be greatly appreciative. I really hope to hear from you soon. If you want to check out my page so far go to groups on Facebook and search for K********* and that’s me. It is still in the baby stages but I am very confident that it will be a really cool site. I have some really great ideas on how to make it educational and also really fun for my members. So as I said, if you could please help me to start up I can promise that you will be happy with the results. Hopefully this letter finds you and you get back in touch with me. Again, Thank you for making such amazing knives.
J. D.

Okay, this one is a revisiting of this man's sad situation, word for word, but with some important additions. Now, he claims he's lost a knife that I made, claims it to be the "cornerstone of his collection," yet does not name or describe the knife at all. One would think that this might be important in his quest for knives and his attempts to secure a free knife from the maker. At least he didn't address this one to S******** knives... Again, as before, the email only left me saddened, for obvious reasons. I suppose it's because it reminds me of another email I've received a few hundred times before:

My Dear,
I am writing this message with tears in my eye.I know this is not the best medium to relate with you,but due to some reasons I have decided to seek for your attention. I am Stella Robinson a young lady from Philipines.I am the only dauther of my parents. My father was among those who were killed during the massacre that left 57 people dead in a case of political violence here in Philippine. The death of my father have made me an orphan because my mother died while trying to deliver a baby.This development has affected me academically, physically and Psychologically and I have decided to seek for your help. I have been receiving several murder threat from those that killed my father.Right now i am in my hideout because my life is being threthened by an unknown people. I am contactin you to assist me to transfer out the sum of $6,500.000.00 which my father deposited outside Philipine.I need your assistance to secure this money on my behalf. Due to my present condition i can not meet up with the claim requirement.I want to solicit for you assistance to stand as my representative so that the money will be released in your name to enable me come to your country. I will reward you with enough percentage for your kind assistance.Please help me out don't allow me to die in this condition. I will give you more details as soon as i hear from you.
Thank you in anticipation.
Best Regards,
Stella Robinson

"Hey, Stella!"
--Marlon Brando as Stanley in "A Streetcar Named Desire"

USAF Pararescue "Paraeagle" obverse side view in hot blued O1 high carbon tungsten-vanadium tool steel blade, maroon Micarta phenolic handle, nickel silver pins, tension sheath in kydex, aluminum, nickel plated steel
More about this USAF Pararescue "Paraeagle"

A little more serious fare (but not much):

I have looked at your knives many time and whew as an old 55 year veteran who is now disbled I am not sure if I can afford one of your knives.I am looking for a combination/hunting/everthing knife.Must last me the rest of my life.I have many folders but not one fixed knife.I figure if things do hit the fan so to speak I would for sure need a good quality knife that doesn't cost me an arm and a third leg.lol Don't get me wrong your knives are beautiful and look to be more than able to do the job of anything I could come with.I do know I want a full tang,solid piece handle,4 1/2 to 5 1/2 bade.I don't have really large hands so please take that into perspective. I only get alittle less than 2 grand a month to live on and so I am looking for something I can afford,with a sheath that has good belt loops,maybe a place to keep a sharpening stone.Anyways let me know if you have something in a low dollar range,I would even considered a used or maybe an old model that you can't unload.Anyways please advise,J. S.

Dear J. S. I'm about your age, and do not feel old, but I have not been through what you have. I respect you for your service. I do, however, have this danged old business thing, and there are steel costs, materials and supplies, abrasives this way and that, expendables, machinery tools and costs, maintenance and repair, office expenses, advertising expenses, books and research expenses, electricity out the wazoo, heating and cooling, travel, meals, and lodging, mortgages, taxes, and fees. There is that never-ending grocery expense that keeps gnawing at my stomach, and that family that depends on me to bring in enough to keep it all going. What I'm getting at is that it is I that cannot afford to make a cheap knife, even one to "unload" for your personal benefit while my family, business, and future take a hit.

Do you make and sell any custom knives that do not cost any less then $100? If so then how do i go about ordering one from you and if not then i apologize for bothering you. I love your work and i understand the time it takes to craft your product but i am not looking to spend $600 + for a knife that will be used and abused for general purpose as well as survival and hunting. Thank you for your time.

This person didn't even bother to identify himself by name, but just sent a rather abrupt, somewhat rude and carelessly worded email. Nowadays, it's hard to find any knife worth buying for less than one hundred dollars (at least that's what I think he meant to describe). My gosh, it nearly takes that much to fill your gas tank. But he wants something he can trust his survival, hunt, and general purposes to that costs less than a night out, a cell phone, or a monthly cable service. He may think that it only takes time to make a knife, that there are no materials, no expendables, no shop overhead, machinery, or property costs. To him, there are no fees, rentals, taxes, or utilities, no sense in spending his money to purchase fine steel, the steel he would trust his life to. I wonder what this guy does for a living, and if he's making and selling a product or service, how he would feel if someone (his employer) decided to renegotiate his wages for the benefit of the company and to his own detriment. After all, isn't that what he's asking me to do? Something to think about...

Dear Sir/Ma-am,
We are seeking donation for this formal event we are looking for nice door prizes and a few really nice items to raffle off to lower the price of tickets or make it free for the wounded Soldiers that are in the hospital. Any help is greatly appreciated. Everything donate can be a tax write off for you company. Please send your company fliers and business cards so they can be passed out to your future customers. Please forward this letter to the correct person if I sent it to yours by accident.
Jay I know the odds are very slim, but I guy a went to flight school with later became an airforce Spec Ops/ LA Swat team leader and always talked about your knife he owned. If you have a seconds scratch and dents that can be helpful to this cause would help out a lot. Thank you for your time in reading this email. Very Respectfully D. M. US Army (Retired)

Here in the shop, we donate knives and the materials, expense, and labor that make them to active duty military, and we have clients who also anonymously donate to military servicemen who are not paid enough for their combat service to be able afford a fine tactical and CSAR weapon and tool. If you think the US government is equipping our soldiers with the very best, you have never heard of the "low bid" process they are required to use for all purchases.

 I would rather this guy take up a collection at his formal event to help us furnish active duty soldiers with effective, well-made tools since our own government ceased issuing any worthwhile knives many years ago. This is so much more important than a nice door prize or raffle items. While there are many programs to help hospitalized soldiers, there are few that help gear them up before they go to the battlefront with critical tools that may help them in their missions.

On the subject of tax write-offs, most singular knife makers (like me) do not make enough money to need any tax breaks. This is something only large corporations and well-to-do investors do. If I have any "extra" earnings, you can bet they are cranked right back into buying materials and supplies, some used to build those critical donations we make.

One last thought: "seconds scratch and dents?" Really? Only mass manufacturers have such a thing. A singular knifemaker can not afford such mistakes!

Dear: Mr. Fisher,
I am a recently retired USAF Survival Instructor (S.E.R.E. Specialist). During my time in Survival I had the pleasure of serving under several NCO's that had previous experience teaching at the jungle survival school in the Philippines. Those NCO's brought back with them Filipino bolos (machetes) made from the stolen leaf spring of American jeeps. These machetes were indestructible! Mount Pinatubo erupted and ruined my opportunity to ever have a Filipino bolo. I have drawn up a sketch of a bolo that I think would meet my needs. I was told by my S.E.R.E brethren that you could possible produce blanks. If this is the case I would like to provide for you my rough sketches and have (depending on the price) around 20 blanks to make into bolo's that I could give as presents next Christmas. I hope that this could be possible. Thank you for your time.

Yes, here we are again with the "leaf springs of the jeep" tale. This wife's tale pops up periodically, as any land the United States Military has occupied or had troops stationed in has left behind equipment and discard, and in resource-starved countries, this refuse has been repurposed into salable items. I can guarantee though that the legendary "spring of the jeep" supplies have played out decades ago. More than likely, these are now the "spring of the Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Isuzu, BMW, or Ford" now, if they are made from springs at all. Just throwing out the mystique of the WW2 jeep creates a vision of a tough, durable, and indestructible pedigree.

If the leaf springs were "stolen" that would suggest that those little Jeeps have been relieved of their suspension in the middle of the night. It's humorous to picture the owner trotting out to the parking lot in front of his National Shelter Program Low Income Housing Unit to find his prized surplus rendered into a belly-scraping low rider by machete-making hoodlums prowling the AM darkness.

By the way, they are not indestructible; nothing is. Since leaf springs are simply 100 point plain carbon steel, with no special alloys, their performance as knives is average at best. Give me 10 minutes alone in the wilderness, and I can render the legend into a useless pretzel of broken metal. This is not how one would treat a fine tool, so why would one even have that in the conversation?

On your own personal quest, did that volcano swallow up the supply of Jeep springs (or those pesky spring-thieves)? And who told you that I would make blanks of any kind? [Insert blank stare here.]

Just left your site. Nice work.
Would you be interested in looking at a new kind of letter opener? I have a patten on it, and it is pretty cool.
I need some stands for one of the Safari club international shows. Not sure which one I will be going to, but it will be awhile. If you are interested in working with me on the project, drop a note, and I will get one of these out to you to look at.
Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.
There is no rush on this project, bit I think you are the one to help me out.
Talk to you later,

You thought wrong.

My name is A. C. i recently bought two non-sharpend tracker knife blades for Christmas presents for a brother and father. I was wondering if you do or would be willing to do some fine tuning on these two blades? I understand if you do not do that kind of thing, I just don't know where to do to have this kind of thing done. if you have any suggestion for me please let me know, thank you for your time.

Why would someone sell a knife that was "non-sharpened?" Has the nanny state legislated cutting edges off of knives without telling me? Don't laugh, Great Britain has been trying to legislate the points off of blades for years now. Just to review, here's a meaningful tip about knives:

A dull knife is a dangerous knife; trying to force the knife because it is dull will result in a slip, and a slip is a high speed blade headed for soft flesh.

Dear jayfisher,
We are manufacturer from China supply Bone Folder /Folding bone (made by genuine cattle bone) at most competitive prices in any size and shape.
Your inquiry and interest will be highly appreciated.
Thanks and Best Regards,

Is that really your name? Remember when I wrote (above) that Chinese companies use "Americanized" names of celebrities? Nevertheless, I'm so lucky you contacted me, because I've recently acquired 40,000 sheets of washi chiyogami kirameki flower paper. I'll need those bones to make accurate creases so I can replace all of my kydex for the tactical knife sheaths. Sure, it won't be as tough, but think of the looks our soldiers will receive when they display their nicely crafted and brightly colored ikebana disciplines. Perhaps I'll replace the knives altogether with the folding bones! That way, when attacked, a quick flick of the wrist and our enemies will be entranced with the artistic flow of focused concentration necessary for understanding of the patterns, arrangements, and quiet reflection of origami and flower arrangement. Heiwa.
Wait a minute. you're Chinese. An Ler.

Hello Mr. Fisher
I am making a knife for my father-in-law and I do not have the heat tempering equipment to harden a blade. I was wondering if you sell tempered steel blanks or new where I could find some?
Thank you for your time,
E. D.

No need to bother with all that heat treating stuff. Just hold your knife blade over a lemon scented candle until it's red hot, then quench in St. Vincents Dubbel Belgian Style Abbey Ale by Captain Lawrence. It's got just the right sweetness with hint of growling hops to tickle the taste buds of your blade.

Hello Mr. Fisher,
My name is M. A. First and foremost I would like to thank you for the wealth of information that is your website! I have never seen another website nor many books that have the detailed information that you have. I will definitely be purchasing your book when it comes out, and look forward to learning more about the knife making profession from your perspective. I have been making knives as a hobby for some time. Nothing really serious one here one there for a few years, it started with blacksmithing when I was a boy. I actually found your site by looking up how bolsters are attached to the knife because on everything that I’ve made so far I’ve never used one but definitely wanted to learn how to put them on. Although I was always under the impression that they were always soldered on so it was enlightening to hear your insight as to why you don't solder bolsters in this fashion. I was wondering, after you peen the zero clearance pins do you weld them to the bolster, and then shape everything? I know you said you use pins of the same metal but on many of your knife photos except for one at the right angle I can't see the pin outlines. I was also wondering if you could give me any literature to read that could go into some processes of creating the knives especially metallurgy/heat treating, and working with gemstones to make handles (I’ve already ordered the razor edge book of sharpening but haven’t received it yet)? I've worked with heat treating on carbon steels, but I would really like to learn how to work on stainless alloys and such, so if you had any books you could recommend for these and anything else you think would be helpful to start laying a good foundation for creating knives that would be fantastic. Although I will probably never have the honor of owning one of your knives I would be very proud if I was able to create a knife that at least resembled some of the works of art that you have created. I've been on your site religiously for the past 4 days, and I still haven't been able to process it all, Thanks for all the help,

Thank you for joining our new order. Please deposit your donations in the offertory by the door. When you have accepted your human failings, you'll be awarded with the sacred and hidden knowledge of the knifemaker, and inducted into mankind's oldest craft guild. You'll receive a fireproof apron, a bent andiron, and a fistful of sandpaper. These, you'll take into a dark room where other makers will scold you for your perfect grinds, your intuitive use of handle materials, and your disgustingly superior sheaths. A blood offering is then required.

I have a bowie blades that need to be grinding down to put a guard on. Plus I'm hoping you can put a handle on it. Sure hope you can help me. 10" blades. The holes have been drilled for the handles,but not honed clean. If that makes sence?
B. W.

It makes perfect sence. Bowie blades, ten inch, dirty holes, guard on, grinding down, handle on. Sounds like a rave party on a Hollywood back lot.

Mr. Fisher,
I am a big fan of your work and have read through a lot of your website. I know you don't do research for other people as indicated in your "What I do and don't do" page but I do have one quick question about your knives. I noticed that on your kydex sheaths there are what appear to be metal ridges around the outside edges of your sheaths. There are also metal clips at the top that appear to keep the knife in the sheath. I was just curious what the metal ridge was and if you make those clips, and if not where I could get some.
Thank you,
D. M.

Is this a supplier question? I don't have any "clips" on my sheaths, nor do I have "ridges." I do have aluminum welts in the sheaths, and locking stainless steel mechanisms built into each tactical locking sheath. Of course, if you read even one of my pages on any of these knives (there are dozens) you would know that. Try slowing down a bit, not speed-surfing, and maybe you'll understand a bit more about the world of knife sheaths.

Do you know wher I can find some Kudu horn scales for a knife Im having made?

Wher? I kudon't, do kuyou?

Hey Mr. Fisher,
I have two knives that I'd really like to get new sheaths for because the ones they have now are either to old and falling apart or are too week. I assume you are familiar with the KABAR sheaths, correct? I really love their sheath designs (for the B****** line at least, that is the nylon sheath with the kydex/plastic/some type of hard plastic insert) and was wondering if you made those as well? One knife is just a heavy tanto stealth knife and the sheath is just kind of a weak piece of junk. The knife is wonderful, and I'd like to have it one me more, but I'm just afraid the sheath will snap and I'll end up having to just carry it in a pocket. The other though, is a WWII combat knife that has seen action. I really like this knife and it was given to me by my father when he had acquired several other WWII items. It's a beautiful knife and I've put a ton of work on it and I just feel that it deserves a new sheath. I will also soon be getting two other knives that may need to be resheathed, but I figured I'd ask about the first two while I have them now.
J. P.

You want me to build a thin plastic sleeve that is covered with nylon cloth? How durable is that? How about we cover it with microfiber, in a rosebud color scheme? Others might call you a pansy, but at least the fabric will be breathable and colorfast. We could have several socks of fabric for your plastic sleeve, in taffeta, lycra, chiffon, or stretch denim. You could look all stylish and color-coordinated with your old "stealth" knives. Sigh.

I was wondering if you made sheaths and could make a sheath for the 3 bladed claw knife that i am looking at

How would I know what you're looking at? Just what is a claw knife, anyway? It sounds like something difficult to sheath with all those claws.

Can you make me a sheath for a letter opener? New type. You can see a sample of my early on units at s*********.com.

You want me to make a leather sheath for a "slitter" type letter opener that sells (retail) for $2.27 for a pack of three? Okay, I did the math. The slitter costs 76 cents, and the sheath will cost $650.00. That's okay; I'll pay for the shipping on these. Sigh.

Dear Mr. Fisher
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I would like to try to make my own version of some of your knives. I will not sell them. They will not have the same finishes as your knives, and if knife making becomes more than just a personal hobby I promise to design my own. I have picked out five knives that interest me and would like permission to make my version of one or more of them. The five are Treaty maker, Markarian, Lynx, Charax and Troll Magnum.
B. B.

Please allow me to educate you in some critical areas of thinking, morals, and law. Imitation is not a sincere form of flattery; it is copyright infringement. I'm certain that if Coca-Cola received your letter about copying their products, they would not be flattered, but would be filing court documents, injunctions, and lawsuits. Even if you claim that your beverage would not taste as good, the cans would not have the same finish, you would only give it away, and that you would only make one (or more!), the sincerity of their impending litigation would certainly get your attention.
Look, it's simple. Design your own knives; I do not give you permission to copy my registered, copyrighted works and designs.
Here's a moral question for you: if you think that knife designs are not protected, not valued, and not intellectual property, why would they be something you want to copy? It is because they ARE of value; many hours have been spent (and paid for) for each of the designs you mentioned, and this is why you want to copy them in the first place! Go ask any other artist if he would mind if you copy his work; see if he's flattered.
How about this: you work for many hours on a project, from the idea and concept through a completed sketch, design, and physical pattern, through taking that pattern and making it a solid physical form of not only tool, but a work of art, perhaps worth thousands of dollars. Now, have someone use all of the work that you have put into the project to create something for themselves without thinking, without the effort, without the decades of expertise it takes to know just how to create it. They will steal your effort, the fruits of your labor, and enrich themselves with the results, without any compensation whatever to you for having used your labor and skill. They will steal from your company, your family, and your investment in your future. See how you like it.

