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"Random Access Three" obverse side view in CPM154CM powder metal technology high molybdenum stainless steel blade, vertical and horizontal sheaths in hand-stamped brown basketweave leather shoulder
"Random Access III"

"Kairos" (Shadow Line) Counterterrorism Combat Knife

This is a sophisticated evolution of my counterterrorism knife line, one that is as specialized as a knife can be. This is Kairos, created with counterterrorism use and defensive tactical combat, rescue, and stealth in purpose. The Kairos incorporates a new and exciting progression of this distinctive type of knife with specific features highly detailed below.

"Kairos" combat, counterterrorism knife in 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, 304 stainless steel bolsters, G10 fiberglass/epoxy composite handle, hybrid tension-locking sheath in kydex, anodized aluminum, stainless steel with HULA, LIMA, and UBLX
"Kairos" counterterrorism combat knife with full accessory package: leather sheath, hybrid tension locking sheath, HULA, LIMA, UBLX, SCUBA lanyard, paracord lanyard, sternum harness plus, extra sheath titanium springs, vertical, horizontal flat clamping straps, horizontal belt loop plates, high profile belt loops, low profile belt loops, stainless steel hardware, instructions, archival plate, embroidered canvas bag, hardware containers
"Kairos" Counterterrorism Tactical Combat Knife (Shadow Line)
  • Size: Length overall: 10.5" (26.7 cm), Blade Length: 5.5" (13.9 cm), Thickness: .280" (7.1 mm)
  • Weight: Knife: 1 lb., 1.0 oz. (482 grams), Sheath (with HULA, LIMA accessories and UBLX belt loop extender: 1 lb. 7.5 oz. (666 grams), Sheath (leather): 7 oz. (198 grams)
  • Blade: 440C High Chromium Martensitic Stainless Tool Steel, Hardened and Tempered, Cryogenically treated to Rockwell C59, proprietary surface oxide treatment "Ghost Slate."
  • Bolsters: 304 High Nickel, High Chromium Austenitic Stainless Steel, proprietary surface oxide treatment "Ghost Slate."
  • Handle: G10 Fiberglass/Epoxy Composite Laminate
  • Sheath 1: Hybrid Tension-Locking in Black Kydex, Black Anodized Aluminum Alloy, Blackened Stainless Steel, Anodized Titanium
  • Sheath 2: Hand-tooled 9-10 oz. Leather Shoulder
  • Accessories: Full compliment, listed at bottom of page

The Shadow Line

Introducing my new "Shadow" line of knives, this is a very special knife. I've created the Shadow line because my counterterrorism clients have repeatedly requested completely subdued packages, knives and full accessory compliments that are dark, flat, minimized, and with minimal visual imprint. While these could be called stealthy, that wouldn't quite be accurate since these are highly effective, substantial, and imposing weapons and tools that are not easily hidden! It has taken a lot of research and experimentation to come up with the processes that define the Shadow line. I start with my effective and well-recognized combat and counterterrorism knife designs, and add as many features and accessories possible so that these ensembles will interface with all the gear, in every situation, as dictated by my combat and counterterrorism clients. They have given me the guidance to create this gear, and I believe it is the best of its field in the entire world. I know of no other knife maker or manufacturer that has even come close, and none that have even tried.

Creating a substantial CT (counterterrorism) knife is just the start, and even that is a continual evolution of process, conversation, field trials, and feedback from the guys who absolutely use these knives in the most serious action and scenarios one can imagine. I give special thanks to our United States Military; specifically USAF Pararescue, Army Infantry, Special Operations, Navy SEAL Teams, and Marines that have guided and influenced my work. Additionally, special counterterrorism recognition must go to the Israeli Defense Force/National Police Force YAMAM members for their input and advice in creating this evolving line. It is because of these men that I continue to strive to provide what they ask for and need. It is a huge honor.

The evolution of this line includes sophisticated designs, complicated and lengthy heat treating and cryogenic processing of highly evolved knife blade steels, careful attention to high strength blade-to-handle and hand-to-knife design for maximum application of force with high security in grip. The evolution includes unique serration geometries, puncture, piercing, and breaching features, and strengthened points and edges with the maximum geometry that balances strength and cutting ability. Continue this with unique and brutally tough sheaths, the very best in the world, with positively locking, or hybrid tension-locking, with variable retention and release options. Evolution of the metal components of my sheaths, mounting, and wear options are high strength materials, corrosion resistant materials, aluminum and titanium alloys which are anodized, hard surfaced with the wear resistance of ceramics. All included accessories, mounts, and designs have evolved, too.

