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"Knapp Trailhead" obverse side view in 440C high chromium stainless steel blade, hand-engraved 304 stainless steel bolsters, Mookaite Jasper gemstone  handle, hand-carved,  hand-dyed leather sheath
Mookaite Jasper Gemstone handle on "Knapp Trailhead"

Gemstone Knife Handle Photo Gallery Eight
(Rhodochrosite to Sodalite)

Welcome to page eight

...of my gemstone knife handles photo galleries. The photo galleries were created to illustrate the many and varied gemstone knife handles I've made over more than three decades of knife making. It's easy to see why stone, rock, minerals, and gemstones have captivated man since the beginning of his existence on this rocky planet and will continue to do so!

The gallery pages are in alphabetic order. To see the master list, please visit the Gemstone Knife Handle Alphabetic List page. The pictures are thumbnails; click on them to see a larger picture with greater detail. Please remember that many of the full sized photographs are physically larger than the knife handle, so you are looking at a magnified version. As with any photo, there may be variations in color, density, and balance between monitors, browsers, and display settings.

You'll probably notice quite a variation in photographic quality of some of the photos. Early in my career, I took pictures of the knives with film, and had the film processed. I wasn't happy with that, so began to process on my own, improving the pictures considerably. Then the digital revolution came, and I moved to the realm of digital photography, improving the photographic quality and gearing my photography for this very digital medium. Many of the images of older knives and handles were scanned from old, low rendition prints and smaller negatives, so the quality of the image is less than optimum, but I included them because I believe it's important to see the gem material.

You'll also see repeats of certain gemstones, like Polvadera Jasper, Nephrite Jade, Red River Jasper, and granites. This is because not only do I use them a lot, but they also have variable character that is hard to describe with merely one photograph. For these same reasons, you'll see both sides of many of the handles, to give a complete view of the character of the gemstone.

Please remember that I do not have all of the gemstones pictured in the galleries available for new custom knife orders. I'll keep new gemstone knife handles posted, so please check back periodically. For more information and answers to frequently asked questions about gemstone handled knives, visit my Gemstone Knife Handles page.

Thanks for being here!

Please click on the thumbnail photos for a full image
Rhodochrosite gemstone custom handmade knife handle. Most rhodochrosite is bright pink, this is brown.
Rhodochrosite gemstone on hidden tang knife handle with African Blackwood and Brass fittings
Rhodochrosite 1
Rhodochrosite gemstone custom handmade knife handle on hidden tang knife with Bloodwood, nicikel silver
Rhodochrosite 2
Rhodonite with Franklinite on hidden tang dagger handle
Rhodonite with Franklinite
Rhodonite is a rosy pink gem with high manganese content. Franklinite is an ore of zinc and is black.
Rhodonite with Franklinite 1
Rhodonite with Franklinite on full tang custom knife handle
Rhodonite with Franklinite 2
Bird's eye rhyolite is a tough, hard and durable gemstone with volcanic origins
Bird's Eye Rhyolite
Bird's Eye Rhyolite takes a high polish and is very durable, with bright and fascinating colors
Bird's Eye Rhyolite 1
Ruby in Fuchsite is real ruby gemstone in Fuchsite, a softer matrix, making this a difficult handle to finish
Ruby in Fuchsite
Ruby in Fuchsite has brilliant and vibrant colors, unique in the gemstone world
Ruby in Fuchsite 1
Ruby precious gemston in zoisite matrix on custom tactical art knife handle.
Ruby in Zoisite
Ruby is very, very hard, zoisite is tough and durable, for a stunning gemstone knife handle
Ruby in Zoisite 1
Ruby is a very hard corundum, with a hardness next to diamond. It takes special tools and techniques to properly finish ruby in zoisite matrix.
Ruby in Zoisite 2
Ruby in zoisite. Ruby is one of the most cherished stones on earth.
Ruby in Zoisite 3
Scapolite gemstone in hidden tang custom knife handle with brass and ebony
Scapolite is actually florescent, and is the clearer parts of this gemstone from Canada
Scapolite 1
Scapolite gemstone custom knife handles on chef's knife set
Scapolite 2
Scapolite in blue sodalite, calcite matrix
Scapolite 3
Scapolite is a florescent mineral; it glows under high ultraviolet light source (black light)
Scapolite 4
Seraphinite from Russia is a rare form of clinochlore and is named for the Angel's wings pattern in the gem
Seraphinite (Clinochlore)
Seraphinite  has beautiuful patterns of wispy "wings" with translucency.
Seraphinite (Clinochlore) 1
Serpentine (serpentenite) gemstone with zebra wood and brass on hidden tang custom handmade knife
Serpentine gemstone can actually be several different minerals that have been "'serpentinized" in metamorphic processes and are magnesium silicates
Serpentine 1
Birdseye serpentine with ebony hardwood on hidden tang knife handle
Bird's Eye Serpentine
Bird's eye serpentine is a magnsium silicate gemstone
Bird's Eye Serpentine 1
Serpentine can be antigorite and chrysotile and is fiberous, a bit flexible and has a slick feel
Bird's Eye Serpentine 2
Bird's eye serpentine has interesting pattern on this full tang knife handle
Bird's Eye Serpentine 3
Silver Leaf Serpentine has a bright silvery sheen in the lighter areas when in bright light
Silver Leaf Serpentine
Silver Leaf Serpentine with interesting flow banding and silvery reflective sheen
Silver Leaf Serpentine 1
Shattuckite, Chrysocolla, Hematite, Quartz rough from Ajo, Arizona
Shattuckite ranges from dark blue-black to sky blue; other minerals in this stone are white quartz and green malachite
Shattuckite 1
Green malachite is slowly being replaced by blue Shattuckite through geologic process
Shattuckite 2
6x enlargement: Shattuckite is named for the Shattuck mine in Ajo Arizona, and is rare and hard to acquire
Shattuckite 3
Black Matrix Sodalite gemstone custom knife handle with engraved steel bolsters
Sodalite is a sodium aluminum silicate, and is often mistaken for lapis
Sodalite 1
Sodalite with white calcite matrix is a beautiful gemstone
Sodalite 2
Sodalite has been found in meteorites.
Sodalite 3
Sodalite is a component in the rock lapis, but is not lapis and has more inclusions of calcite
Sodalite 4
Sodalite on a lock back folding knife with nickel silver fittings
Sodalite 5
Sodalite may be nearly solid deep royal blue, and is fairly tough and durable
Sodalite 6
Sodalite on a presentation full tang knife handle with stainless steel bolsters
Sodalite 7
Rich dark sodalite carves and holds shape well, polishes brightly.
Sodalite 8
Sodalite gemstone on full tang kerambit custom handmade knife by Jay Fisher
Sodalite 9
Sodalite gemstone on custom knife handle
Sodalite 10
Sodalite gemstone on hidden tang dagger handle, wrapped in sterling silver wire, stainless steel fittings
Sodalite 11
Sodalite gemstone, polished, carved, and inlaid with wire. There are 40 pieces in this knife handle, many of them hidden are used for structural integrity
Sodalite 12
Sodalite with black and white
Sodalite 13
Sodalite has a unique look and character
Sodalite 14
Blue Willow Sodalite is named for blue willow china and ceramic plates and dishes popular since the 1700s
Blue Willow Sodalite 1
Blue Willow Sodalite is a tough gemstone that takes a high, lusterous polish
Blue Willow Sodalite 2

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