I love the beautiful detail of your knives. Your work is awesome. I have 4 floder knife blancs that I would like to have customized (handles/bolsters) Im not sure I could afford your work on all of these knives, buI would like to know if you could/would be interested. I have attached individual pictures and measurements. I would like your comments/reccomendation/pricing. Thanks
I hope to hear from you

I would love to put handles and bolsters on your floder blanc. I understand that its 60% Cramant, 27.5% Chouilly and 12.5% Cuis; though showing a rich, classy aroma, it is wonderful, especially for lovers of filigree, pointillist articulation, rendered with determined length and ultraviolet penetration, the ne plus ultra of a jabbing, expressive wine, yet noticeable for the absurdly long tertiary finish.

I have a very nice walking stick that was given to me and need scabbard for it. It is 64" long at the top of the walking stick it is about 3" round/wide and tappers off I would say to about 1/2". I can email you a photo as well; a dark color would be nice or a red brown would work too; I hope that you can help a disabled veteran in need.
Thank you,
This item is not needed for X-mass or rush shipping. Please email me with what the cost would be and the time frame needed to make the item. I also have two knifes that need scabbard for them, however the walking stick is first on my list. Thank you for all your help once again.

Where, pray, will you wear this scabbard? On your belt? You must be very tall, indeed!

I have a new Frank B******* HD auto with Abalone sides . The Hd model has a blade twice as beefy on the spine and the spring is about twice as thick . How much would it cost to get some custom file work on the back of the knife and is it possible to sharpen the upper part of the "false edge " and add some serrations to the blade ? if so the cost of each item and time frame for work ?
Thank you.

Gussy up the pig a bit, eh? Sure, I'll work on your $60.00 Italian-named knife made in China. But first, I want to share the text from their website:

"Frank Beltrame Company produce automatic knives from 1956. The power of passion, the care on details, the long experience the innovation on handles, blades and spring are for us a priority. In our catalogue you can find Classic model switchblades rigorously handmade, vintage, reproduction models and a complete choice to satisfy collectors, dealers and wholesale. Call us for princeliest and all you need! Actually the Company working on new technological and innovative knives, with new lines and materials; new auto's you can find sooner in the News page! Your satisfaction is our target. Click on the upper pictures for to see our models. From 2003 you can have my knives stamped FRANK B. Italy on the blades,so you can be sure that you have a piece from my Company"

This is copied directly and exactly off their website, and attributed to them, so all the legalities are covered. Now, since this is such a dedicated company that declares its priority is 1. the power of passion (whatever that is), 2. the care on details (but not enough care to do any filework, sharpening, or serrations), 3. the long innovation on handles (like the fake stag and plentiful plastic), blades (yawn), and spring (importante, I suppose), then why wouldn't you go back to them for your requests about a knife you purchased from them? Why do these guys come to me? Ah, maybe this wasn't on their princeliest...



As a new student to the art of knife making, I'm frequently inspired by your knives posted on your website. Amazing. In the process of creating my third knife, I'm stumped on how to get a "forward arch grind" on my knife blade. A friend is letting me use a 2"X72" knife grinder with a 14" wheel. On many knives the "blade grind", starting at the handle end, is perpendicular to the edge. On many of your knives the "blade grind" starting closest to the handle, has a "forward arching grind". I like that a lot. Do you use a rounded wheel? What am I missing? If you would be kind enough to describe this process I would be very grateful. Thanks, B. D.

Ah, the mysterious "forward arching grind." This was taught to me by an ancient Yogi who lived for 70 years without food or water in Oakland, California. He was quite popular with the ladies. As a new student, please feel free to read my "Knife Anatomy" page where these pesky parts and areas of modern handmade knives are clearly and carefully described and identified. And yes, I use a round wheel, because a square or triangular wheel is just too bumpy. Sigh...

Hello how are you. I have a question for you. I was wondering what it would cost to get a custom knife handle made. I live in ontario, canada. If you need a picture of the knife i have , i can get you one for it. I would like to know what it would cost for a custom handle to made made in

Yep, that's it. The email just stopped. It was as if Ontario had been wiped off the map in some catastrophic nuclear or meteoritic event. Please, I implore you, someone call up Canada and see if everything is all right up there! Spooky...

I was given a disassembled G****** 06 Auto where sections of both handles were cut out for testing. It could still be used BUT the handle without the button was cut near the top right across the pivot joint. I would like a replacement handle for that side either in aluminu or G10, which ever may be cheaper and easier to work with. I don't even want all the details done up, I would just like it cut to relative shape, and all the indents or holes for screws to go into. It does have the inner metal liner for that side so that shape can copied.
Do you think you could do this? If you would need to see or physically have the handle to recreate it, then it can be arranged.

Why in the world would someone cut up a $50 knife made in China for "testing?" This knife....it wouldn't have come from any "evidence" locker, would it? It wouldn't have been tested by a forensic agency, perhaps, would it? Can you certify that it is sterile and cleaned of blood and trace?
I'm going to make it easy for you: don't eat out for a month, and buy another cheap Chinese knife with all of its parts and no suspect evidence or DNA contamination. You'll sleep better.

Hello, I was looking at your work online, and really like it. I am interested in having a custom sheath made that will hold my bowie knife and revolver on the outside. a pretty basic one, nothing too fancy. Would you be able to make something like this, and if so, what would a price be? Thanks! Here is my knife (R***** II) (URL Deleted) Here is my Revolver (R***** SP-101) (URL Deleted))

Nutin' too fancy for my Chinese $60 knife and my revolver. Maybe an embossed image of Sly Stallone with his foot propped on a pile of corpses... yeah, he offed 'em; you know it!

Mr Fisher;
I am sending this e mail in regards to that I would like to learn more about how your knife name system works. I have read the "the best knives have names" section of your website, but am curious about how you actually go about deciding the names. Do you go through a list of them and choose whichever would be suitable and if so, does every knife have a different name? If not, then is the name based on the pattern? If this be the case, how do you differentiate 2 knives of the same pattern if they have the same name?
While I am on this subject, how does the copyright work in regard to knife names? Can the names not be used at all, or can they simply can't be used on knives of a similar pattern? For example, if a knifemaker was to make a fillet pattern and name the pattern "Xiphias" (since I believe it to be Latin for fish), would that be copyright infringement even if it's of a different pattern/style then yours?
If you are unable to answer this due to email traffic,schedule, etc-I completely understand. It's just that I seem to not beable to find these answers anywhere else since most makers don't seem to be concerned with names.

This isn't the first time this guy has written to me about this, and if you dig in the previous "Funny Emails" pages, you'll probably spot his inquiries. So, to end this conversation once and for all, here is the entire process: Names are submitted by a committee of elders from various undisclosed locations. I do not know how they derive the bulk of the name candidates; there is some secret ceremony and chants, charcoal drawings on ancient sandstone cave floors and curious thrashing and dancing about that play vital roles in the initial process. Names are screamed into the mouths of carefully arranged alien crystal skulls, and when one of them winks, the name moves up the roster to the next phase of submission. When these key elders contact each other via teleconferencing using the now-defunct headquarters of SPECTRE, there is plenty of discussion, shouting, and nose-thumbing before agreement is reached. They pass along the name via a microfilm dot, carefully hidden on the "A" letter of the "CANCEL" key of my regular UPS deliveryman's electronic keypad. He doesn't even know the vital role he plays in our clever and magnificent scheme. In any case, if you try to use one of the names, the Crystal Skull Aliens will surely abduct you and teach you a painful lesson with their probes...

Hi Jay,
Would you ever consider making a replica of the First Blood Knife?

My first blood of any consequence was spilled while trying to slice a golfball in half at about 9 years old. Cut all of the fingers on my left hand clear to the bone. Currently, I have no plans to replicate the experience, but thanks for your interest!

Dear sir,
I can across your EOD knife and I must say it is a fine knife at that. Being a active duty EOD tech a I just have one flaw in the knife and that is the price. Over $2000. That is just plain insane, sorry to say it like that but it is. I could buy a simple kabar every month of a deployment and still not match that price.

Ah, of course, the price. I don't suppose it would help to again repeat the numerous and clearly explained factors (here is a condensed list of three dozen), concrete differences between factory knives and my fine handmade knives. Perhaps you should buy a cheap Chinese knife every month as you suggest. When you're working on diffusing a bomb, and your Kabar fails, you'll convince the bomb to wait until exploding until next month when you receive a new Chinese Kabar. Your life is certainly worth the wait and the money saved, isn't it? Good luck!

hi my name is g. l. and i am new to the internet i just whanted to chat about knives i am a knive maker myself so get back to me at *********@yahoo.com

I didn't respond, so he wrote another:

i was looking throught web sites for knives.and came across your site .liked your knife desing. hoping to talk to you some time.would like to show you some of my work.ive been makeing knives for a while and haven;t shoun them to many outher makers.or artists wouid like to hear from you.
thank you.

There is a spell check program in every digital device modernly made... perhaps he's writing from the past, using some strange wormhole of time and orthographic disfigurement.

Hi, my name is T. C., im only 14 yrs old, turning 15 on spetember 18, and i am COMPLETELY fascinated in knives and in particular, YOUR knives i would LOVE to see what you are currently working on, and if possible, persuade my parents to buy 1 or 2 of them, and if you could kindly send me a broad range in the prices of your knives would be nice
sincerely T. C. xD

What a thoughtful young man. Be sure to tell your parents that 1 or 2 is usually not enough, and they'll need to dip into your college fund to adequately satiate your current fascination... no, scratch that. Get your college education, make gobs of money, and then satisfy yourself by building your own collection of Jay Fisher knives. Better get to studying; I'm not getting any younger!

Do you have machetes and/or machete sheaths?
If so, can you email me samples of sheaths or send me a link to view them?
Thank you
Ms. L. R.

I lost my last machete in the jungle. Somewhere between the string trimmers and the cordless rechargeable mowers. I was hunting for a sheath myself, one specially made for my tiller. I asked the depot jungle for a sample too; I'm still waiting on it.

I need a sheath made for my S***** II and I know you do not make sheaths for any knife you did not make.
Do you have a reccomendation as to what knife sheath maker I should contact? I have several S***** II as well as an original S***** knife that need sheaths and I am looking for a guy that works in leather sheaths.
Thank you for taking your time in answering this request!
J. M.

You must not appreciate the paper thin sack that comes with this Chinese reproduction proudly proclaiming its German and American roots (but looking strangely like it was made in Taiwan). It's a poorly ground, badly handled, horribly fitted, and weakly made piece of 1970's inspired garbage from tin can alley. You can throw it at your stack of cans just like Chuck Conners "The Rifleman," and you don't even need a sheath.

Do you know any one who makes leather sheaths for machetes? The machete is 15 inches long and 3 inches wide. I want a leather sheath that I can wear on my back.

Again with the machetes? Just toughen up and stuff it down your pants like the rest of us. Pansy.

I was in the marrket for a back mounted knife sheath and was wwondering if it was possible for u to make one.

Again with the back? The way you stutter in your email, I'd be afraid you would slice your spine.

Hi Jay,
I write the regular Field Trial column for *********** magazine, and have done this for 15 years. I also sell freelance work to other magazines, though time does not allow me to do much of this.
I have a recollection of a knife you made that caught my interest years ago - mid to late 1990's - that I am willing to devote a full column to, if you are amenable. I recall it was robust but quite slender and pointy, in a leather pouch sheath, with a bit of a beak to better enable withdrawing from the sheath. I might call it a cross between a dagger, a letter opener, and a steak knife. And I recall you said you had sold them to police officers. I studied your extensive web site and do not find it. The closest is your Prairie Falcon. Perhaps this will ring a bell with you. If not, I would consider some other model.
I will put copies of my column in the mail to you, so you can see exactly what I do. If you would like to proceed, I would need knife, sheath, photos, and full specs. Please let me know if you wish to participate, or not. Best regards,

This guy has written me before, and it's clear that he wants this knife. He keeps referring to a knife I made back in the mid-1980s, one I haven't made for decades simply because no one has asked for it. We corresponded once about this; he wants a knife, for free, to "evaluate" for his column. I assume it won't be returned, so basically this translates to a free knife from every person he writes about. What a way to amass a free collection! And if I don't like his "evaluation," what recourse do I have?
This is why I never have knives "evaluated" by so-called experts in this field. The people who evaluate my knives are the ones that pay for them, real soldiers, cops, military, rescue, and combat professionals. Real professional restaurant chefs, real collectors of some of the finest knives and art in the world. Guys that work on a ranch, or in an oilfield, in a frozen arctic wasteland, a brutal jungle, or on a rig in the Pacific. Guys that understand and can afford fine edges, premium handles, original creativity and embellishment. I even make knives for the top counterterrorism units in the world. All of these guys let me know what is right and wrong with the knives, and they do it with a serious personal investment of their own money. They remain satisfied; my waiting list continues to grow.
Hint: this guy has never offered to purchase the knife he mentions... only giving me the offer to "participate." My message to him: don't embarrass yourself; I'm not a dupe, and you can't have a free knife from me.

Mr. Fischer,
i was given a custom made fighting knife by my mentor and friend, it was dull and i took it to a locaL knife dealer who said that he could sharpen it, it is a tanto blade or i would have sharpened it myself, long story short he jacked it around, could you straiten out the edge and polish it for me? If your not interested i understand i, i am not overly fond of cleaning up other peoples messes. if you want a photo of the knife and edge i will send you one, thanks for your time,

You spelled my name wrong. To us Fishers, the largest insult we can have thrust upon us is the forbidden "c" in the family name. Our particular lineage originated in England, where fishing was done on the sea, and the c was not in the fish. How many times in my life will I have to answer the perpetual question, "is that with or without a C?" I even have a doppelganger in Illinois who does have the C in his name. Perhaps I'll forward this email to him. Hey, I wonder if he gets tired of people asking him if it's spelled with a C?

"Paraeagle" fine tactical knife in 440c high chromium stainless steel blade, custom etched, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Desert Ironwood handle, hand-carved and tooled leather sheath
More about this "Paraeagle"

This one was titled "short and sweet project." Yeah.

My name is T. J. and I was hoping you could help me on an art project. I would like to have a silver feather cast for a loved one as a gift. I have a bit of metalworking experience, but zero casting experience. I was hoping to make it myself from the ground up via the Lost Wax Casting Process, but I lack the equipment now that I am in the military.
If you'd be willing to help, I can provide the carved wax feather and the silver for casting. I gather that you traditionally work on Knives, but I saw in your website that you also dabble in art projects. If you're at all interested in this small job, please don't hesitate to let me know. If you would like to contact me by phone, my cell phone number is***-***-****.
Thanks in advance.

Really? I dabble? And you want me to dabble and cast a feather in silver? What the-
So I ignored him. He sent another:

I tried to send this email to you once and have not yet received a response. Your website said that if I have not received a response within 48 hours to try again, so here it goes:
My name is T. J. and I was hoping you could help me on an art project. I would like to have a silver feather cast for a loved one as a gift. I have a bit of metalworking experience, but zero casting experience. I was hoping to make it myself from the ground up via the Lost Wax Casting Process, but I lack the equipment now that I am in the military.
If you'd be willing to help, I can provide the carved wax feather and the silver for casting. I gather that you traditionally work on Knives, but I saw in your website that you also dabble in art projects. If you're at all interested in this small job, please don't hesitate to let me know. If you would like to contact me by phone, my cell phone number is ***-***-****.
Thanks in advance.

Okay, this guy is determined; I'll give him that. He admits that he has zero experience in casting, but has a bit of metalworking experience. I could take this to mean he drilled a hole in a piece of sheet metal once; or he knows what a file is. Casting is an extremely long and drawn out process, taking many hours of planning, setup, lots of equipment, knowledge, and experience. This is why it's something done with large lots of models, not one-off pieces. While a guy might melt some pewter and pour it into some plaster of Paris from the hobby shop, this is not how fine silver jewelry is made.
Since it also says on my email page that if you don't hear from me, you might be asking for something I don't do (which is everything but make custom knives), then to read over the "What I Do and Don't Do" page. There, he would find out that I only make knives. But he writes again:

I tried to send this email to you a couple of times using both your regular and alternate email addresses. If it does not reach you soon I will try using my work email. Your spam filter is as potent as you claim. My name is T. J. and I was hoping you could help me on an art project. I would like to have a silver feather cast for a loved one as a gift. I have a bit of metalworking experience, but zero casting experience. I was hoping to make it myself from the ground up via the Lost Wax Casting Process, but I lack the equipment now that I am in the military.
If you'd be willing to help, I can provide the carved wax feather and the silver for casting. I gather that you traditionally work on Knives, but I saw in your website that you also dabble in art projects. If you're at all interested in this small job, please don't hesitate to let me know. If you would like to contact me by phone, my cell phone number is ***-***-****.
Thanks in advance.

Okay, I'm starting to memorize his phone number so it's time to cut this off. I email him:

Dear Mr. J.,
This is not something I do.
What I do and don't do.
Jay Fisher

He's not finished:

Mr. Fisher,
I apologize if I'm wasting your time, but even if you could let me use your facilities to cast the metal myself I would greatly appreciate it. Any assistance at all you can provide, a name of another person in Clovis or Muleshoe who could help would be a phenomenal help.