The color and reflectivity of these packages is important. CT and military clients requested non-reflective, flat, dark hardware, mountings, fittings, and blades. They requested this as well as extremely high corrosion resistance, and the durability my knives, sheaths, and accessories are known for. This was particularly challenging, and I worked, experimented, built, tested, and refined my processes to bring the Shadow line of knives to being. Every ordinarily visible component on these packages is darkened, subdued, non-reflective and obscure. How have I done this?

  • Most fittings, hardware and mountings are made of stainless steel. This is 304 stainless steel, a high nickel, high chromium austenitic stainless steel that is used to make stainless nuts, bolts, and fasteners. I've created a proprietary process that results in a flat, non-reflective oxide patina that is tough and corrosion resistant while being dark.
  • Some components are titanium, and this is anodized to darkness as well, with a passive oxide surface that is hard, resilient, and subdued.
  • Many components are aluminum, specifically 5052H32 corrosion resistant, high strength aluminum alloy. They are formed, welded where necessary, milled, marked, and anodized with a 1mil thick ceramic-hard surface that is permanently dyed to be non-reflective and very black. Additionally, this surface is extremely corrosion resistant.
  • All dark or black materials are used in the nylon, polypropylene, and polyester components, and all wear and mount components that are ABS plastic (webbing and harness buckles) are black.
  • Most importantly, the entire knife, apart from the cutting edge and maker's mark, are black, darkened, subdued and minimized for reduced reflectivity. This is a special process, particularly since the blades are hardened and tempered stainless steel an the bolsters and pins are high nickel-chromium stainless steel and are by their very nature, resistant to the chemistry and process of darkening or coloring. If you've read my FAQ page and Blades page, you might remember that I don't blue stainless, and this is not a bluing process like the one I perform on low chromium alloys like O1. This is a selective patina, a specialized oxide, that offers a subdued finish with interesting character. For the blades, I call this initial finish "Ghost Slate." The pattern on the blade is like fog drifting through a graveyard on the darkest night, and the color is not quite black, but dark slate, thus the name. It's fairly durable, while not as durable and thick as hot bluing (which can't be done on mounted blades, bolsters, and handles), it's not a coating like paint that can chip, peel, or accelerate corrosion underneath. What you see is the actual stainless steel of the blade, bolsters, and pins, with a darkened oxide surface.

My CT clients have been asking for this for years, and I'm excited to now be able to offer it, in my new Shadow line of tactical knives.

The "Kairos"

This is a sophisticated evolution of my counterterrorism knife line, one that is as specialized as a knife can be. This is Kairos, created with counterterrorism use and defensive tactical combat, rescue, and stealth in purpose. The Kairos incorporates a new and exciting progression of this distinctive type of knife with specific features highly detailed below.

The name "Kairos" is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (the 'supreme moment'), that one instant in time where everything comes together and the strike must happen. Think of when the archer must release his bowstring, when the sniper must pull the trigger, when the advancing unit must make their decisive move. This is a move that cannot be turned back from, it must happen at just the right instant. This is my inspiration for the Kairos.

The knife design is my combination of my desirable and successful "Hooded Warrior" blade pattern, and with features of my "Ari B'Lilah" Israeli YAMAM counterterrorism handle design, in a thick, strong, heavy form. For historical background, my Hooded Warrior blade pattern was designed with direct input from a sniper in the 101st Airborne way back in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The deep belly of the blade, the aggressive point and the two-thirds length top swage were incorporated to offer a serious piercing point with a generous amount of slashing curvature for defensive and counterterrorism tactical use. I added a short section (1.5" or 3.8 cm) of my aggressive "Hammerhead" serrations for tough ripping action near the blade-to-handle junction; this essential feature I created from direct input of my counterterrorism contributors.
"Kairos" counterterrorism tactical combat knife, 440C high chromum stainless steel blade, ghost slate oxide finish, 304 stainless steel bolsters

The knife blade of the Kairos is very thick and strong, over a quarter of an inch, which means it has plenty of spine to support the large and deep curving sweep of the blade. The substantial spine continues throughout the knife, full tang, and though the tang is fully tapered, I've left plenty of support for the most demanding of force. The tang is fully fileworked with my "sunrise" pattern, suggesting that that there is a dawn after the darkness.