To other artists and craftsmen: I do not recommend allowing a stranger to come into your facility and operate machinery, attempt processes, and fumble, fee, fart, and fudge around with your professional business stuff. This would be about the silliest thing I've ever heard of. I've got it! I'll do a "job-trade" with him. He lets me play at his military job for a day, and I'll let him burn down my studio by melting metal in a casting furnace!

hello Jay,
firstly let me say i have spent lots of time combing your website trying to learn as much as i can. My current problem is putting theory into practice. i am working with S30V and it is crushing my will to live, trying to heat treat it.
i am a new hobby maker, all my equipment has been bought at home depot harbor freight or sears. The most expensive piece of equipment is my paragon KM-14D. I'm finally getting to the point where my product is starting to look like my sketches. my biggest issue is the heat treat.
my latest problem was this. i coated my knife in Turco pretreat, let it hang and dry for about ten minutes. then i put the knife into my cold kiln. i set it to ramp up to 1950 as fast as possible then soak at that temp for 15 minutes.
after the fifteen minutes i pulled the knife out and placed it onto my aluminum quench plate, and pressed my other one on top of it. as it cooled i could hear crackling and popping. after about two minutes i removed the top plate. my knife was a dark grey and large pieces of scale were busting off the knife as it cooled. it looked like a piece of charcoal.
once the knife cooled i tried to grind off the scale it was so thick that the edge was burned away and jagged, the serrations that i filed in were not as defined as before and the holes i drilled for the handles were not round any more.
i feel as though either my oven is a lot hotter than it reads or Turco pre treat hurts more than it helps with the heat treat.
please help!! i am a hobbyist and this knife is for my former teammates currently deployed to Iraq. i really need to nail this heat treat it seems like every knife i put in there has a different reaction to the process.
any help would be greatly appreciated.
G. R.

"Crushing my will to live?" Sounds like you should have made the call to the Suicide Prevention Hotline. There, they would have told you to put the name of your steel in any internet search engine, and click on the manufacturer's instruction sheet for heat treating this steel. How simple can that be? Every type of steel, its alloy content, its critical information, heat treating, tempering, and results are presented in a hundred different places on the net, all for free, using the same device you used to write this email. Good grief, man, get a grip! Follow the instructions. It's like baking a cake or making cookies. No, scratch that. You don't actually stir the chromium and molybdenum into the batter; that's already done for you. So, in many ways, it's simpler than baking a cake; maybe you should have your wife do this for you.

have yoy ever made a sheath for a SOG Scuba Demo?
T. (very nice work)

yoy joj sog du fit... bueno.

sorry if this is waste of your time, but what do you think of the benchmade nimravus as a PEW? I own one and it seemed to fit all of your requirements for a combat blade with the exception of having a coating rather than a finish.

Ahhh. Let's look at this closely, shall we? The CNC made knife manufactured in Taiwan. Here's their description:

Title: Benchmade 140Bk Nimravus Folding Knife Plain Edge
A modern tip design towers like an obelisk in an endless spew of would-be challengers. Use of full-tang, premium grade steel blade consciously dissuades any fear of tool failure. Blade shape offers great utility. Uncompromised grip is achieved with sculpted G10 scales and an exposed tang enables blind indexing of the cutting edge. Sheath design is integral to a fixed blade knife and this one is no exception. A unique 3-point secure system holds the knife in its place. Two model sizes cover all application options. Blade Length: 4.50."Blade Thickness: 0.115." Blade Material: 154CM BT2 Coated. Blade Hardness: 58-60HRC. Blade Style: Modified Tanto. Weight: 6.20oz. Lock Mechanism: Fixed. Overall Length: 9.45." Closed Length: 9.45." Sheath Material: Nylon w/Belt Loop. Benchmade Class: Black.

"A modern tip design towers like an obelisk?" What the...? As near as I can tell, the tip is just like about every other knife out there made. "...in an endless spew of would-be challengers?" Talk about endless spew: they should fire this ad writer. "Use of full tang, premium grade...blah, blah, blah... consciously dissuades any fear of tool failure?" Good grief, this idiot should write for the boutique shop wine market. Perhaps the knife is "wonderful, especially for lovers of filigree, pointillist articulation, rendered with determined length and ultraviolet penetration, the ne plus ultra of a jabbing, expressive knife, yet noticeable for the absurdly long tertiary finish."
GET REAL. This is a painted folding knife with uncertain hardness (which is it, 58 or 60, since this is a huge difference) with no description of the handle material, liners, fittings, function, and a nylon cloth sheath, to boot. Yeah, it's black. Oooooh.
Important note: NO FOLDING KNIFE SHOULD BE USED FOR COMBAT, EVER! See this very informative and clearly defined topic on my extensive Tactical and Combat Knives page. Educate yourself with reality, not juvenile advertising copy. It only costs your time, and guys who carry REAL Primary Edged Weapons have done most of the hard work for you.

One more thing (I couldn't resist): they claim that it's the same size open or closed. Wohaaa! Must be some sort of extra-dimensional space-time folding going on here! Oh, wait, I get it, the lock mechanism is "fixed," so what the- the title lists it as a folding knife, but yet it's fixed, and yet it folds... I'm confused and disoriented! Help! What a way to sell knives, eh? I guess you have to buy it to find out.

Good morning Jay,
I was visiting your site and God you are a master craftsman. I am looking to buy a knife blade and try my luck at making my first knife. Since we do turn wood ink pens at home for a hobby. But I was wondering if you sale just the blades or you buy them from another company?
Thank you for any help.
G. E.

Thanks for your kind words; God has blessed us all, every one. But I've got to warn you that turning a knife blade on a tiny pen lathe will spell disaster. And because I'm thankful for HIS gifts in this email, I'll refrain from the very human anger and indignation of your question about me buying blades from another company. Please go back and review my FAQ page; I do everything myself, and am quite proud of that. Any real knifemaker makes his own blades, does his own heat treating, makes all the components of his knives. Otherwise, he's a hobbyist, tinkerer, or manufacturer, and not a knifemaker.

"Pacifica" Fine knife sculpture in stainless steel, ivory, 24kt gold, nickel silver, banded jasper/hematite, pyratized ammonite fossils, brown alabaster, obsidian, bubinga hardwood, nylon
More about "Pacifica"

Okay, here's a long one:

Dear Knife Masters,

Nothing like a highly personalized email. I wonder if I'm the only one he sent this to...

We have just completed the filing of a US UTILITY patent on a new series of folding pocket knives and one accessory product and are now seeking a custom knife makers assistance.

Folding pocket knives? Who ever heard of such a thing? Please explain!

We are convinced that this Patent Pending will now become the new "sliced bread" of the international knife world..

Isn't the cliché "-the best thing since sliced bread?" Now that we've been slicing bread for over a century, this doesn't get my juices flowing.

This is what we intend to accomplish, we need NICE PROTOTYPES and are willing to make a deal with you to produce them!

Hmmm. Deal on, man.

The deal is this-
You manufacture a LIMITED, signed by inventor/knife maker and serialized quantity of these futuristic knives and we SPLIT the total quantities of knives down the middle.

Your deal smells bad. I make a knife based on your design and you get half? Dude, people design knives every day; some are good designs, some are bad. The best designs come from knifemakers, as they know what they are doing when building a knife. Even when I (as a professional full time knifemaker) design a knife, I only charge a couple hundred dollars. If I make a knife for $2000 (a low average price at the time of this writing), you'll get $1000, and I'll only get $1000 for my $2000 knife? Just how does this benefit my business?

I get my PROTOTYPES, plus some beautiful additional knives and you get to keep and SELL the limited edition, inventor/knife maker signed and serialized knives which would total the other half of the limited amount we determine is possible to produce at this time.

What the- I reread the previous sentence several times and still can't figure it out; maybe that is your intention. And what do you mean "plus some additional knives?" Will you offer to do some of the work so you can "sign" the knives?

This limited edition of a first and only ONE TIME hand production of a newly developed technology in the knife world should be worth a pretty penny in the knife collector world and I am willing to make it worth your time so that you keep HALF of the knives to sell as you wish with a documented contract provided by me to allow you permission to use your creativity to bring this first round of knives to life!

This is not a proposal; this is a jumble of scattered phrases plucked from advertising copy. "Welcome to the ONE TIME offer," with "newly developed technology," "a pretty penny': these are just advertising expressions, meaning nothing. This is the kind of thing I constantly rail against on this very website. In my business, I replace these ridiculous phrases with hard facts. And where is your data to assure that the "knife collector world" will buy your designs?

I fully expect this development to reach the front pages of any and all knife magazines ( with my help ) and any publications which see that our newest knife is the "sharpest" thing to be seen in over 200 years!

You fully expect? Who are you? How is it you have the ability to "reach the front pages of all knife magazines?" Do you plan to purchase full page ads in these magazines (that's how others accomplish this).

If you choose to make these knives for me, well... your name and personal details will then of course be featured within every publicized outlet that these knives are shown or given an innovative product "thumbs up" in.

Ahhh, the old "desperate knifemaker" ploy. We are all desperate for publicity, so this can't be bad.

I will provide and sign a release to allow you to sell and publish any notations/ads/etc. to the fact that you are the creator of the limited edition series of knives so you can milk it for all its worth.

You're screwed. When you suggest that a professional businessman "milk it," you are making an offensive reference. Look it up. It means to use someone. Just what kind of businessman would do that to his trusting clients? By suggesting that every knifemaker you wrote to would "milk it," you've blown your cover.

We both win...

Many confidence schemes start with just such a phrase. Let me fill you in to reality: deals are about trade, goods for services, skill for results. Not gimmicks for cash. Knife designs do not pay much; there really has been nothing earthshattering for a very long time in knives. Value is about fine workmanship first, materials second, and design is not at the top of the list. Many people can make interesting designs; they are illustrators. They fill the video game industry; graphic novels and comic books are flush with them. Every schoolboy can sketch a knife, but it is few that can build what is conceived.

Level of skill and quality negotiable and to be discussed.

What the hell does that mean? No, dude, my skill and quality is not negotiable; you're on the wrong website.

Quantity- anywhere from say 40 CT - 500CT., per your professional available time and opinion.

Trying to sound like a big wheeler-dealer, aren't you? Fine knives aren't sold by the CT (count). You need to sell your scheme to a foreign manufacturer. I suggest in Pakistan.

PROFESSIONAL COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN IMAGES WILL BE PROVIDED TO YOU TO REVIEW to determine whether you are interested or not after signing a standard two page NDA (non disclosure agreement) regarding the patent(s) and trademark(s) covered.

Only an idiot would buy this scheme. I like how you capitalize the line in order to emphasize that you've sat down with a CAD program and putzed up a design. If it's so good, do this: take it to the bank, get a loan to buy a CNC machine to plug your drawings into. That way, you cut out the middleman, the knifemaker, and take his cut of your scheme. After all, it's about milking it, isn't it? Oh, you wouldn't do that because you need the knifemaker's skill and expertise to build your knife? You need his reputation, his notoriety, his ability to sell knives? Just who is being milked here? And an NDA? For a CAD drawing of a folding knife? Seriously? Been watching many corporate spy movies lately?

I prefer that you call me directly or you may email me if you like.
D. M., Inventor.

Okay, I sat on this one a while, to see if he got his big project rolling. Years later; nope. Sigh.

"Omega" in carbon damascus steel blade, hand-engraved low carbon steel guard and pommel, petrified wood gemstone handle, bloodwood, tropical walnut hardwood articulating stand with brass pique work
More about "Omega"

Hello Jay,
I came across your website while I was looking for knife display cases, your work is beautiful! I know that you make knives but I actually already have 3 that I would like to put on display and am interested in the stands that you make. How do I get process for the stands alone?
Thank you.
V. B.

A process server would be required. I'll have to petition the court to deliver some blunt whitetail deer antler tips, sawn off an underage buck, and pounded into a piece of wood from a Chinese machine tool palate. Nothing is too good for your three knives!

I am presently overseas (Middle East) working for the military as a private contractor. I have a C**** H****** 2907 knife that comes with its own sheath. I would like to know if you can make a shoulder harness system for it, so I can carry it under my shirts concealed from these people while I am working.
Thank you,
S. G.

Ahh, a $70 plastic-handled 440A-bladed Chinese creation. Why not just have the Chinese braid up a silk sash with vivid colors to impress the terrorists? Have them make several for all your shirts. After all, your life is worth seventy dollars and the extra effort... right? If you're working as a contractor you can afford it.

was on your site today, found it very interesting. I have been a woodworker, and woodturner for about 6 years now, and was always interested in making knive, or should I say putting handles on knives. Lord knows I have enough good quality exotic and domestic cut offs. If possible could you point me in the right dirrection, for books, periodicals or what ever material you consider good for learning how.
Thanks for your help!(newbe)
G. M.

A good book to start with is the dictionary which clearly identifies the plural of knife as knives. In fact, the word knive is not even a word. I'm sure that the reader is tired of me illustrating this, but imagine how tired I am of reading it! Truth is, there is not definitive text detailing how you are to use your many quality exotic and domestic cutoffs to re-handle knives. That's because knife making starts with the blade. Perhaps you could glue together your scraps and make a nice turned bowl or set of attractive coasters. Then, you don't have to bother with the blade at all.

Hi Jay,
I just want to start off by saying that you are an incredible artist, and that I spend hours on your website looking at all the incredible pieces you have fashioned. I'm sure you get it all the time, but I'm a huge fan.
I was emailing you to ask you a few questions:
I have been wanting to design and create my own knife for awhile but all the avenues that I have taken are leading to dead-ends. I don't know if its possible with trademarking and copy-writing laws and such, but do you sell the unsharpened cutouts for one of your pieces? I have heard that some pieces that get botched are just thrown out, and sometimes they will be sold for a low price.
Aside from that, do you have any advice as to how to get into the custom knife business? I have thought it would be a really fun hobby and it is something that I am passionate about.
Any help you can pass along would be wonderful,
T. B.

Thanks for your kind words. I don't understand how your avenues are leading to dead-ends. Perhaps your GPS needs updated. Selling unsharpened cutouts? What are those, exactly? Pieces "botched?" I can't remember ever having "botched" a knife. And to sell something botched for a low price sounds suspiciously like "scratch and dent." Then, there is how to get into the custom knife business. That's easy! Just make a knife and sell it. Then, make another and sell it, then make another... you get it. The major point of conflict in your email is near the end. The custom knife business is a business; a fun hobby is a fun hobby. They are not the same. I hope that helps.

Dear Mr. Fisher,
I have come across your website and have been impressed by the work you have done. I am writing you to see if I can request a copy of catalog or CD catalog which you show on your website. Here is my information: *(name and address deleted)* I really appreciate you taking the time to read my email and send me a CD catalog or a book catalog of your product. Thank you. Sincerely Yours,
S. S.

As I've quoted on the CD-ROM page, I've stopped offering this to the public; and it's outgrown CD technology which seems to be on the way out. I suggest instead looking at the website, there are more photos, more information, and more details which are constantly updated. And you can't cram a CD-ROM into your tablet, I-phone, or gizmo. They do look pretty though, hanging from your willow tree in the sunlight. I hear they scare away the birds, too!

I have a case cheetah and I would like custom file work down back of the blade and other metal parts. And engraved bolsters and my name on the blade. Could you do this and what would cost be?

The greater question here is how did you get that cheetah in the case? Is it a brief case, trunk, suitcase, or tote? Does he like it there or do you struggle to force him in? I know the difficulty of getting a house cat into a pet carrier for a trip to the vet, so I can imagine the fracas with the claws, teeth, hair and all that! No wonder you want to file him down a bit; humbling his spots, eh?

Hello jay,
My recent favorite knife snapped and I was looking into your site ( my friend suggested you ) and if I might ask an estimate on if it's possible for you to make a Cupid out-the-front knife , but the handle to have a gripable but smooth slick silver coat finish on it , or if I send the knife in ( if you can't ) can you put the finish on it with some extra sharpening on the blade , thanks for you time
- Mr.G.

I've been blessed with a vivid, creative imagination, but even I can't picture what you are describing. More important though is the whole conceptual idea. "Cupid out the front?" What kind of bizarre suggestive fantasy are you involved in? Please don't describe a smooth slick coat finish on it either; that's just creepy. No wonder your favorite knife snapped; it couldn't take your twisted notions.

hey my dad has a folding knife that his friend handmade for him but it had a accident and one side of the grip broke i think its antler or bone (cant tell :p ) i was wondering if you could restore it and if so how much the missing pieces are about as wide as the nail of your pinky please help!

Tell your dad he should have trained his knife better. With a proper upbringing, a knife will recognize the coming accident and take proper safety measures to avoid it. Perhaps the knife was following too close, or failing to yield. I certainly hope that the knife was not speeding; this seems to be what all adolescent knives do. Too much television and violent games tend to desensitize the knife to dangerous behavior. I suggest your dad take his knife immediately to counseling, for a good shakedown and tune-up. He could show it some bent and broken blades of abused knives; that would surely personalize and elevate the topic to importance. In any case, you can't have my pinky for repair; I use it to scratch my ear.

Handsome, historic German hunting knife set

Hi, I was hoping you could possibly tell me the era, these type of sword or knives were made in. A friend wants to sell them to me, he said his father brought them home from, Germany, after the war and they were from a German museum. I’m not sure....
J. H.