"Kairos" (Shadow Line), counterterrorism knife, spine view. Tang is fully tapered, thick and strong, bolsters are dovetailed to bed and lock handle scales to tang.

This blade is 440C high chromium martensitic stainless tool steel, a long-proven favorite of my clients for several reasons. The first is its high wear resistance and toughness. So durable is this steel it is classified as an aerospace material. It's greatest advantage is its extreme corrosion resistance, and it's suitable for even marine environments. I've heat treated and cryogenically processed this steel to result in its most durable state, with shallow cryogenic quenching and aging of over 40 hours, followed by three tempering cycles of deep cryogenic thermal cycling at -325°F. This results in extremely fine and profuse chromium carbides, fine asperity, superior wear resistance, and increased toughness of the steel over conventionally treatment methods. Simply put, this is the best condition this steel can be for this application. Additionally, my Ghost Slate treatment results in a dark, wispy flowing pattern of density and tone that is durable and actually part of the steel blade: for reduced glare, reflectivity, and indication without sacrificing corrosion resistance or any other aspect of the blade steel.

"Karios" shadow line: reverse side blade view. All surfaces are darkened in ghost slate finish for subdued operations

The hollow grinds of the blade are accurate, concise, and matched side to side, and the spine of the knife offers a good thumb rise with deep bold filework for control of the grip. The bolsters are 304 high nickel, high chromium austenitic stainless steel, and the front bolster is sculpted to give a good purchase to the fingers while supporting the thumb rise. The bolsters are dovetailed to bed the handle scales of super-tough and durable black G10 fiberglass/epoxy composite laminate, secured additionally with 304 stainless steel pins, all darkened. The rear bolster has a large 3/8" lanyard hole for easy threading, with chamfered edges for non-abrasion of the lanyard, and through-tang construction for security. All surfaces of the handle are rounded, contoured, smoothed and comfortable. The radiused and smoothed finger ring locks the knife into the hand in the most critical of uses.

"Kairos" Shadow line, obverse side handle detail. All surfaces rounded contoured, smoothed and darkened, in stainless steel and black G10

The inside of the handle tang has a distinctive and different filework than the spine. This marks the knife as uniquely handmade, a one-of-a-kind piece. I used a serpentine-point design, deep and bold for the short section between the finger ring and the rear bolster quillon.

"Kairos" inside handle tang detail. All surfaces rounded, smoothed, contoured, and finished with ghost slate oxide treatment

The feel of this knife is solemn and dangerous. This is clearly a counterterrorism knife, and it balances exactly at the forefinger in the ring in forward grip. The handle is large enough to accommodate light tactical gloves in a large hand. The bent-forward "gun" angle of the blade-to-handle junction encourages a square-fisted grip lock of the wrist. The knife feels good in reverse grip style too, the small finger through the ring and the thumb locking over the hawk's bill at the butt and the rear bolster.

"Kairos" Shadow line, obverse side view. Knife is all black, subdued with proprietary process in all stainless steel.

The hybrid tension-locking sheath was originally made for my skeletonized knives, but specially adapted to this fully bolstered and handled knife. This is a proprietary design, the best possible sheath of its type available in the world today. Actually, it is the ONLY type of this sheath available in the world today! The sheath is built of double thickness (.125" thick) kydex (methyl acrylate and polyvinyl chloride) over a welt-frame of black anodized 5052H32 corrosion resistant high strength aluminum alloy. I've meticulously anodized all of the aluminum surfaces, even through holes, of each welt component, mount, fitting, and fixture for extremely high durability, ultimate corrosion resistance, strength enhancement, and muted appearance. If you're not familiar with anodization, it's a chemo-electric process that creates a near-ceramic hard surface on the aluminum alloy, a surface that increases wear resistance tremendously, and a surface that can accept permanent dyes that are sealed in place. For my black kydex sheaths, the anodized aluminum color is black for low reflectivity and matching appearance. For high durability, the anodized surface is a full 1 mil thick. The sheath is bonded with waterproof cement and bolted together with all darkened 304 stainless steel Chicago screws for zero care and extreme corrosion resistance while being minimized and non-reflective.