Rarely do I get requests about actual historical pieces; this appears to be an actual historic German hunting set. She needs to get it evaluated by a professional. I list one of the world's foremost knife appraisers on the links page on this very site, but (typically) they would rather I do it for free than spend the measly $15.00 for a real appraisal. At least she didn't take any steel wool to the blades...

Titled: "Same ole question:"

Hi Jay
I am a serious collector of knives and friend of S***** R S****** Founder/President of A**** Etchings which is opening again soon. S. has offered to etch a knife for me and Ive chosen this one in link below for the canvas. If possible I would like a quote to have the handle scales removed permanently (I will replace them with new scales) and the handle fileworked but would need a quote for it. Would you mind sending me a quote? the handle size is 4 3/4 long 1 1/2 inches wide 3/32 inches thick. Ive attached a little photo here of the filework style that i like.
With the quote could you send the address for me to send the knife to in the event that price is OK i will send without delay as i have seller holding the knife for me at present. Knife is below in link or ebay number ************
Kind Regards

Same ole question? What would that same ole question be? Will I give you a quote and work on the handles of your Ebay find? Will I filework your garage sale discovery? Will I gussy up your pig so it's presentable at the county fair? How about my same ole answer: NO.

I am trying to make my own camp knife.but since the loss of an arm I just cannot get my file work to look good at all. I don't want to turn this into a feel sorry for me story, but I was wondering if you would do some file work on my knife for me. I understand if you would rather not work on another persons knife. Thanks D. M.


alright two days ago i was givin a strider from lord of the rings one and one half handed sword and i was wodering how much money it would cost me to have just a normal nothing special sheath made. email me price please.

Alright, okay; normal nothing sheath is on the way. You'll recognize it by the invisible packaging, transparent shipping label, and empty vacuum of space in the box. Really, it's nothing, nothing special at all.

Titled "Blade magazine, December 2010:"

Hi Jay,
I'm in Australia and I'm trying to get a copy of the abovementioned mag, but to no avail! I seen that you had one on your web page. Any idea where I could go to purchase one???
Kind regards,

Let me get you in contact with our official library here at jayfisher.com. You'll have to negotiate your way through our maze of corporate understudies, middle level managers, and chief lexicographers to make it through the central core of the Master Librarian and reach the discontinued magazine archive and nuclear bunker. There, someone will help you shovel through piles of shop notes, moldy patterns, and embarrassing personal diary entries to find the exact issue of your dreams. This will cost you dearly; we all have to be paid!

Do you all purchase elk teeth? I have like 7 or 8 sets, of which 3 or so are from bulls. Let me know.

We-uns can't afford them teeths anymore 'n most. We got some bigfoot gall bladders and toenails we'll use on our backwoods skinnin knives, but we're still lookin fer the likes of sticky musk-ooze them big daddies wipe all over the trees to mark their territory; it makes the best glue!

"Oceana" tactical, dive, rescue knife, stainless steel, waterproof, double edged, gemstone handle, kydex, stainless steel sheath
More about "Oceana"
My "Pinon" folding knife, mid-1980s, with sodalite handle and engraved nickel silver bolsters

This one was accompanied by a photo of one of my own knives, The "Pinon." It's a folding knife that I haven't made in over 20 years.

I’m taking a Forensic Science class, and tonight I have to turn in a crime scene investigation paper which is half of the credit for my Final. I would like to use one of your knives as a piece of evidence in the crime, but I need some information about the actual cost of the knife. Can you tell me the original cost of the Pinon knife, when it was manufactured, and if the value of the knife has changed, and if so what it would currently be valued at. Can you also tell me where in the world it would have originally been shipped?
Thank you,
J. S.
A.W. C******* Co.
Accounts Payable

Wow! Where do I begin? How about the first sentence? You have a paper, a really big test, one that comprises half of the credit for your final! That is important. However, not important enough to begin before the DAY OF THE TEST. Doesn't this seem a bit careless of you? I mean, it's been a long time since I took college classes, and even I know that the day of the test is a bit too late to begin your project research. Let's just ignore that for a minute, and go on:

You want to use a knife I made in the mid-1980s as evidence in a crime. J., I would like to be very clear here, so please read this twice: I FIND THIS OFFENSIVE. Just because it's a knife, it doesn't mean that it has sinister purposes, uses, intent, or function. This is a creation in your own mind, one that is obviously a bit scattered. I'm sure the owner of the Pinon, a knife collector, would not be happy with your characterization of a his fine investment piece. Let's get by your characterization for a bit, and go on:

You need some information about the cost of the knife. Okay, there is something wrong here, seriously wrong. Assuming you are not lying about your research paper, what in the world would the cost of this knife have to do with your inquiry? What would the cost of any knife have to do with it being used in a criminal act? Does a jury consider the cost of the Chinese-made 8" Sabatier kitchen knife (which is probably the most often used knife in any violent criminal act)? Then, you go on to request information on when the knife was made, how it has appreciated in value, and its current value. What gives? It looks to me like you have acquired the knife and want to know what it's worth! You're also asking for private information about its original disposition, something I will soundly state has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR RESEARCH!

It is clear to me that you are researching this very knife, and want to know all about it for valuation purposes. Your veiled attempt at deceiving me will not go unnoticed, and now, anyone who searches for this very knife will be ultimately led to this very section, defeating your supposed cunning plan...

After I read this email, shortly, a second email was received from this person:

S., J. would like to recall the message, "Knife".

Okay, this was...odd. That's all the email said. Like you could recall an email like exchanging damaged blinds at the local hardware store. So I was intrigued when I received this next email from the same sender:

I’m taking a Forensic Science class, and tonight I have to turn in a crime scene investigation paper which is half of the credit for my Final. I would like to use the description only of one of your knives as a piece of evidence in the crime, but I need some information about the actual cost of the knife. From your web page, I notice that your simpler knives would start around $800.00, but that gemstone knives run higher. Can you tell me the original cost of this Pinon Soladite Pocket Knife, when it was manufactured, and if the value of the knife has changed, what the current value would be? Can you also tell me where in the world it would have originally been shipped?
Thank you,
J. S.
A.W. C******* Co.
Accounts Payable

The first obvious change is that she claims to be using only the description of the knife. I suppose she's worried about submitting a copyrighted photo without my consent. Or it's something else. Again, she's insisting on knowing how much the knife cost, and she even throws in some numbers from my own site to familiarize me with the conversation of value. She asks again about the original cost, date of origin, value, appreciation, and location of the knife.

This email demonstrates the sneaky way people try to find things out. Maybe I'm just being suspicious, but after doing this over 30 years and being on the internet and receiving thousands of emails since 1995, I can spot a ploy. If it was really a Forensic Science Class, wouldn't she be interested in the blade length, size of the handle, strength of the blade, need to have one or two hands to open it, recesses or voids in the knife that may trap tissue evidence, method of securing and carrying the knife or a myriad of other evidentiary specifics that actually would have something to do with her research?

Let me guess: she failed her final. And it's probably my fault. Sigh.

"Ocate" fine handmade custom skinning, field dressing knife, obverse side view in engraved 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, copper ore gemstone handle, red Stingray skin inlaid in hand-carved leather sheath
More about this "Ocate"

Had enough yet? I can keep going; I have an endless supply of this stuff! Please remember that in order to email me, these people have ignored what I do and don't do (simply make knives) for their own mysterious reasons. I feel for them; understanding that they have wants, needs, and desires, and that their inquiries are important. If you see your email here, please understand that this is an effort to show just how broad the range and immense the volume of requests I receive simply because I have a well-endowed website. Feel free to ignore the humor, particularly if it accompanies an email you sent!

"Nunavut" custom skinning knife, obverse side view in 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, hand-engraved 304 stainless steel bolsters, Musk Ox boss horn handle, hand-tooled leather sheath
More about this "Nunavut"

Hi, Jay.
I landed on your site a few days ago. I've been struggling with convex edges on my knives using abrasive papers and a mousepad. One knife became very sharp, the others not. Reading your pages, I realized the problem: I should drop the convex blade approach and work on a basic single edge. This worked. I know have blades that I'm afraid to pick up. I touched the edge on one and sliced my finger--and using just a single coarse grit stone.
One question I have for you. I don't see on your site information on sharpening stones, sizes and grits. I see reference to a hard ceramic stone in one picture. What I'm looking for is an fairly inexpensive stone, ideally of two grits: coarse and fine. Do you have a page that describes them so that I can make an informed purchase?
Keep in mind that the knife I want to re-profile is a kabar. I bought this thinking I had the ultimate survival knife, but now realize it is way to thick. I'd put a hollow grind on it, but I don't have those skills yet. So I want to grind through all the metal to get to a bit thinner relief and v-edge. I'm suspecting that a coarse ceramic stone would be the tool for this, but not sure.
Thanks much, and thanks for incredible depth of material on your site.

I'm not feeling very cheery, T. Over 500 pages and it's just not enough, because I don't detail how you can sharpen your Kabar. This is a distinctly thick and blocky knife, and if it was made in the last 20 years, it's a Chinese piece of junk. You're telling me you think it's the ultimate survival knife? You really need to do some more research, or (in polite internet speak) "read a little." And what's with the mouse pad? Is this a new use for the antiquated textiles that we used to need when our computer mice had those rubber balls in them? Update, man, go optical and wireless on your mouse, or use a touch screen. And throw that dirty old cloth-covered rubber mat away; it's full of bacteria and cooties!

Hello Mr Fisher,
My name is J. and I run the Hard Goods Division for T****** A**** D*****. We manufacture high end outdoor and adventure gear and for the last 14 years have colaberated with the top percentage of the Custom knife world. I have been a collector and trainer of edged weapon combative's for over 20 years. My only reason to qualify my self is this,I just wanted to say I am stunned by your knives! I have never been compelled to write someone without business in mind, but I am really that impressed. This might not be your target audience but have you thought about getting a table at the G********* knife show? I think it would be a huge success for you. It is a distilled version of BLADE with only the best makers and most educated customers.
Just a thought,
J. S.

Okay, this guy is just trying to help me out. A table at a show, eh? I did shows for over 20 years and did my last show in 2005. I could go and display my empty table, since I'm 5 years in backorders. It's a really nice table, with a burgundy crushed velvet tablecloth and an oak nameplate that holds my business cards. Maybe I could have some binders of photos of my past works. I could wander around the show while people pass by my empty table wondering what in the world I paid a table fee for. Or... I could let the website, at over 3 million hits a month, display all of the information my clients could possibly want 24/7/365 on over 500 pages and with 15,000 pictures, while I make knives. That's a tough one.

My name is Mr L***** G****, and i will like to know if you have this Cotton Rope in stock.
Braided Cotton Rope
Product Type : Braided Cotton Ropes
Diameter: 5/8 Inch
Average Length/Reel: 600 ft. reel
Color: Natural
Average Weight/Reel: 43 lb
Kindly get back to me with the price and i will advice the Qty i will need if you have them in stock and if you don't have this type in stock kindly email me back with the type you have in stock and i will advice the type i need and proceed with my order,and advise the type of payment you accept,Try as mach as you can to get back to me asap .
Thank you

I forwarded this critically important email to our Cotton Rope Department here at jayfisher.com. The Cotton Rope Department got a hard start, hanging out by my lift chains and sling straps I use to move the heavier shop equipment around. Mostly, the cotton rope got dusty, felt neglected, and was little-used as it was embarrassed by the nylon, polyester, and steel chain and wire rope wound around the hoist. I'm so glad that the cotton rope will now have a friend, a guy who really researches the website he writes, a guy who cares about natural fiber and saving the planet by not using all those petroleum and steel products.
My cotton rope weighs 45 pounds per reel. And I have 2475 reels of the stuff. Sigh... I'll never get rid of this crap!

I'm writing to discuss a sheath, custom made...hasnt been made before, can be used with folding or fixed blades. If i sent you a clip of a video to SHOW what i'm talking about, what is ur price range for sheath construction? Please get back to me, i'm VERY interested in this business deal and would greatly appreciate your time. R/ ET2(SW) S***** B**** W*** C*****

Wow! I better get right on that; this guy has all sorts of letters, numbers, and characters before and after his name! He must be really somebody! And he has a business deal, too!
How about this business deal? Do a little reading about the business you write to before you write. And please, don't send me video, or I'll have to post that on this page next!

i my name is b***** b****** i am one of the producers and chief talent on a new cooking show called the m** ****** we are looking for a sponsor for a chef's knife set for the show all of the equipment we use on the show come by way of donations for screen credit and product placement if this seems like something you might want to help us with please let us know thank you very much b***** b***** the m** ******
(url link deleted)
54 views in 1 year
48 views in 2 years
103 views in 2 years
2185 views in 3.5 years

Wow! Look at those views (the numbers don't make a lot of sense, somehow).
B., would it help to know that my site gets about 30,000 views a day, day in, day out, year after year? And in a year, my meager video offering has had only 25,000 views? I know, I know, you're offering an additional 54 views per year, and that is important (as long as those views aren't just yours), but I've got to wonder about a producer and chief talent who has so little experience or exposure to simple structure, punctuation, and use of the English language. You see, you are contacting me using this very language vehicle, and all I'm seeing is strung out junk. When you bake a cake does it turn into a slurry of sloppy ingredients and splashed utensils, bent and beaten? Because, man, what I'm seeing here makes me think you left out the baking soda (and flour, and vanilla, and salt, and...).
... and no, I won't send you a free knife.

Cute knife, sort of!

Respected Sir,
i am maker and expoter of knives blades and custom knives here in Pakistan.i am working in 440c and also in Damascus steel.i can provide you any item in knives with best quality and with very reasonable prices.waiting for your positive response. Salim R. Hoof Knives Tools

Thank you, Salim. I, also, am maker and expoter, but with a "r." However, I don't make hoofs; "hooves" are for the bovine, equine, or other livestock breeds. I can guess what your handles are made of. You've included several photos of your fine works; I'll post the best one here. How did you get a grind so small and insignificant? It must have taken mere seconds. and your gigantic holes, all rounded and washed over... the handle is a bit big and naked, isn't it? I mean, isn't is supposed to have something a bit thicker on it? Okay, maybe HOOF is an acronym. For hold-off. So I shall.

Dear Mr. Fisher,
I have seen your site. Unfortunately I did not find a phone number. I am shopping for a corporate gift for about 30 minimum and up to 40 maximum knife blocks that are made from maple and walnut or maple and cherry. I found your site and would like to talk if you are interested. These will be sent to clients around the world. My cell is ***-***-****. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
J. F. Vice President Global Sourcing * *** ***** Winery

This was the VP of a fairly substantial winery, but he only wanted blocks. I suppose his idea was to buy some really cheap knives, and shove them in the very nice blocks (since obviously I would not make anything but the very nice), and try to impress his corporate fans. If he really thought highly of them, he'd spring for the knives. Oh, well, perhaps he could send them a nice... bottle of wine?

"Nihal" obverse side view in 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, hand-engraved 304 stainless steel bolsters, Amazonite gemstone handle, hand-carved, hand-dyed leather sheath
More about this "Nihal"

In email title:

"would like price for the following sheath for a b** s** knife thank you tel ***-***-****"

In text:

i love your work

He had included pictures of my Artemis and Astarion multi-component exotic inlay, embroidered, and pretty much over-the-top knife sheaths. He loves my work, but not enough to order a knife, only the most elaborate sheaths I make for his plain-Jane 400-600 dollar handmade knife. Would it interest him to know I'd charge double that... for just the sheath?

I was wondering if it is possible to make a knife handle out of bismuth? It's an odd question, but I'd appreciate it if you could tell me. I didn't see it listed on your site anywhere (which is very helpful by the way).

It is actually quite common for the beauty of the reflective crystalline surfaces of metals, gemstones, and minerals to be the focus of a knife handle. Many people think these appearances can occur on any surface of the mineral, but this is not so. The iridescence refractions that occur on oxide surfaces will not be demonstrated on the cut, sanded, and polished surface of a knife handle, and the handle will take on a luster somewhere between gray clay and lead. Not very beautiful, is it? And, of course it's brittle, it's weak, it's slightly radioactive, though not really harmful. Can I interest you in a more bright and cheery handle material, perhaps some durable and beautiful jade, agate, or jasper?

Okay, that was a little too serious for this page, so I apologize. Now, back to bismuth- uh, business.

Hi Jay,
I hope you are well. I am getting married soon and I wanted to get my groomsmen a nice Chef’s Knife with their family name emblazoned. This would be for a 8-Inch Shun Classic Chef’s Knife, quantity of 7, please see below for a link: (link deleted)
Please let me know if this is something you are interested in and I will expand on the particulars.
Thank you very much for your time.
M. B.
C******** Computers

Okay, you're asking a guy who makes $10K knife sets in gemstone to take a torch to your eighty dollar Japanese-made fake damascus and plywood-handled beauty. You want me to emblazon an entire family name. I'm not sure that you would be able to read the name, but what the heck? I'll try it with my big torch, the #13 Rosebud Heating Tip for my Oxy-Acetylene rig. It puts out over 440,000 BTUs per hour, so in about an hour, it will all be over...
Really dude, have you looked at those knives? The recommend weekly sharpening, which should tell you that THEY DON'T EVEN HOLD AN EDGE! Compute that.

Quasi-persian steampunk misfit with a very excellent tassle

I know you are busy, but I have been asked to give any info on the knife attached to this correspondence. If you are unable to assist would you please send me in the direction of someone who can.
I am grateful for your time,
L. T.

And now, I have been asked. The only assistance I can give (apart from my links page which will direct you to a professional appraiser), is to note that the intense "age" of the blade is somehow curiously opposed to the bright and flashy tassel hanging off the butt on a bright chain. Of course, I could ignore the modern belt clip on the sheath, but it's hard- I think I'll put this one into Georgian, Span-Persian retro steampunk clip point. But, of course, I could be way off.
Pay the lousy 15 bucks for an appraisal.

Hi Jay,
You may have noticed I’ve been trying to reach out to you for a few weeks now about featuring your work on C*****M***.com – it’s in your best interest I swear! (Alright I’ll admit it… it’s also in our best interest too).

Ha ha ha... I'm laughing at your funny quip. Whadda guy!

We’ll be the first to admit that finding the most talented design professionals in the country has not been an easy task. We have almost 200,000 monthly consumers looking for makers, just look at all the jobs they have been posting over the past couple weeks: http:/(URL Deleted).

Don't they have access to search engines? Now I'm sad... thinking of the deprived masses- er, consumers, without access to the internet but access to you.

Our members tap into $1 million worth of leads per week through their C*****M**** portfolios. If work is slow they can simply browse through available custom jobs (updated on a daily basis) and claim the ones they may be interested in.

Wait, wait! How can they browse through jobs when they don't have a search engine? Or access to the internet? And whose work is slow: theirs or mine? And how can they be interested in a custom job when custom means made to order and they did not order it? I'm so confused!

If I told you we could drastically change the way you look for business for just $39 per month, would you jump for joy, or write me back an angry e-mail? If it’s the former: Terrific! You can review our Free Alerts and Monthly Memberships here -- http:/(URL Deleted) If it’s the latter: Yikes?

But I don't look for customers; they look for me. You see, I'm on this thing called the internet, and my site, information and photos are available 24/7/365 to anyone who has a browser. They just put in the same terms they would use to find me on your site, and they find my site! So, frankly, I don't use a middleman, which is, clearly, what you are.

Let me know if you have any questions, either way it would be great to hear from you!
E. T.
Business Development

Okay, this may actually be a good idea for beginners who do not have a website, do not have access to one, or don't advertise and want custom furniture, jewelry, or furniture, or jewelry, or furniture, or jewelry... yep, that's all I see there. That and too many pictures of guys wearing heavy coats holding rotary tools with no safety glasses... it's all very organic. Wait, wait... despite the big pictures I could only find four testimonials on their main pages...

I think I'll stick with my system; and spend my 39 bucks on some shrimp and perhaps a nice fillet for my wife.

Longtime Buried relic... crusty, rusty, and worn, or what?

Please help me i looked at the knives you have on your site and find nothing like this, I found this while tilling up a garden on ground i purchased and put a house on. there was no house on this land before,but is along the miramichi river noted for excellent hunting and salmon fishing and sea trout runs as well.There were native indian ,french and english settlements here a very long time ago.the overall length is 10 1/4 " with a blade 8" and a ground swage between the two points on the top and is still as sharp as a razor after all the years under the soil.My neighbours and myself would appreciate any information as to what it's use may have been ,hunting,fishing,basket making,kitchen knife or whatever as it doesn't seem to be homemade but there are no identifying marks on it but could have been removed with time thanking you in advance ---b.

In your first sentence, you claim that you found "nothing like this" on my website. Well, thanks for that! Were you expecting to find some rusted old relic on my "Featured Knives" pages? Maybe you thought that on my "Blades" page you would see this knife and a description calling it "rusty old pillow knife?" I like how you set it on your wife's favorite pancake pillow; I'm sure she appreciates that stain it left.
Okay, let's see if I can clear this up for you. No matter what the history of the area is, it's good to know that every area on our planet has some kind of history. So there's that, and it doesn't help. It has a blade length of 8 inches, which is like every other kind of kitchen knife ever made; every house in this country has an 8" kitchen knife. So, that doesn't help either. It's been ground along the edges and worked away until a sort of recurve area has been formed in the blade. So, it's been over-sharpened, and that doesn't help, either. I'm guessing you hope it is of some great age, but being of rusty steel, and seeing as how you found it by a river that evidently has salt or brackish water in it ("sea trout"), I would guess it hasn't been there that long. Also, along every river is a floodplain and that means periodic wetting of the soil and horrific rusting of steel buried there, so that leads me to believe it wouldn't last there too long. You claim that it's "sharp as a razor." Well, corroding away a blade edge, I suppose, could be a way of sharpening, as the steel would probably dissolve down to a few molecules in thickness at the edge, but I sure wouldn't want to shave with it! Here's an idea: use the link I included where you ignored "What I do and don't do," and pay the lousy fifteen bucks for an appraisal. And for God's sake, get a tetanus shot. All those Indian, French, and English settlers had to potty somewhere.

"Nereid" obverse side view in 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Fossilized Crinoid Marble gemstone handle, brown Stingray skin inlaid in hand-carved leather sheath
More about this "Nereid"

Jay Fisher,
I have been making knives for a couple years. I have almost always used wood (slabs) or leather (stick tang) for the handles. Where do you get all the unique gemstones that you use for your handles?
Thanks for your time,
G. W.

From the ground. And from people who get them from the ground.

A guy brought some of this material to me to have me make him a pair of grips for his old Model 3 sixshooter. My question is what is the best way to buff a finish on this stuff? I have never seen it before. I make custom grips, mostly for 1911's. Anyway, if you will let me pick your brain on how to polish it, I would sure appreciate it. Thanks from California...
R. N.

There was no image, no photo, no inclusion of an image of "this material" in the email at all! I can only guess that he wanted me to read his mind and know what he had seen before, and how to polish what he had never seen before.
Okay, I can do this! R.N., just give me a detailed list of everything you have ever seen before (with photos and references) and from that list, I'll use deductive reasoning to determine what material is missing.
Sherlock Holmes would be proud.

Hi Jay
we are looking for a Dual handle Kife (Also known as a cheese slicer) like this (URL deleted) with 20 or 18 inch can you help us with this?
N. S.

A dual handle cheese kife? Okay, the Urban Dictionary says "kife" means either "to steal," or "generally displeasing." I don't do either. So take your twenty inch stolen cheese displeaser and go away now. I'm offended.

Hi Jay,
My name is J. My husband and I make wooden rings. One of our most popular woods is Hawaiian koa. We've had lots of trouble finding wood lately so we started looking for a similar wood to use. We came across your website, nice work by the way! I noticed that you use Australian black wood, this wood is very similar to Hawaiian koa. I was wondering if you could let me know your wood supplier, I would love to get in touch with them. If you could help us out it would be greatly appreciated.
Look forward to hearing back from you.
J. M.

I understand that materials are hard to come by, but Koa is a very common, very accessible hardwood, being continuously for sale by hundreds of internet sources. The Australian Blackwood, however, is fairly hard to come by. So I must suspect you have other motives, such as you wish me to guide you personally to my source for rare woods. Hmm. Hey, try to get some Quebracho from Argentina. Then, we'll meet down by the docks in our dark Cadillacs and talk while our henchmen stand around and look tough. It probably won't end well.

bet this is a unique e mail -- could you -- would you -- give me your take on laguioles? Are they merely over rated French made folders? and -- over priced or are they in fact LOL as the French claim-- the finest hand built knives in the world? I ve never seen so much bs since i've been researching collectable folders as i have encountered with Laguioles.... thks man if u can drop me an opin i sure would preciate it....

Your suspicions about the French and their popularized knives is correct. But their BS has nothing on the Japanese BS who lay great claims to swords with birch handles wrapped with fish skin and silk cord. I realize a good, hard and durable handle is hard to come by, but gees... both the fish skin and the silk cord are food for the most basic of species, like book lice, carpet beetles, silverfish, and cockroaches. Yuk.

I would like to know if you need handles for your knifes , maple ,black walnut , modurne. Oak , please call (phone number deleted).

He must have seen the many handle-less knives I have all over this website. And the plural for knife is knives. Sigh.

Western brand crap knife with pointy, sharp, and horrid guard.

hi jay my name is J. and i'm 17 and very interested in knives but in your knife anatomy i didn't see any knives that look like this knife (that i attached to this message) and in your pictures of knives that had no scales on them none seem to have the center spacing on the handle like this one. i've been trying to look up info but you seem to be the one that knows the most. the brand is western and it seems to be a bowie the handles the only thing confusing me i would like to know some info on the handle so i can try to figure out the best way to put scales on it if you don't want to tell me that's fine i completely understand i don't want to waste your time
by the way you make amazing knives especially the gemstone handle knives are gorgeous i'm defiantly buying knives from you in the future

Ah, the Western. Started in Boulder, Colorado, purchased by Coleman (camping supplies and campers) then purchased by Camillus which went bankrupt in 2007. No worry though, the name "Western" and the name "Camillus" are now owned by the Chinese. So your knife could be a piece of Chinese crap... don't bother putting handle on it. Love that "sliver-guard," by the way; ultimate in comfort.

Hi Jay,
I have been working on a kitchen product design for use in cutting bakery items such as bagels, rolls, and buns. The design has a single blade that is used to cut bakery item in two halves in one go. I emailed couple of local blade manufactures to get a quote based on blade dimensions and they will contact me by the end of the week.
However, I came across your website yesterday, and after reading half way through had a couple of questions in my mind in regards to the design. Since, this is my first product design, I wanted to get it right the first time as it could be costly to go over details in the later stage. Also, most of my learning has been through websites and blogs.
I am not much concerned about the manufacturing but more on the design as the blade has a specific use. Initially i put all the questions in this email but did not want to overwhelm you with details. Kindly let me know if its possible for you to provide me with the service and a general guidelines on the fee in regards to my matter.
I would really appreciate if you could provide advice related to my issue. Upon hearing from you, I will email you the details as well as a picture of the blade design.

Ah, advice on a knife used to cut bread. That would be a bread knife. A knife with a blade designed to cut bread. They make them; I make them. "Kitchen product design"? I smell an NDA coming. What, is it motorized or something? Cut two halves in one go? Maybe you just need a sharp bread knife.

I am truly amazed. I am one of those guys you talked about who put a nice handle on a eBay blade. I kind of felt goofy when I read that but I am very inspired by your art. I have a few questions , do you use the epoxy to mount the gemstone or what. I bought a piece of “ dino bone” and tried to cut it and it just broke. I take it you have special tools for cutting and shaping the stone. could you tell me what you use to do this. sorry to bother you but I am very curious and I know I wont sleep till I know how. or at least have an idea.

Okay, I held onto this email for three years before answering, so I could reveal the true danger of sleep deprivation. The guy is probably in an institution now, and it's all my fault because I won't tell him how to cut stone. By the way, that's lapidary and it's an entire field of study and specialization. If I could just sum it up in a few words for him in an email... good grief, get some sleep!

"Nekkar" obverse side view in 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, hand-engraved 304 stainless steel bolsters, Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper gemstone handle, Ostrich leg skin inlaid in hand-carved leather sheath
More about this "Nekkar"

Mr. Fisher,
I sincerely hope I am not wasting your precious time with my own lack of knowledge.

Now where, pray tell, would you get that idea?

I hope to, one day, become a custom knifemaker myself, but I do not intend to ask you for advise as I know you will not give it and for very good reason.

If you know these things, why is this email in my inbox?

I am not entirely sure if this is something I should not be wasting your time on because it is not technically a serious knife purchase inquiry.

Again, the uncertainty. You should listen to that little voice in your head that plants the seeds of doubt.

I have only recently graduated high school, and I do not, at this time, have the extra funds to even pay for a design fee.

Congratulations on your achievement. Now, a job or further education (followed by a job) will settle those pesky money details for you.

However, I do intend to eventually order one of your fine knives and when taht time comes I wish to have my idea fully formed in my mind.

Really, no hurry. I'm five years in backorders anyway.

My question is this, have you or would you ever consider making a knife handle of emerald?

Emerald. Solid emerald? I'll need the Bahia Emerald, weighing in at 840 pounds. It will cost you a cool $400 million, so that job and saving thing becomes even more important.

I know this is probably not ideal and, if it is, may well cost more than I could ever dream of paying but I feel I must ask to satisfy my own curiosity, and if it is not ideal, to allow my to reshape my dream.

Ah, you do have a practical head after all.

Thak you for your time which I do hope I have not wasted.
P.S Your website is truly the best I have ever had the pleasure of reading.
D. W.

D. has big dreams, you can grant him that! When I was just out of high school, I was happy to be earning enough for a vehicle. But to answer his question, YES! I'd love to make a solid emerald handle. He'll just have to supply the raw materials.

"Nasmyth" fine khukri, obverse side view: 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, hand-engraved brass bolsters, bicolored tiger eye quartz, Australian tiger iron gemstone handle, hand-stamped leather sheath
More about this "Nasmyth"

I'll try to keep it in a serious mood as I write this section. Too much funny; Jay needs to straighten up and eat his vegetables!

Do you sell your knife patterns?
I am learning how to make knives.

I could make some money here, but I already have a good job with decent pay.

Occasionally, I have to initiate action on my own:

Hello, Mr. R.
You have a serious problem with your email account; it has been hacked and your address has been sending mine 40 to 50 junk emails a day. You need to close your account or contact your internet service provider to change your account to stop this harassment.
Jay Fisher

The emails stopped, so I guess he got the message!

I respect your time and I believe you are a true expert. I noticed that knife scabbards from the middle east have a hook on the end. why is this please? keeps knife scabbard in the belt when drawing the knife?? thank you very much.
I am grateful to you.

Really? You respect my time? How is that when you know I don't answer these silly questions. That reminds me of the press, interviewer, writer, or blogger who says, "No disrespect, but..."
Translated, when you hear this it means, "I give myself permission to disrespect you." This is ALWAYS followed by the disrespectful comment or statement. ALWAYS.
Now that you know this, you'll be on the lookout for the person who uses this insulting permission disguised as a false disclaimer. How did this guy disrespect me? Simply, by ignoring the profound and clear statement that he had to read in order to email me. What does it say? That I only answer knife purchase inquiries. And, no disrespect intended there...

Hello - My name is E., and I am interested to know if you would be able to make a kukri to these specifications:
-Titanium or titanium alloy

No disrespect intended, but titanium is too soft for any knife blade.

-About the thickness of a KA-BAR

No disrespect intended, but Ka-Bars today are total junk knives made by the Chinese, and there are dozens of different thicknesses.

-Slightly less of a curve on the blade

No disrespect intended, but less curve than what, your last girlfriend?

-A soft, impact absorbing core, much like a katana has

No disrespect intended, but how about Jell-O? I hear old Jell-O is real soft.

-A good, sword-like edge; i don't want to be sharpening it every time i use it

No disrespect intended, but do you intend to lop heads off all day long?

-A harder edge than spine

No disrespect intended, but modern knife steels can be both hard and tough.

-A rubber coated aluminum grip

No disrespect intended, but the rubber is about as durable as that Jell-O.

-And a hard, locking sheath

No disrespect intended, but the sheath will be harder than the jello-spined, rubber-handled head-lopper.

If you can make this, I would appreciate an e-mail back with an estimated price.
Thank you.

No disrespect intended, but have you read any of the site or looked at ANY of my work? ANY? And I hope you now understand how "no disrespect intended" works in a conversation.

where do you get the steel you use for making your knives

No intro, no "dear sir," no salutation, no closing, no signature. Like we were in the middle of some lengthy conversation, and this had just occurred to him (or her) as a transient thought that popped to the mouth. How it made it to the keys of his email program I don't know, there isn't enough information to explain, detail, or clarify his inquiry. So, appropriately, my answer must be as curt:
--from the earth.

I must say you have the most incredible web site I have ever seen!!
Question not answered on your site: Do you sell finished blades only. I do not do bladesmithing, but I love to do handles, etc.. If so, do you only sell fixed blades, or can I also purchase blades for folders?
I will look forward to your reply.

I do have an incredible website, and your claim of a "question not answered" on my website is incorrect. The answer is boldly stated on the page you did not read, as you chose to sent this email instead. It's an inquiry I get often, and the reason I created the whole "What I Do and Don't Do" page of the website, so I don't have to answer it over and over and over. Yet here it is again. And again. And again in the future, I'm certain. I won't answer your question in this paragraph, I'll make you go and look for it; since it's really easy to find. But I bet you can guess the answer when I make the claim, "Please, serious knife purchase inquiries only." And under the "What I do" section of that page, it clearly states: "I only make complete knife, sheath, and stand projects." Is this really so hard to figure out?

Hello Mr. Fisher, my name is D. B.
I have seen and researched your sheath-making abilities and i am a fan. I was wondering if you make custom sheaths for knives that are not your own. I have a MT-500 M-Tech Hunting Knife with a 2-Tone handle and a Tanto Blade that is 6.375" and is 11.25" Overall. I was wondering if you could quote me a price on a black tactical sheath with a drop and an optional thigh belt attachment for my knife.
Please respond to this email i look forward to hearing from you!
Here is also an attached picture. If you could just send me just a quote for now i would greatly appreciate it.

No picture attached, so we can't even have a peek at his fine knife. But none of this matters. At the very top of the sheath page and also planted throughout the sheath page, in a bold red and yellow box which is pretty hard to ignore, is the claim I only make sheaths for my own knives. He even used the term "research." Wow. What else can I do? He admires the sheaths I make, yet won't go back to the maker of the knife and ask them for a good sheath... why not? Why?