"Kairos" (Shadow Line), sheathed view. Sheath is hybrid tension-locking, in kydex, anodized aluminum, darkened stainless steel with full accessory compliment

The tension-lock sheath comes with two pairs of belt loops (footman's loops) that are die-formed and anodized 5052H32 aluminum alloy. One pair is high profile for .250" x 1.5" belt sizes and the other pair is low profile for thinner .190" x 1.5" sized belts. The belt loops are able to be moved to multiple locations as well as either side of the sheath frame. On this particular knife, the belt loops have 8 different locations with multiple combinations for versatile wear. I also include heavy vertical/horizontal clamping straps in anodized aluminum that allow the sheath to be rigidly clamped to belt, webbing, PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System), straps, body armor gear, and anywhere there is a need. Also included are reversible horizontal belt loop plates, to allow the sheath to be worn horizontally along the belt line. Included are vertical clamping straps of anodized 5052 aluminum, and horizontal clamping straps as well. These allow rigid clamping of the sheath to webbing and gear in virtually any orientation, with all the clamping hardware included. All of the mounting assemblies are reversible, as is the spring retention for the tension-lock sheath, so the versatility of this sheath is unsurpassed. It's also completely and absolutely waterproof, for zero worry about exposure. The knife can be unsheathed by finger pressure against the spring tab, or by a hard pull in an emergency. Included are two extra titanium springs of different strengths, so my client can choose the tension he desires, light, medium, or heavy, depending on the gear he mounts it to, the angle and orientation, and his personal preference for a pull-to-release tension. This is an extremely versatile package, the best in the world.

"Kairos" (Shadow Line), reverse side view, sheath back has mounted Ultimate belt loop extender, with sharpener pocket and LED solitaire flashlight

This knife package also includes a basketweave pattern hand-stamped leather sheath, made of 9-10 oz. leather shoulder, dyed black and sealed. The sheath was included for quiet operations, when moving against hard objects (concrete or stone) could telegraph a position through noise. It's also useful for traditional and conventional wear options. The sheath has double-row stitching at the belt loop with the toughest polyester thread, water and sunlight resistant. The knife fits deep and secure into the sheath, with the handle exposed and the back of the sheath protecting the wearer. The entire sheath (body and welts) is double-row stitched for extreme durability. The sheath edges are dressed and smoothed for comfort; the entire sheath is sealed with acrylic for water resistance, permanence, and longevity.

"Kairos" (Shadow Line) sheathed view. Sheath is fully double row stitched in thick heavy leather shoulder, hand-stamped with black basketweave

An additional pair of sheaths were requested for this knife for Principal Security Detail (PSD) wear. When heads of state or important dignitaries travel with professional tactical support teams, these teams are called Principal Security Details. They typically wear suits, and with their shirts costing over $500 and the suits in the thousands, they simply don't want a leather sheath that could bleed and stain their clothing in hot, humid, or active environments. Because there is always a chance of leather becoming damp and bleeding dyes and sealers, these special clients request sheaths that are untreated in any way, in essence, bare leather. The sheaths included in this package are several. First one sheath is horizontal, for wear in the belt line, usually in the middle of the back, and the knife secured with my "button lock" which is a round stack of stitched leather that engages in the knife's finger ring. To unlock the sheath, the button is pressed and the knife can be withdrawn behind the back, without visual aid. The second sheath is a standard vertical sheath, worn along the belt, with tension holding the knife in typical fashion. The PSD sheaths are another example of my commitment to bring knives and accessories specifically suited to my client's individual requests.

"Kairos" Principle Security Detail (PSD) sheaths, undyed, untreated leather shoulder, vertical and horizontal wear.