Mr. Fisher,
I'm writing an article that deals with how to choose a Survival Knife. I would imagine that the readers know very little about knives and even less about a Survival Knife. All they know is that they are in need of one. My goal is to help them find a durable, usable knife that will serve them well for many years. I've talked to too many who buy a knife from some place like Ebay, only to find that they would be better off with a Ginzu Steak Knife.
During my research, I've looked at many knives on the Internet and at local stores. But I've never seen any that even come close to the quality that you produce. One of my hobbies is collecting and cutting semi-precious stones. I was blown away when I saw some of your knives that use these same stones. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to patronize you. I'm very serious. Being an ex-Army Ranger, I have collected and used knives for many years, and since writing this article, I've seen thousands of knives, but nothing like your's.
Getting back to my article; I don't want to over-whelm the reader, but I do want to help them. I know that most can't afford much for a knife, but I don't want to see them get junk. Right now, I'm trying to explain the importance of functionality, balance and fit. I was wondering if you could shed any light on these, from a craftsman point of view? Along with that, any other thoughts, that I could pass on to the reader, would also be appreciated. I return, I'd be honored to mention you in the article as a source for high quality knives. (I have not offered this to any other company or knife maker).
I've wanted to make my own knives as a winter hobby, for several years. Your work has inspired me to follow through this year and do it.
Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you're writing an article about choosing a survival knife, why are you writing me and asking me to write the article for you? Surely, you can glean enough information from this very website that answers your questions about "functionality, balance, and fit." Two of those very words are on my "Six Distinctions of Fine Knives" page, and functionality is discussed on nearly every topic of my "Tactical Knives" page where you can see examples of those very knives you write about. So, you either can't find those parts of this website, or you choose not to bother, and to more simply and directly ask me to take my time to write your article, or at least part of it. That's just lazy, man; there's no other way to sugar-coat it. And you even mention the word "research..." Here's a word for you: lazy.

Hi Jay
I’m interested in some Micarta in Blocks , do you make these .
I need 1 ½ thick by 1 ¾ deep by 6 ½ long . In Black green and sand / brown . Canvas or Linen .
Do you make this and can I by some from you …

Where in the world would someone get the idea that I make or supply Micarta? I even write about how it shouldn't be made from hardware store and someone's old pants... And where would you get the idea that I'm a supplier of any thing knife related? Is this a failure on my part to communicate, or a failure on your part to simply read and understand?

Good day!
My name is T. B. I live in the USA.
I would like to make a gift for my future wife. ?t the present moment It`s very important for me.
Answer please the following questions:
Do you have a possibility to send packages to Russia?
What should be the maximum sum of money (in dollars) for buying a package in order to escape problems at custom?
Best regards,
T. B.

Yeah, you live in the US alright. Then why are you asking me to illegally avoid customs in Russia? Do I have "Stupid American" tattooed on my forehead? Sigh...

"Mule", obverse side view in 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Snowflake Obsidian gemstone handle, black rayskin inlaid in hand-carved leather sheath
More about this "Mule"
"The Situation"

This is a long email I received and since it was strung out into one long sentence, making it extremely tedious to read, I thought it would be best to present it in pieces with my running commentary breaking up the string. I present this for education purposes only, and not as legal advice.

dear mr.fisher
i checked your site out and thought that if anyone could help or best point me in the proper direction that it would be you. im not a big knife guy, but i really appreciate what you do. i am pleased to have stumbled onto the site.

I don't know how it appears that I'm the guy to help him. Lots of stumbling leads people here; I can only assume that because a knife is involved, he thinks I must have the ability to help him.

i took the time to look at your 'what you dont do' part of the page. im not too sure that my situation really fits in there.

At the link that this person sent his email from, it clearly states that I'm only interested in making knives, and he even expresses uncertainty. Note: if uncertain, trust your instincts and keep stumbling through the internet until you are certain your email will arrive at the proper destination.

not too long ago i had a discrepancy with an officer of the law, where it was discovered that on my person was a knife.

I love the way this is worded. A totally passive description, like someone found a piece of lint on a suit jacket, or a small tick attached to an exposed ear. I wonder exactly how the "discrepancy" occurred. I, myself, have had very few "discrepancies" with Johnny Law, and those were all due to me violating some statute, usually motor vehicle related involving posted speeds. It was discovered that the vehicle I was in was travelling in excess- Why, I had no hand in it!

long story short, i am now facing an absurd possession of a knife ( i believe the report said) over 3 inches.

Please allow me to interject that this is no "long story short;" it's simply a very long story.  And how "absurd!" Possession of a knife? Over three inches? Discovered on my person? Absurd!

and sadly i dont they're going to give me back my "evidence".

"Evidence?" Absurd!

so today i go to the same army navy surplus store and repurchase the same knife again. i google the specs for that model (ha ha, sorry i dont know any of the fancy cool names for stuff that has to do with knives) and one of the links i saw written about my knife being referred to as an EDC every day carry, i also saw a random review of it and was again mentioned as an EDC.

Ah, big spender. Just the kind of person I frequently do business with here at JayFisher.com, Where knives start at $1K and go up from there. With their fancy cool names and all.

also in other ads were the specs of that model. it says blade to be 3.22 inches.

What is this about? So the "absurd" charge was correct? I don't see the issue...

i got to thinking about a show i saw on television a while back, it was about axes. i remember the show went into some detail about what all the different names of the different parts of the axe were called. there was a bit more than i thought there was.

Axes? Huh? Are you going to start carrying an axe? I'd advise against it; you don't have a good track record with local law enforcement.

that is when i said that its gotta be the same way with knives. and then i found your site and i know the answer im looking for could very well just be here. you see as mentioned before i am not a knife guy, i only own one, you, on the other hand, well lets just say that after checking out your site i am blown away with how much about knives that you are so about.

Thank you for your flattery; it is my profession, I'm expected to know all about knives, so I don't consider it excessive.

its too much stuff for me to piece together properly. which is why im seeking your expert advice on this.

That's okay, I don't expect you to know as much about fine handmade custom knives as a professional that's been making them over 35 years. I also don't see what you are trying to piece together properly, unless it's some ridiculous defense against the charge.

if you can help, but could only really find a solution with me revealing the make model of knife, i will reply asap. the help im looking for sir is probably in the vast years of your experience and knowledge of knifes.

Okay; get to it.

i would expect that if anyone could answer my question it is you.

Please. Quickly now, my readers are getting bored.

is there any truly definitive factual will never break down in court science to all these exact parts of a knife that will just totally flatten this unnecessary charge.

Ah, finally. The matter. This is easy. Dispose of our system of measurement. Change everything that is based on linear measure, distance, length, and all related machinery, sciences, and standards. If you can do that, you have a prayer.

charge possession of a knife blade over 3 inches. the blade is 3.22 inches, but is the blade being referred just the sharpened edge along the spine? is it the whole entire piece of metal, even the part that goes intowhere the handle goes?

Do you have access to a ruler, tape measure, or other measuring device?
Actually, this is a logical question, so I won't be a total jerk (only partial) and suggest that in the legal description of knives in every location, this issue has been handled before. It's impossible for me to answer, as I don't know the location, statute, and nature of the law used to charge you with possession. I can only state my knowledge of my particular location, where blade length is measured from the tip of the point to the front of the first piece of the handle that is not the blade, typically the front bolster. The cutting edge is not considered the blade length and I can only suppose that this is because, in considering the legal mechanism of knife violence (where knife carry laws are important), one would want to know how far a blade can be shoved into a body before stopping, by encountering a bolster, guard, or protuberance that would limit the depth. Of course, we could go all "CSI" and "Quincy" (for you older readers) about this feature, but I don't see what my opinion is worth, since your local laws are what you are encountering here in your "discrepancy." Seems to me you need some local legal advice, perhaps an attorney can help you, not some custom maker of fine handmade knives you stumbled on through the internet.

the knife is just a regular folding pocket knife with a pocket clip. i need to know professionally what is the 'blade' part of the blade that really count in this matter, when you MEASURE a blade, in a folding knife, is it proper to measure from tip, down to the opposite piece of metal, which is of course partially embedded in the handle OR, when measuring the blade in a folding knife, do you just measure the part that sticks out of the handle AND AND if its just the part that stick out from the handle do you only measure the sharp part, or is it the entire piece?

Hey, I've got it. Hold the knife sideways, and then refer to the thickness as the length! After all, relative spatial constructs are within the legal realm of expert testimony when presenting case defense, right? Perhaps you could claim that you use a knife only as a pushing tool, operated from the side, and know of no other way it could be used! Perhaps you could find a person who claims they don't know what a blade or a handle is, on the only tool that is so old it predates fire in man's toolkit and even our own genus! Wait, better yet! Claim that you, alone, hold a knife only by the blade, and you use it as a hammer (the hammer head being the handle) and because you prefer a pointed, edged grip to give positive purchase by digging into the flesh of your palm and inner fingers, the entire tool is mis-classified. Start by gripping a sharpened blade repeatedly now, so your scars will demonstrate to the court your defense. Perhaps you can locate and hire an expert witness and claim some sort of edged-based self-mutilating dyslexia! There is no blade, no handle, just a grip and head. Voila!

if i have offended you by mailing you such a request i apologise now, its just that i need to go back to court armed with the best knowledge possible. it is an absurd charge, i didnt do anything illegal and i dont plan on rolling over on this one, im gonna fight it all the way.

Go get 'em, tiger. You know the score. The absurdity! The shame! The illegality... not! Oh, wait, I guess it is illegal or you wouldn't have been charged. Of course, you could man up and pay the fine.

"Morta" in twist damascus welded blade, hand-engraved 304 stainless steel bolsters, ancient Bog Oak handle, hand-carved, hand-dyed leather sheath, hand-cast bronze stands
More about "Morta"
Gold plated knife with horn handle, probably Indonesian or Central Asian tourist market

Hi Jay,
I recently purchased a set of what look to be butter knives or something used for spreading. The blade has no serrations and appears to be made of solid gold. We are having the blades checked at the jeweler today but we cannot identify the material that the handles are made of. I sacrificed one of the knives that was in pretty rough condition and when I held a piece of the handle under a flame it smelled like burning hair. The handles have small cracks in them and they are a mottled butterscotch color.
Do you have any idea what these handles are made from? I am enclosing a picture.
Thank you for any information you can provide.
S. F.

Ahh, the fabled golden knives of Samoyed. You are indeed blessed by the Uralic Shamans. Were these found beside running water? Preferably from a glacier? During the solstice? Perhaps the knives were left by the Baba herself, as she tied up her white old woman hair with the torn clothes of her children-victims. Beware, and keep your children away from fountains: she'll snatch them and use their hair to make the cracked handles of your solid gold knives!

Pakistani push dagger made for American Rambo-Ninja wannabes

Can you tell me what this kind of knife is called.
By the way, your knives are the most beautiful knives I have ever seen. They are works of art. You should be proud.
Thank you.

Thank you for your kind words. The blade says "stainless" and "Pakistan" But this is not your question; you want to know "what kind of knife this is called." Let's approach this from a technical standpoint. The blade is stamped "stainless" but there are lots of rust spots suggesting exposure to otherworldly environment of caustic nature. The shape is only generalized, hinting at the symmetrical without actually achieving it. The various points and protuberances are meant to lodge haplessly and permanently in some soft fleshy material with no possibility of removal, like a harpoon. The holes through the handle portion are all the same size with very wide spacing, so they are clearly not for any human hand. The grinds are sloppy, incomplete, and rough, with only a hint of attempt, which leads me to believe that the piece was made in haste, perhaps in some alien corrections institutional setting. The handle is clearly made of extraterrestrial matter, with colors meant to represent the unattainable levels of mystical progression, and secured with only two small pins, which means the handle scales were meant to break away at the first minor impact. The sheath is too thin to be of any material we would generally call leather, so I can only assume it's the hide of the creature the device is created for, with cleverly disguised superhetrodyne amplitude modulated waveforms tooled into the surface in some distant and foreign code.
My conclusion? An alien tool for extracting thin-skinned limpfish from food supply tanks at the prison-planet Anakin ruled by the evil tyrant before the escape of the badlanders. They made a movie about it in 1992, which is probably when your treasure was made as well.

Hello there.
I was wondering if you do custom sheaths? I need 2 sheaths for 2 short swords that I will be aquiring. I have all the specs and measurements, I can get them to you. I am curious about prices and what exactly you do. They are approx 13 in long and 3 in wide..with a spine thickness of about 4mm. I also wanted to know if I could get any custom engraving or designs in perticular on the sheaths. Please get back to me as I am extremely impressed with you work on your site and am in need of these badly.

Getting ready for a rout, eh? Your two badboy swords need some rough-and-ready sheaths! Your spankin' hot hands need to tote these tarts to the fray! You are ready to rumble with bad intent, a perilous eye, and loathing in your heart! Stoked, you are! A beast with blades! You the man; I got it. Too much for me, I'm already exhausted by your ambitions.

Hi Jay,
My buddy handmade me a knife a few years back and I have been hoping to get a sheath for it. I was wondering if you could do such work.

You respect me, but you don't respect your buddy enough to have him make a sheath for it?

Hello Jay,
where do you buy your handle material?

From the bodega around the corner.

Hello Jay,
My name is R. and I just inherited a fixed blade knife from my grandfather who just passed away. The knife is great! Holds a sharp blade like nothing I've seen before. The problem is the sheath. It is very old leather and the button clasp that hold the knife in the sheath is stretched so the knife slides out. I have been looking into having a custom sheath made specially for this knife. Are you able to do that for me?

As I've mentioned again and again, this is the most common request I receive, and that's why it's the number one on my "What I Do and Don't Do" page on the website. The statement that I don't make sheaths for knives other than my own is also vividly displayed on my "Knife Sheaths" page. I don't know how I could be more visual and effective about this claim, apart from changing my email address to i_won't_make_a_sheath_for_your_knife@jayfisher.com. Perhaps this is the answer. Then, I could go down to the courthouse and legally change my name to NOSHEATHFORYOU!. I like the exclamation point; I think it would be very effective in legal matters requiring my title.

"Mirach" in ATS-34 high molybdenum stainless steel blade, nickel silver bolsters, Migmatite Granite gemstone handle, cow stomach inlaid in hand-carved leather sheath
More about this "Mirach"

Another ridiculously long email. I challenge you to identify a coherent thread of specific inquiry.

Dear Jay,
Observing your approach at sheath accessories, I thought you might appreciate this innovation: a combined diamond pad, firestarter, and ceramic rod offered by S**. I'd send a link if I didn't fear your email would filter it. Though I have no association with any manufacturer and also hate unwarranted hype, I use the device in my own custom sheaths for it's accessory value and light weight.

What's wrong with my sheath accessories? Why are you suggesting someone else's? Okay, let's look this thing over. The accessory you suggest is microscopic, perhaps suited to the blade that folds in my fingernail clipper. Honestly, I've never seen a sharpener this small! I think it's less than an inch long. And the grit is super fine (beyond 600g), so really won't aggressively sharpen any modern tool steel by any measure. The thin, cheap, small pad is held on with glue, which is known to fall off after a couple months (read the reviews). They've glued in a tiny ceramic stick, which falls off as well, because nothing sticks on nylon plastic that the tabular frame is made of. And the firesteel? Another microscopic piece of material glued to the nylon tab. And it all sells for $15 bucks. My stuff? Larger, more robust, with dedicated locations and carry fixtures, a sharpener with a stainless steel frame (not nylon) and safety cage and an actual source of flammable material (magnesium) to start that fire, not just a rod that throws sparks. Okay, you're only trying to establish common ground, so I'll move on, but I hope you understand why comparisons are necessary and valid in the competitive world of knifemaking.

Thank you also for providing so much experienced information and such beautiful art on your site. I'd experimented and searched far before finding your serration innovations. Your crisp, mirror-polished grind lines and lapidary work are astonishing. After reading thoroughly, I feel not only more educated as a young knifemaker, but also inspired as a person by your excellence.

Ah, another maker. Good you're reading, thank you for careful consideration of the points of the trade. Keep studying; you'll do well.

Since you invite comments on your site, I think that your opinion leading site could give due credit to some performance steels, while still appropriately defending your own scope of interest, which I fully respect. Empowered by high alloy content and refined grain sizes, performance particle steels from real industrial applications allow for sustainable thin edge profiles.

What the ... It seems to me that you're trying to talk over your level of qualification. Please refrain from trying to sound educated, just stick to the basic facts.
First, I don't "invite comments" on my site. I have a very clear statement that I only make knives, and am not interested in running a forum. Then there's the phrase "opinion leading." This smacks of a weak attempt at discarding what I write and detail as mere opinion, to which you find lacking credit to "performance steels." I'll plainly state that this is a made-up phrase, as there is no such classification for steels in any reference by any established authority. What the heck is a "performance steel?" There are tool steels, carbon steels, hot work steels, and high speed steels. There are stainless steels, shock resisting steels and mold steels. Look it up in any machinist's or steel reference. There is no such thing as a "performance steel," unless this is something new they're trying on Broadway.
You go on to use the word "empowered" (by high alloy content). Steel is not empowered in any sense of the politically correct term you've skewered to your argument. Empowering means to make a person stronger and more confident, and steel, being a material only, has no mental ability for confidence.
You then mention "refined grain sizes." Grain size is the non sequiter de jour among knife enthusiasts who know little of the process of steel heat treating and tempering, and I've seen it used repeatedly to make steels look better than they really are. Guys are claiming they have domain over grain, large grains are bad, large grains are good, grains don't sharpen, grains do sharpen, the bonding between the grains is weak, or strong, or superior. This is all bunk. You have no control of grain size apart from making the blade out of a good steel, establishing an effective geometry for the application, and heat treating it properly. Machinist's all know this; why do knifemakers claim some special relationship to the grain of the steel?
Then the phrase "from real industrial applications allow for sustainable thin edge profiles." Wow, where do I begin? You've been reading too much politically correct green party drivel, demonstrated by your phrases "real," and "sustainable." These are not machinist's terms, metal workers, terms, metal craftsman's terms, or knifemaker's terms. These are pretty much meaningless fillers sprinkled on sentences to make the person reciting them sound intelligent. This email is more about a writing and communication style than content!

I think they are bound to capture increasing market share in custom cutlery as well as in production knives which are frequently (but not always) hyped-up and low performing.

Market share? Are you an economist now? And we don't call fine handmade knives "cutlery." The term "cutlery" in our language refers to flatware, and not a fine handmade custom knife. To go on to suggest that "production" knives (meaning manufactured knives, but in a friendlier word) are not always "hyped" shows you have limited experience in the field. Look again; they are cheap junky knives and nothing you write will change that. Otherwise, guys like me would be out of business!

With this admission your occasional critics won't have a leg to stand on. And I'm sure your demand is secure as you are the master of your easily machined and sharpened, high-finish niche.

Thank you for concerning yourself about my "easily machined and sharpened, high-finish niche." If that is what you think I do and make, you are terribly mistaken and your attempt at insult will not go unnoticed. No steels I use are "easily machined," they are all high alloy tool steels, stainless steels, powder metal technology steels that are extremely resistant to machining. Are you really a knifemaker? Have you used D2, 440C, CPMS30V, CPM154CM, Tungsten-Vanadium O1, and ATS-34? Have you tried to mirror polish a single blade of any of them? I will confidently state that you haven't, otherwise the phrase "easily machined" would not be created on your keyboard! I challenge you, now: let's see your work!

I've attached for your potential interest the handiest semiquantitative summary of a few steel proprerties I've found in one place. Wish I remember where I found it. As an engineer, I've made quite a literature study of steel properties, and found the table to be a generally accurate macro-comparison, albeit semiquantitative at best, dependent upon hardening, and very limited in scope. Even the imperfect CATRA and Charpy C notch tests it's based on are better than subjective opinion. I'll refrain from sending you all the datasheets and other comparative info that you already have access to and know well, but they provide the well-established and detailed backup of the illustrative summary.

Wait, now you're an engineer? I thought you were a knifemaker. I won't attach the terrible, weak, non-specific chart you've sent. It is one of the worst, generalized, vague, incomplete data representations I commonly see, evidently made by a kid with a graph-maker on his Windows '98 computer. Wait. On further examination, I'll confidently state that this chart is a scan from a handmade poster (!), with scribbled-in background and hand-colored blue and red lines. There are axis tics on the left from one to ten, but no title or description of what property is being measured, just one to ten. The individual steels are common among knifemakers, with red bars and blue bars suggesting relative toughness and wear resistance between them. The chart is a useless indicator of vague generality, and does not account for dozens of factors that a real machinist (or knifemaker) would use to pick one type of steel over another. Someone has used a computer drawing program to add a couple confusing boxes with question marks and arrows going up and down, not in the scope or design of the original hand-drawn chart. Yet this guy claims it's the "handiest semiquantitative summary" he's found... sigh. He suggests he's an engineer to bolster his point, and throws out a bunch of big words he's found on a made-up knife-testing website. I don't know what point he's trying to make and why. Do you?

I fully respect your chosen scope of interest in 440C and S35VN among many other steels you've tried. If you'll momentarily indulge my own scope of interest (as one who will never finish his knives in the same league of quality as yours)...

Ahh, now I see it. He's a 440C hater, one clearly described on a very special page on my site at this link. Though he claims to respect my use of steels, he wants me to "indulge" his own scope of interest. Why, Lord, oh why? Why bother me with this? He then claims that he's one who will never finish his knives in the same league of quality as mine. If so, then why focus on steel type? Could it be because, just as I stated over and over again on my blades page:

There are many good knife steels out there. When factories and manufacturers go on and on about specialized steels only they offer, with vague properties and descriptions, they want you to ignore balance, fit, finish, geometry, accessories, service, and design. Don't get distracted by steel generalizations! The steel is just the start of the knife, not the whole. If it were, every knife maker in the world would be out of business, not buried in back orders and very expensive projects.

...it revolves more around the tough/wear resistant balance of CPM M4 at 62-65 HRC, stainless M390 at 60-62 HRC or the toughness of CPM 3V at 59-62 HRC.

Okay, this is just dumb. An engineer? Really? He needs to go back to school. M4 is a high speed tool steel, at high hardness it is far too brittle for a knife blade. Ground into a thin blade, it will shatter like glass if left at high hardness. So, you have to leave it softer, which negates the reason to choose it in the first place. And it quickly rusts, so it has no corrosion resistance. Look it up.
He mentions M390, made by our German friends at Bohler. This is a high chromium steel, made for high corrosion resistance, and the foundry does not recommend the steel be any harder than 56-58 Rockwell. With it's low carbon, and low recommended hardness, it's not expected to have high wear resistance. The only point would be a factory knife where you don't worry about keeping it clean and dry. Look it up!
CPM3V is a shock resisting tool steel, and is not wear resistant enough for any knife blade (but a machete) and I write about it extensively here..

Look, there are just better steels for knives; you haven't discovered the holy grail of knife blades, and your argument to me is a glorious waste of time (except for entertainment and educational purposes, I suppose).

While the cost of machining high alloys can be prohibitive for some, I think the actual steel price is a small and useful investment in performance compared to the overall cost of a custom knife.

Obviously, you have not made many knives. The actual cost of machining high alloy steels is not high; it's simply a matter of knowing how to machine them. The cost of the steel in a fine handmade knife is not typically a limiting factor, so I don't know what the point of this sentence is at all.

If OU-31 with it's "special element" actually measures up to the secretive Japanese claims and becomes available or replicated, I think we'll finally have that elusive balance the world's been searching for of super hardness, toughness, wear resistance, machinability, and perhaps even finishability with the apparently fine grain structure, though not stainlessnes.

More gibberish, more unknown and unlisted steel alloy content, more smoke and mirrors: none of these help your point. And what do you hope to accomplish with this email anyway?

Friction forging also has potential.

So does room temperature superconducting.

With sincere admiration and gratitude for your contribution to the art,r
R. C.

...and I thank you for your contribution to this page, though it was not without discomfort.

"Minuteman" tactical combat knife in bead blasted, hot blued O1 high carbon tungsten-vanadium tool steel blade, carbon steel bolsters, Zebra Marble gemstone handle, locking kydex, aluminum, stainless steel sheath
More about this "Minuteman"

Dear Mr. Fisher
I am new to knife collecting and enjoy your web site. For private study only may I print two paqes from your web site? After I read the copyright law I shredded the two I first printed.
Thank You.

Yes, but did you eat them? It's important that you eat those shredded pages, as some unscrupulous spy may decide to rebuild them with Scotch tape and glue. Eat them; eat them now.

Hey Jay,
I've been reading through your website, and I just wanted to send an email to tell you how amazing your work is. Also, I have a small question. I know you're very busy, but I am a starting knife-maker, and I was wondering if you would mind me making a knife, based on a design of yours. I'm talking about the Desert Wind Jade, which I think looks amazing. I will of course mention that I was inspired by your knife, I will not try to replicate your stamp/etch, or try to make it seem like it was one of your knives. I will not sell it to anyone, it's just for personal use, and I'll make sure that your good name won't be dragged through the mud. It's just for a hobby of mine, and I loved the shape, the sheath, and stand of the knife.
Thank you for reading this, and please keep doing what you do, because you are amazing at doing so.
Kind regards,
D. A.
PS: If you are interested, I can send you pictures of the project after I'm done? But you probably don't really care, since there are plenty of beginning knife-maker's knives to see out there. Still, if you're interested, just let me know!

Copyright infringement can take a lot of forms; after all, it's just for "personal use." That is not an excuse to violate my artistic and sculptural copyrights. And since the form is already reached its pinnacle, why would you try to "remake" it? Particularly if you think my name will be "dragged through the mud?" The part that is disturbing is the claim he won't try to replicate my maker's mark. Who would think of this except someone who knows he is infringing on my copyrights?
No, you don't have permission to copy my artwork. This is a violation of copyright law.
Federal copyright law prohibits unauthorized reproduction by any means and imposes fines up to $25,000 for each violation.

Hello Jay,
Your work is beautiful. I know what your site says, but for me it was worth the effort to try to get you to make a sheath for my newly purchased custom folding knife. I have attached a link that show the knife and its dimensions. The below picture of your sheath is the one that captivated me the most. I would be so pleased to have a sheath of this look and quality to hold my knife. Please let me know if you will accommodate me... Thanks so very much for your consideration!
Here is the link to my knife: empty url
Best regards,
T. S.

"I know what your site says, but I'm special." Special enough for me to make a crocodile sheath for your folding knife? A knife that remains invisible because you sent me an empty URL? I've already made it and sent it to you. It's invisible like your folder. Enjoy your accommodation.

W****** Volunteer Fire Department
Dear Sir:
The W******* Volunteer Fire Department is a member driven department in the rural southeast Missouri boot-heel region. We cover a large land area with mostly farmland and sparse establishments of homes that are mostly occupied with low income family. We operate nearly entirely off of a budget made up of the proceeds from our annual Volunteer Dinner and Auction. This has allowed us to make payments on our station and the matches to our federal grants. This year’s auction which will be held February 11, 2012 is an especially important time as not only is it the 21st annual auction, it is the second year of making a payment on the match on our new apparatus and one of the last two payments on our station.
Your company can help us by providing funds in the form of a grant or by donating goods and services to auction off. During the dinner we run a slide show with all of our donors contact information and also give out an auction program that lists the name of the donating company. Many of the companies from out of town receive a few new customers for life out of the event. We will gladly send you a receipt for tax purposes, if requested, on our form or yours.
Thank you in advance for your support.
J. W.
Fire Fighter & Training Officer

As I've written before, there is no way to know whether or not these emails come from actual entities, or are just scams to get a free knife, but let's just ignore that and question the reasoning behind the query.
I worked for many years as a volunteer firefighter, and was a Certified Level 2 NFPA trained firefighter. I was even the Chief of a volunteer department for a while, so I know how all this works. The departments receive funding via the State's coffers; every year requests must be submitted for apparatus and operating expenses. The states receive some of their funding from the Federal Government, so the departments can operate. Any fundraising is usually in local events within the community that the department services and they are held to gather funds for specialized and non-required training, competition, extra equipment not planned for, and not requested through the normal budgetary mechanism. Since the fire department only operates locally, typically only local interest is sought. This is why I believe that many of these requests are simply scams. The volunteer department is not coming to my establishment from Missouri (I'm located in New Mexico) to fight a fire and aid in fire protection. I'd rather help the local departments, and I do so with my taxes and business fees for my location.
Okay, that was a bit serious; I promise I'll be more engaging in the next sections.

Hello Jay
I am wondering if you have heard of 1065 stainless steel? does such a thing exist? if so how good is the steel in regards to a cutting blade that would be used on material such as mats and bamboo?
the pictures are the only reference i have with the blade depicted

Would it help to know that 1065 is a common carbon steel and is not stainless in any way? This is bad, cheap steel that is used to forge cheap, bad knives. How good is it? If you're using your gray samurai sword to chop through grass (bamboo is actually grass) all day, I'd suggest a lawnmower blade, and to get at the little boogers when they are very small and short to keep your lawn under control. And the steel used on lawnmower blades is usually 5160, which, while being a poor, low alloy cheap steel, is markedly better than 1065. What is 1065 used for? Plow shares, wire cable, and cheap, crappy knock off sword blades made in China, Japan, India, and Pakistan. And it will uncontrollably rust the first time it is exposed to any moisture.

Hi Jay,
I realize you are busy, so I'll keep this quick. I was wondering if you had any experience modifying Ka Bar knives at all? Specifically the full sized fighting knife with rubberized handle? I'm curious as to how thick the rubber is on that handle. Thinking about putting something else on it.

I won't bother to ask why you have written this email; just where on this website did you get the idea that I would do, suggest, or care about your cheap Chinese knife? You understand enough to know that I'm busy, so thanks for "keeping this quick."

Mr. Fisher,
I am writing from my personal email account. I am a detective for a large city in Arizona. The crimes I investigate are weapon related, such as firearm and knives. An issue I have been running into on the job are whether or not our prosecutors will file on certain knife cases. (Convicted Felon In Possession Of A Deadly Weapon) These cases often hinge on whether or not a particular knife is created or intended "for lethal use". Do you have any suggestions on training or literature that may help explain what certain features on consumer or combat knives are created for?
If you have time I would like to speak to you or one of your staff members for resources. Please feel free to call me any time for a response. *Phone number deleted*
M. C.

Call me suspicious, but why is the first sentence about his personal email account? Why, if it's official business, does he not want to use his professional email? Is it because, (like politicians) he wants to be able to erase his trail? Is it because he does not trust his professional email provider and supervisors? Is it because this guy is not even who he claims to be? I can think of no just reason why he would preface his email with this comment! Perhaps it's just my suspicious nature, but let's ignore that for a moment, and go on to the meat of the issue.
He asks "whether or not our prosecutors will file on certain knife cases." Why in the world ask me this? I do know a lot of people, but don't know any prosecutors in any large Arizona cities; why not ask them? Again, let's ignore this strange request about me commenting on the reasoning of unknown prosecutorial professionals in a distant location, and forge on.
He evidently is stuck on the whole concept "of lethal use," and wants to know if there are any features I can identify for him through training (?) or literature (Shakespeare?) that will explain the intent of "features." Okay, this is just stupid. A knife has a point (usually) and a cutting edge. Even the smallest point and cutting edge (think box cutter) can be used to kill someone. It can evidently be used to kill many people (think of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001). But the most often used knife in any sense is the kitchen knife, and it has those "features" also, mainly a point and a cutting edge.
It looks to me and my suspicious mind that this guy is fishing for an excuse. Why would anyone write a knifemaker and ask for a legal definition of "lethal use" in the context of investigation and prosecution? Haven't these states and entities worked all that out by now? It smells, frankly, desperate. It reminds me of "The Situation," above. Go ahead and review that one, in case you forgot, and then get back to me here; I'll wait...

While you were reviewing The Situation, I came up with the answer for him. The literature I recommend for him to learn, study, and review is his own state's legal definitions, his own state's laws, his own state's case studies about similar matters. Being a professional who investigates weapon related crime, he should have a lot more access to his state's record than I do! Sigh.

Jay, Liked your Detailed site.

Hey, thanks for the positive support!

I just designed two punal Goucho Cuchillos de Campo carbon steel blades.  I must hollow and reshape edges. Slow them down for delicate kitchen work as I am a chef.

Okay, this is wrong. A puñal is an assassin's dagger, often tipped with poison. There are other urban definitions that I won't comment on, but none are of a positive or encouraging bent. I would hate to be the one you serve your latest dish to! And the Gaucho (not Goucho) was a wandering wayfarer in Argentina, so I suspect you must slow your knives down so that they will stay in the kitchen and not drift into the pampas after the cattle herd...

I, as Caravaggio,love knives.

I don't get this comment. His name is not "Carvaggio" and Carvaggio was a Rennaissance artist who died of lead poisoning. I don't like the recurring toxic theme of this query.

3 questions,
a) do you sell meat cleavers? I will be needing one for a oak cutting board.

As long as it doesn't involve poisons... and what does it matter what the board is made of at this point, unless you're using the cleaver to chop up the board. I wouldn't use oak by the way, it's too porous for handling foodstuffs (just a head's up).

b) when sharpening... to make my 2 new carbon blades last, can I pull the edge along the stone vs push it edge first? Old chef at school showed me this backward method. BS?

Usually knife blades are made of steel, not carbon, so I really can't help you on that one.

c) What do you call the sash through the handle?  What is it used for besides to pull blade out faster?  In the military museum here in Buenos Aires these decorative leashes on swords etc., are long enough to slip over a human head and it even has a cinch!.

Oh, good grief. A sash? Yeah, right, you put it around your head and cinch it up tight. No, don't do that, it could be very dangerous! Please just stay away from knives, and poison, and nooses and anything that could be harmful!

Bought a long ivory handled Burkha knife when last in Katmandu, always wanted a real kitana but no money for knives I cannot use in any kitchen.

A "Burka" knife? A full body robe knife? A "kitana?" Like a kit of something? What is this gibberish?

Hope to hear from you.

And he gives a London, UK address... sigh.

Dear Mr. Fisher,
I know you must be a very busy knife maker so I'll try to make this as quick as possible. What are some things a professional knife maker ,such as yourself ,uses to make knife handles and leather look antique.This includes bone,deer antler.I'm new to this and thought I'd send you this e-mail hoping you might let me know.You sure make great things and I'm a disabled man but I have a nice little shop set up(and still haven't got all I need!) Hope to hear from you soon and many thanks to you and all the creative knifes that you make!

I don't get it. I make these knives and I know of not a single instance where my knife handles and leather "look antique." This is, simply, not my style. I have modern steels, use fine high finishes, have crisp, clean and new looking blades, handles, sheaths, and accessories. I just don't know whose site and whose knives he's looking at. He should put the term "primitive" in his search engine and talk to those guys who hammer and rust their blades and drive over their sheaths with a truck.