Accessories: This is an example of my commitment to the entire knife experience, from design to working service, with some of the finest professional knife users in the world. Since the bolt pattern of the sheath matches my 2.5" bolt pattern for my accessories, most of my accessories can be used on this sheath, including any new ones I develop. At the request of the counterterrorism professionals, this knife comes with a full bunker of my attachment, wear, and useful accessories, including:
Ultimate Belt Loop Extender for lowering the knife handle position to the belt line and mounting the diamond pad sharpener and the Maglite Solitaire LED. It's made of nylon and polyester, and will support the weight of several men.
Horizontal Belt Loop Plates (for horizontal belt or webbing wear), in black anodized 5052H32 aluminum alloy
Flat mounting straps (for rigid clamping to webbing, belts, or gear in vertical or horizontal orientation) in black anodized 5052H32 aluminum alloy
Sternum Harness Plus (for wearing the knife diagonally, handle down, across the sternum, with full torso reinforcement straps)
LIMA and Solitaire (Lamp Independent Mounting Assembly with Maglite® Solitaire LED emergency back up light) and darkened stainless steel mount
HULA and MagTac (Holder, Universal, Lamp, Articulating, a fully functional main lamp with Maglite MagTac extreme intensity tactical flashlight) frame in black anodized 5052H32 aluminum alloy, articulating mount in darkened, non-reflective stainless steel
Lanyards: Adjustable 550 cord and SCUBA rated
All necessary stainless steel hardware, fittings, fasteners, and tools for mounting, moving, and adjusting, all exposed screws and fittings are darkened for flat non-reflectivity
Replacement shock cords for HULA and LIMA
Containers: Tin-steel storage container for loops, LIMA, and Tools, screw lid can for screws and hardware, heavy stitched embroidered canvas drawstring bag
Archival and Instructions: Detailed Bio, Care Sheet, materials sheet with instructional video links, instructions for sharpener, Maglite MagTac and Solitaire, Archival engraved co-extruded acrylic information plate

"Kairos" (Shadow Line), complete counterterrorism knife and accessory package with identifying text

This is a professional kit, designed with and for counterterrorism and combat professional use, in the most modern and best treatment and construction possible, with the widest and most durable materials and accessories made. Learn much more about my Counterterrorism Knives at this link.

"Kairos" Counterterrorism Tactical Combat Knife (Shadow Line)
  • Size: Length overall: 10.5" (26.7 cm), Blade Length: 5.5" (13.9 cm), Thickness: .280" (7.1 mm)
  • Weight: Knife: 1 lb., 1.0 oz. (482 grams), Sheath (with HULA, LIMA accessories and UBLX belt loop extender: 1 lb. 7.5 oz. (666 grams), Sheath (leather): 7 oz. (198 grams)
  • Blade: 440C High Chromium Martensitic Stainless Tool Steel, Hardened and Tempered, Cryogenically treated to Rockwell C59, proprietary surface oxide treatment "Ghost Slate."
  • Bolsters: 304 High Nickel, High Chromium Austenitic Stainless Steel, proprietary surface oxide treatment "Ghost Slate."
  • Handle: G10 Fiberglass/Epoxy Composite Laminate
  • Sheath 1: Hybrid Tension-Locking in Black Kydex, Black Anodized Aluminum Alloy, Blackened Stainless Steel, Anodized Titanium
  • Sheath 2: Hand-tooled 9-10 oz. Leather Shoulder
  • Sheaths 3 and 4: Undyed, untreated leather for PSD (Principal Security Detail) wear, horizontal with button lock, vertical traditional belt wear

Thanks, S.!

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"Kairos" sheath mouth view. Sheath has high back to protect wearer, deep and thick leather body and double row stitching throughout "Kairos" obverse side view with leather sheath. Sheath is hand-tooled, dyed blacck, sealed with acrylic "Kairos" reverse side view with sheath. Sheath belt loop is double row stitched, body is double row stitched  "Kairos" (Shadow line), obverse side blade detail. Dark oxide patina throughout for subdued operation, in highly corrosion resistant and cryogenically treated 440C stainless steel "Kairos" point detail. very thin cutting edge backed with thick and strong spine for ultimate cutting and high strength in high alloy stainless tool steel "Kairos" (Shadow line) blade patina, oxide detail. Ghost slate finish with moving lines and slate-dark patina throughout "Kairos" PSD (Principle Security Detail) sheaths, undyed, untreated leather shoulder, horizontal wear with button lock, vertical wear "Kairos" PSD (Principle Security Detail) knife sheaths, undyed, untreated leather shoulder, back side, vertical wear, horizontal belt line wear

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