Hello jayfisher
i hope every things goes well with you i have a question and i hope you help me first of all let me introduce myself im alireza 28 yearsold and i have small factory and i want to know how can i set up plastic knife handle by enjection machine with out any waste please help me joyfisher im waiting for you .

Oh, joy.

email titled: ADVICE FROM THE GURU

Incorporating your advice, this is my plan for long-term storage of my 90-100 knives.

What? I don't know you, your knives or your plans...

1-Coating and polishing lightly all blades with Ren-Wax

Just a thought: waxes don't polish, they simply leave a coating of ... wax.

2-Polish any bolsters with Simichrome, then with Ren-Wax

What are your bolsters made of? It kinda matters...

3-Wrap knives with rust-inhibiting Gun Wrap Paper

You say you are following my advice and I assume you mean my Knife Care page. Nowhere on that page, and nowhere on this site or in any advice by me do I ever mention "Gun Wrap Paper." I don't know what is in that stuff and how it may affect a knife. So you've completely blown it.

4-Put small Desiccant pouch with each knife

Not knowing how that desiccant will react with the "Gun Wrap Paper," and you could have a violent chemical reaction or possibly an explosion.

5-Store each in zipper knife case

Again, not very good at reading the knife care page are you? I never mention any "zipper knife case" anywhere in anything I've written and definitely not in any knife care information. I don't know what this case is, what it's made of, and if it can contain a violent chemical reaction that may happen between the desiccant and the gun wrap paper. Just thinking of the worst case scenario...

Am I on target? You are my authority.

Nope, not even close. I'm not your authority, either. I don't know you, your knives, your strange papers and bags and polishing methods.

Thanks, Jay
R. C.
PS-Wasn't sure about any special care or treatment for leather handled knives.

This email is a good example, I suppose, of how people read what they want to into anything posted on the website... sigh.


have  you ever made wooden  grips for a 1917 bolo , or  know  where  i can  find  them.  thanks  for  your  time .   and  your  a  great  artist glad  someone still  makes  them  by hand . 

Back in '17, there wasn't much wood. They used the really good stuff to build Downton Abbey

Hey I have a pantera claw and was wondering if you could make me a sheath for it

You'd better get a doctor to take a look at it. The last one I heard of punched an eye out when the dude took a tumble on his way to the surf ramp in Laniakea.

Was wondering if you sell knife blanks i am a new knife maker and love some of your designs and would love to use them to start with on some custom designs of my own do you sell just the blade finished or in different stages of completion for this purpose .
Please advise thanks for you time and love your work .
J. K.

Rule number 1: You must actually make a knife to call yourself a knifemaker. If not, it's like someone who buys the chassis of a Chevy to put an engine in, and calls himself a truckmaker. He didn't make it, he just assembled it from parts. Get it?

Mr. Fisher:
As a knife dealer, I would like to include your instructions with my knives. May I have your permission, of course, I will include the proper atribution to your site.
J. C.

Instructions? What instructions? Why am I the last to know about these things?

Dear Mr. Fisher,
I am an art student at the Maryland Institute College of Arts. I wish to become a 21st century armor/blade/black smith. Are there any internships, apprenticeships, or specific classes (during the summer)? I love working with metal and leather, often times I believe I was born in the wrong time period? If there aren't any positions available please let me know of other places I can gain experience for this wonderful art. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you.

I hate to inform you of this, but there are no 21st century armor/blade/black smiths. The reason is that metal smithing is an old craft, using old materials, old techniques, and old ways. What? You heard a trip hammer was a 21st century invention? How about the anvil and the hammer? How about the forge; it's propane and they didn't have propane in the 1700s, right? And no one ever made pattern welded Damascus until 2000 right? Let's think about this carefully. Bladesmithing is restricted to low alloy plain carbon steels, because no high alloy modern tool steels can be hand-forged. I dive deeply into the reasons on my Blades page and Knifemaking Overview page. Smithing is distinctly an old craft; this is the reason people like it. You don't need a cryogenic freezer, a motor driven milling machine or lathe, and you certainly don't need a computer and a website to hand-forge knives. So, for what it's worth, I've never heard of a 21st century blade smith. They may work during the 21st century, but the techniques are very old and date back centuries. This is why no 21st century technology uses any smith of any kind! Are those aircraft parts hand forged in a coal forge? How about that drive gear for the helicopter? Or the nozzle for a rocket engine? Or a simple bearing, valve seat, or even a wood saw blade? Have you looked at a wood saw blade, a 21st century wood cutting blade for circular saws? Why, it's tipped with carbide, carbide that's been cryo treated, milled on an automated machine, brazed to a high alloy steel blade that's cut with a laser driven by a computer to stop high frequency oscillation! Then it's coated with high potential electrostatically applied silicon based lubricating coating. That's 21st century stuff!
Okay, but I'm just a knifemaker, so how is what I do 21st century? Well, does it help to know that I use extremely high alloy tool steels made by electro melt vacuum induction process? That I use grinding belts made of ceramic metal abrasive grains or industrial lab-grown diamonds nickel plated to a balanced steel wheel for cutting gemstone? How about my sheaths? I'm building them with a PVC/Acrylic thermoforming plastic. Sure, lots of guys use kydex, too, but do they build their sheaths on a welt frame of high strength corrosion resistant aluminum/magnesium alloy (with chromium!), and then anodize the aluminum on all surfaces (even inside holes!) to bolt it all together? How about passivating the high alloy stainless components and fasteners to eliminate potential for galvanic reaction or electrolysis in salt water environments? That's 21st century knifemaking, so I can soundly state that I'm a 21st century knifemaker making critical knives for 21st century uses and applications (not many counterterrorism knives back in the last millennia, were there?).

Okay, I got a bit carried away there. Let's just make this clear. There are no blacksmiths in the modern machine shop. That's really all you need to know.

Hey guys,
A few members of the b*****forums website told me to contact you with my request.
I'm looking to replace the factory scales on my mini gri****ian with something cool looking like CF or some colorful micarta.
Can anyone help me out please?
If so, please include a couple of sample pictures or a ball-park price please.
thanx a lot


"Mercury Magnum" obverse side view: 440C stainless steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Red Leopard Skin Jasper gemstone handle, basket weave crossdraw leather sheath
More about this "Mercury Magnum"

Dear Mr. Fisher,
I read the “What You Do” section of your website, and decided to send you a note. Not really being sure where my request lies, I thought I would take a chance that you might have interest. I attached some pictures of a big, heavy and old knife blank with pitting and a nice dark patina that I found. I don’t know the age or makeup (I imagine high carbon steel), but it is definitely old and quite impressive. I know some things I would like to do, so this would be a commissioned design collaboration request and I would love it if you would entertain me with a quote to build this knife out. Thank you for your time.

Okay, not too bad so far; he wants a knife and wants me to build it. Of course, I'm not sure about this "design collaboration" stuff, since some guys think that they should have a cut of every knife made based on their ideas (which, in this case, is evidently coming from "a big, heavy and old knife blank with pitting." But let's ignore that, and see what exciting project he has in mind for the knifemaker!

- It  weighs  1lb 3.7 oz, is ¼ inch thick, 15 ¼” total length, 10 ¼” blade, 5" x 1 1/4" handle

Okay! That's a big knife! Big! But that's never stopped me before, so I'm still reading...

- I believe it is currently in a annealed state because someone already put a lot a time into shaping, cutting and filing (a portion in the middle of the top spine has been nicely rounded and shaped also), but it is not finished

I don't really see how you can tell if it's annealed simply because someone put effort into metalwork, and didn't finish it. They may have done their metalwork in the hardened condition; I know of some makers who harden and temper a blade before even grinding it, which is ludicrous and horribly wasteful and negligent, but what the hay? In any case why is the condition of your particular find important to a new design?

- I thought it would be cool to keep the dark patina on the blade in the negative spaces (not counting the new grind areas, blood groove and file work on spine of course, as those would be shiny steel), probably do a traditional flat grind or something appropriate for a 10 ¼ inch long blade which is ¼ inch thick, a more traditional silver tone guard that you might again see on a vintage bowie or hunting knife but do it in something " new" like titanium?,  gnarly deep red Sambar Stag scales with multiple (6 or 8) smaller pins (titanium pins also?), two styles of file work on spine (a fine line ribbing on the rounded part, and a secondary style on flat area, and possibly some of your awesome etching or engraving work on the patina areas that remain on the blade?).

Sigh. He's off the deep end. Evidently he does not want me to make a design or build a knife, but to work on his found project, which is clearly and distinctly something I don't do. This is detailed on several places on the page he claims to have read, but I guess he missed all of them. So he goes into his pitch rather carelessly, and this doesn't go unnoticed. A "patina" on steel is darkening, corrosion, or rust, so that's the first thing, and he wants to "keep" it. On what knife that I've made in the thousands of clear photos on this website is there any darkness, corrosion, rust, or patina? Not a one. Then he refers to the "negative spaces." What? A negative space is where something is NOT, so I wonder how he's considering the finish there. And "new grind areas?" I'm not doing any new grinds on this rusty old piece of crap! Then he throws out a lot of measurements and talks about silver toning and new titanium appearance. Really? Have you looked closely at the photo of this thing? "Gnarly deep red Sambar Stag," "titanium pins," "etching and engraving (in the "patina areas," no less!)...wow, what an imagination to see this thing through his eyes! I'm impressed! Unfinished knife with "patina"

I would be great if you would take this on as I am attempting to build the best heirloom for my young son that I can, and I feel you are the perfect artisan for the job. Whatever your involvement might be, I at least figured you might want to see the pictures, let me know whether you think it could make a great knife and if so, maybe refer me to someone else.
T. R.

I lost a lot of sleep over this one, thinking that someone else got to bring his found joy to fruition and glory. And when his son comes of age, well, let's just savor that moment, and honor the intention. His' heart is in the right place, so God bless him.

Fine handmade knife: "Mercury Magnum" obverse side view: blued O-1 high carbon alloy tool steel blade, hand-engraved 304 stainless steel bolsters, Eudialite gemstone handle, Elephant skin inalid in hand-carved leather sheath
More about this "Mercury Magnum"

Okay, take a deep breath: we have a real winner here.

I stumbled upon your site, looking to do something custom for a sword. Here's the thing, it isn't for just a sword, it is for a custom lightsaber. The custom lightsaber industry is pretty huge, but what I want to do for my personal saber requires a good artist/sculptor with traditional sword making techniques. Here's what I'm interested in doing:
I want a lightsaber with a hilt that has sculpted carvings done on a shroud piece that goes over the main hilt. Always loving katanas with sculpting done on them like the Highlander movie and TV katanas: (No photo included)
Likewise I like the sword of Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow from the G.I. Joe. franchise: Now what do I mean by custom lightsabers? Going on to (URL deleted) you will see what I mean by the custom lightsaber community.

Just for some information, I did go to the root of the non-functional web address (URL) he included. It's a website that takes light sabers very seriously, as if they are of some real value to their owners. What are they? Plastic and metal flashlights, made to look like the Hollywood version, with translucent plastic tubes with either a flashlight or LED strip lights inside the tube. This makes the tube "glow" as if it had some real potential, rather than being a flashlight you can't really use, or a disco party light that is too small and dim, or a trouble/construction/repair light that is of the wrong color, too dim, or too unwieldy for an actual purpose. So, in reality, these are 3 foot long plastic tube lights. In my attempt to be completely accurate, I'll replace the words "lightsaber" and "saber" in the remainder of his email with the term "three foot plastic tube light" so that the reader may fully understand the concept and direction of his inquiry:

Now a good majority of us go through The Custom three foot plastic tube light Shop (TCSS) for our three foot plastic tube light needs: http://www.thecustomthreefootplastictubelight.com/default

Okay, there is no such website since I clarified the subject, but let's go on, shall we?

Main hilt bodies are purchased and other fun stuff to customize a three foot plastic tube light. The cool thing is a sleeve/shroud material can be placed over the main hilt section of the three foot plastic tube light so that the interior of the hilt retains the dimensions/diameter for the electronics: (another URL deleted) It is on this part I would love to have a special sculpt done. Basically if a way could be figured out to sculpt the material and have it adhere on to this so I can just slide the piece off and on the hilt body of the three foot plastic tube light, that's what I'm looking for. The main hilt of the three foot plastic tube light, I'd like to keep at between 12 and 11 inches long. Toying with the idea of keeping it one long hilt like a normal katana or two sections split with a choke somewhere on my three foot plastic tube light. I've already had a three foot plastic tube light hilt made that sort of reflects some katana influences: (another horrid URL deleted) Here you will see a choke section, and on this three foot plastic tube light hilt, it has a Tsuba on the emitter end. Now what would I have scupted on my three foot plastic tube light hilt? In the Star Wars universe, there is something called a Krayt Dragon: (sigh, another URL deleted) Here is some imagery: (a bunch of dragon pictures, all copyrighted by someone else) This incorporated or engraved somewhere on my three foot plastic tube light would be cool.
Now a question I have is of course a quote... If a whole 11 inches of a sleeve was sculpted on my three foot plastic tube light, how much would this be?
If I add a choke section on my three foot plastic tube light and had it split into maybe two 5 inch sections how much would this be?
Other questions... if a custom Tsuba could be made on my three foot plastic tube light how much would that be?
If just the bottom half of a hilt of my three foot plastic tube light was done... like a 6 inch section how much would that be?
Lastly... I was toying around with maybe getting a krayt dragon type head one for the pommel of my three foot plastic tube light. So the scuplt would go on top of one of the pommels here: (another sad URL deleted) How much would that be?
I look forward to hearing your thoughts and your quotes.

Pitiful, just pitiful.

I just wanted to know the weight in grams and price for that piece of Turquoise.

"That" one? You can't afford that one. Only the other one. Sigh.

My name is R. B., I write for T******* Knives Magazine and was wondering if you would be interested in us doing a profile on you and your knives?
Thanks for your time.
-R. B.

I answered:
Hi, R. Thanks for writing and thanks for your interest in my work.
Currently, I’m not doing any articles.

This wasn't what he wanted to hear:

Thanks for the reply. So, are you saying you are not interested in a TK article?

Just because someone offers publicity, this doesn't mean it's always accepted. I haven't reached a point of desperation ...yet.

Do you have any Elephant bone available for knife handles?I think Elephant bone would make an interesting handle for a knife(such as a guthook)for example.
(knife collector).

I quit gutting elephants back in '99. That's when they started looking to me like big, cute pigs with little fat piglets and stretchy noses.

do you still have the Weatherby 7mm  Accumark for sale?
Thanks, M. in Seattle

What the... where do these people come from? Don't they know I only sell vinyl duckling toys for dogs to retrieve?

Are you interested in buying a World War II british smatchet? if so call at email me back at t********.com or call ***-***-**** my name is M.

I was, but then the war ended and just what would I smatch with it?

sorry  bother to you! we supply  all kinds of  rubber parts ,
such as seal ,ring ,gasket !
if you are a little interesting ,
we will send you   our website and catalog!
best regards

I'm a little interesting, and will offer rubber knife in future, so sorry to bother back!

Hi Jay
found your sight on google. MY husband is an organic farmer and has had a special knife for a while. His 34th bday is coming up and I would love to get him a nice sheath that we can one day pass down to our son. Please let me know if this is a service you provide.
thank you

Ahh, my sight. I see far and wide; I'm a seer of knives and such. You should see the number one thing I don't do, which is make sheaths for knives other than my own. Look hard, it's the top of the list of things I don't do, and boldly stated at the top of my "Sheaths" page. I don't see how you could have missed it.
Another thing I see is catchphrases, power words, and political speak. The word "organic" means nothing, not a stupid, silly thing. It's just used to paint items, processes, and vocations as something "better" than the next guy. Every farmer is organic, every chicken is organic, every eyeball, every plant leaf, every planet in our galaxy is organic. Stop the "organic" nonsense; just stop it. We're all tired of it, and it's become an irritation, like the rest of the politically correct drivel.

Can you make me a G-10 knife scales to fit my custom knife?

You have a problem with tense. "A" is singular, and "scales" is plural. You've violated a rule of time and space, and somewhere in the galaxy a black hole has started to swallow up a solar system inhabited by millions of innocent soft, furry creatures. I hope you are proud of yourself. Go home and tell your mommy what a bad boy you are and what wicked things you have now created with your selfish desires.

"Mercury" obverse side view in satin finished 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, Desert Ironwood hardwood handle, hand-tooled leather sheath
More about this "Mercury"

Hi Jay,
This isn’t a serious knife purchase inquiry because your knives are out of my league pricewise at the moment. But I wanted to send you a little knife “love” letter to offset your hate mail!
The photo of this knife set took my breath away and literally brought tears to my eyes. I hope, one day, I will be back to buy a set just like it.
I can not believe anyone could dream up the works of art that you create. Your imagination is boundless. You are a true craftsman.
Thank you for making art and sharing it with the world.
Without art, we’d be senseless.
All the best --

Thank you, Hilary; your email makes this all worthwhile!

If you've reached this point, I congratulate you on your tenacity, appreciation, and indulgence. It's not many people who appreciate humor, and you must be one of them! Will I post more? Will there be an end to the ridiculousness and commentary? Will Jay just shut up and make knives? Will the knifemaker simply just answer a few questions (like what you read here) and quit offering his troubled and twisted view of correspondence? Will Rafe and Sammi get back together despite the DiMera curse? Will Barnabus ever marry Angelique and become mortal? You'll just have to check back!

Want more, with a bit more technical discussion? Page Six Here!

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